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A personal assistant comes during her strict office caning
Disrespect leads a personal assistant to request six extra strokes of the cane
A personal assistant visits her strict disciplinarian and tells her boyfriend
A well-dressed girlfriend visits her disciplinarian after her behavior crosses the line
Two best friends share an unexpected sleepover and their paddled and caned bottoms
A girlfriend clears her conscience bent over her boyfriend's desk before a girls' night out
Indiscretion leads two career girls to bed over the same dining table for the cane
A college girl gets caned and strapped for lying to her parents and her future boss
Years after her schoolgirl crime, a principled human rights lawyer get the caning she deserves
Three best friends masturbate after sharing their worst punishments
A lawyer visits her disciplinarian after masturbating about her girlfriends' punishments
A lawyer escalates a first date when her potential boyfriend approves of her punishment regime
A lawyer bends over for the cane from her boyfriend on their first date to prove she'll obey him
Three girlfriends bend for the cane after an explosive argument
A girlfriend takes home a punishment letter adding a spanking to her already caned bottom
A girlfriend's caned thighs are exposed by short shorts on a forest walk
Two couples discuss their punishment regimes over dinner
Ignoring protocol, a junior employee demands her female boss accept the cane.
Rushing to judgement, a human rights lawyer is caned in front of her junior employee
Touching her toes, an honorable girlfriend is caned for sulking
Meeting like-minded friends, an out-of-work personal assistant gets the chance of her life
When her spanking doesn't hurt enough, a dutiful girl asks for the cane
After reading a hidden book, a marketing executive gets hooked on spanking
Discovering a cane in a hotel, a horny girlfriend takes it home to her boyfriend
A lazy girlfriend asks her boyfriend to cane her after failing to take out their trash
An obedient girlfriend bends over the kitchen table for her first ever caning
Itching for it, a willing girlfriend solicits a tough caning from her boyfriend
Bad driving manners lands an obedient girl over the hood of her car for a week of caning
Backseat driving forces an over-confident girl to touch her toes for the cane
A girlfriend is grateful when her boyfriend imposes monthly punishment
During a hotel breakfast, a disciplined girl shares her embarrassment with a surprise new friend
An insensitive girl gets caned for bad manners after dinner with friends
Faced with no choice, a smart girl exposes her punishment secret on live TV
Watched by her co-worker, a marketing executive is caned at work
Disgusted with forgetting Mothers day, two girls visit a professional disciplinarian
A rude girl bends for her boyfriend's cane even though she doesn't agree
A confident female hotel owner gets punished for low standards
A girl-next-door is caned for dangerous driving and a wanton lie
A brave girlfriend faces strict cane strokes after lying
A gutsy girlfriend asks for the cane before a work party to prove her obedience
Changing her jeans, a girl exposes her caned bottom to a curious friend
A generous girl asks her boyfriend to cane her friend
Bare under her little black dress, a girl is caned for public disobedience
A personal trainer does push ups, enhanced by her boyfriend's cane
A generous friend tests a personal trainer's new strict push ups
A chart topping popstar is caned during her professional workout
An ace game developer is sentenced to a severe caning for a bad investment presentation
A smart game developer receives funding after eighteen strokes of the cane
A popstar's punishment is interrupted forcing a lesson in patience
A popstar is caned for making a sex video which hurts her career
A successful personal trainer is punished by her boyfriend for keeping secrets
Caned over her desk for indecision, a female CEO compares her marks with friends
A young wife repeats her vows under her husband's cane
A young wife gets a bedtime spanking for bad manners
A girl is caned on her first date for poor etiquette during dinner
A smart girl is caned over her boyfriend's desk for lying
A once obedient girl is caned by her best friend's boyfriend for speeding
A fashion buyer is punished on her first date for arriving late
A girlfriend chooses the cane to avoid admitting how many men she's slept with
Forgetting to knock before entering, a girl is caned for poor manners
A talent agency boss is punished alongside her aspiring students for unbecoming manners
A talented actress is caned for rudeness unaware her sore bottom will secure her future
Failing to share, a hopeful singer is held to account
A spanked superyacht stewardess confesses further misbehavior
A superyacht stewardess is caned in formal uniform for gross misconduct
On a private beach, an embarrassed superyacht stewardess reveals her caned bottom to a guest
A superyacht stewardess is held to account for uniform imperfections
A girl joins her friend over her old headmaster's desk for past disobedience
Horny from her headmaster's punishment, a caned girl takes pleasure on horseback
Two girls celebrate their intimate friendship and agree a painful price for their pleasure
Two girls celebrate their intimate friendship and their shared school punishment
Consumed by guilt, a girl must ask her boyfriend to cane her attitude out of her
Fixing her boyfriend's white shirt in the laundry room, a stewardess is caned for carelessness
Overdue for discipline, an experienced stewardess oversteps her authority
Two girls relive their fresh caning and celebrate their intimate friendship
A superyacht stewardess saves a guest from revealing her caned bottom
Wrongly blaming her friend for a mistake, a stewardess is caned for her rush to judgement
A female CEO bends over her own desk for selfish behavior