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8. Two's Company

Spanking Story


A girl joins her friend over her old headmaster's desk for past disobedience

«Beginning Part 9»

"You look so cute," Christina smiled when Amy put on her navy school blazer.

Amy inspected herself in Christina's mirrored wardrobe doors. Smiling back at her was a schoolgirl in a short pleated navy skirt, crisp white tailored blouse and navy blazer. She ran her fingers down the red and blue striped tie, ensuring it was straight. Her white ankle socks and shiny black flats finished the cute ensemble.

"I feel very obedient," Amy warned Christina, "I want to bend over right now and show my white cotton panties."

"Use the chair," Christina suggested, pointing towards the dressing table.

Even though the command came from another schoolgirl attired the same, Amy could not disobey. She crossed to the chair, removed her blazer, bent over and flipped up her skirt.

It impressed Christina. Not only did Amy's white panty clad bottom look as cute as the rest of her, but her instant obedience boded well for this evening.

Tonight she would have to obey the headmaster. When he said 'bend over' a storm of hurt would follow for both of their bottoms.

"Thank you for buying my uniform. I appreciate this experience. I've never watched someone else being caned and it will be tough knowing I'm next," Amy admitted, standing up.

She looked out of Christina's bedroom window over the rolling hills, lost in her schoolgirl mind.

"Good hard discipline never did a girl any harm," Christina said, "but I want you to be clear. This will be painful and mark us for days. You'll feel punished. He'll use a senior cane and the marks will be darker and more painful than you get from Dan."

Christina's gaze drifted off into the distance. "I need it," she added.

Amy remained quiet, as Christina explained.

"I'm due some serious discipline. I spoke out in a negotiation when my father had the deal all sewn up. My mouth should have stayed shut. I lost him the deal. I've apologized and learned from it, but we both know the lesson I need," she said.

"That's bad. It's good timing that we're going to see your headmaster tonight," Amy said.

"Yes, but you don't have to take the same heavy punishment as me."

"I do. Sisterhood. I'm going to submit to what you receive, no matter what. I will have done something which deserves it and, if not, I got away with plenty in college," Amy said. "We're in this together and tonight we'll both take the same punishment."

"It will hurt like hell," Christina warned one last time.

"I hope so," Amy declared.

It delighted the headmaster to find two beautiful girls in their early twenties in his waiting room after school. It was 6pm and most people had gone home.

They'd both worn their white cotton bikini panties, bras and blouses. They'd even put on their white ankle socks and black shoes. Their adult skinny jeans hid their outfits in plain sight.

"Christina, you look wonderful as always," he greeted her with a kiss on the cheek.

"Amy, I presume," he said, turning and shaking Amy's hand.

"Where's my kiss?" she asked with a smile.

He moved closer and gave her a kiss on the cheek. His scent was musky and warm. She felt safe.

"I see you have the same fiery precociousness which drives Christina. If I'd given it any thought, you're what I'd have expected," he grinned. "Come through."

Amy sat in one of the two armchairs, Christina took the couch and the headmaster sat opposite Amy in the other armchair.

The study furniture had aged well. It wasn't to her modern taste but felt safe and homely. The desk was wooden, empty, and large enough to take a deserving girl.

"I need to get to know you a little, Amy, if I may presume," he asked as he poured the tea.

"You may," she said, thinking how gracious and well-mannered he was.

"Christina tells me you're a stewardess on one of those big yachts," he said, passing her a rose-patterned china teacup and saucer.

"I am. I was serving Christina when we met," Amy explained.

The difference in their stations in life was incredible, but he saw Christina didn't care in the least. It was a trait he didn't see often these days.

He smiled at Christina, pleased with her and asked Amy, "Is it all cleaning and service?"

"There is enough of that to fill a lifetime, but there are a myriad of things guests want and nothing must ever faze me. It's a responsible position and well-paid. I stand watch over the boat, everyone takes their turn. For hours at a time, I'm in sole charge of $450 million dollars worth of boat. If the anchor drags, I have to recognize it from the displays and wake the captain. It happened once in a storm. I summoned the first officer, and he rallied the crew. We had to move and re-anchor in the middle of the night. The guests slept through it. That's my job. Perfection, no matter what," she said with pride.

She impressed him. If she could handle that sort of power, the senior cane shouldn't faze her. Turning, he asked Christina, "Do you need motivation or punishment?"

"Punishment, sir," she said, and explained her mistake in the negotiations.

He recognized the enthusiastic girl who spoke before she thought.

Watching his face, Christina said, "If you're thinking I should have learned my lesson by now, I hope you'll reflect that on my bottom."

He gave her a sharp nod. She had read his exact thoughts.

"And you, Amy?" he asked.

"I'll take the same as Christina. I went to college in the US and skipped classes to go to the coffee bar at least ten times, because I fancied the guy serving. Would you have let me get away with it?"

"No," he told her. "I will also take the delay in accepting punishment for your behavior into account."

He stood, fetched the senior cane from the cupboard and handed it to Amy to hold and feel.

Darker than the cane she was used to, it was heavier and thicker than she'd expected. She knew it would hurt.

"If I take my punishment any less well than Christina, you must repeat the stroke and punish me further for disobedience. Don't let me stand until you've punished me the same or worse."

"You'll both get six of the best," he said. "Be sure, I will make them the best, since you're both old enough to know better," he warned.

"Thank you, sir," Amy said, handing the cane back.

"Thank you, sir," Christina added.

"Why don't you both go to my waiting room? Lock the outer door, Christina, and get changed. Knock on my door when you're ready," he instructed.

Amy pushed off her skinny black denim in favor of the navy pleated skirt.

Christina, familiar with the change, was already knotting her tie.

"He's a lovely man, and very firm," Amy said, as she did her own tie with expert ease. "Thank you for sharing. This uniform and this place make me feel obedient," she added, as she buttoned her blazer.

"I know. I feel it every time I stand here," Christina replied.

"We both deserve punishment," Amy said, her voice low and contrite.

"Yes, we do," Christina agreed. She stood tall and knocked on her headmaster's door.

"Amy, stand against the wall and watch your friend being caned. Christina, face the desk," he commanded.

The girls obeyed. As she stood where she'd been told, Amy felt deep reverence at being commanded in her uniform.

"Hang your blazer on the back of that chair," he said to Christina, pointing with the cane.

In her skirt and blouse, Christina moved back to stand in front of the desk.

"Bend over," he intoned.

She obeyed, bending over the desk, and reached for the far side with her fingers.

The headmaster lifted her skirt, tucking it out of the way in the waistband.

Excited at the sight of her friend's stretched white cotton knickers, Amy loved the word. Christina had educated her on the English term for panties. Her friend's obedience impressed her. She'd bent right over the desk without a fuss and presented her knickers as instructed. The shameful view heated her sex, and she was only watching.

Christina relaxed as the thick cane hovered over her knickers. She wanted it to hurt.

Her headmaster released the cane's punishing power against her backside. She panted over the desk, trying to take in the astonishing agony which blitzed through her curves.

It scared Amy. The fierce crack had produced a red line extending beyond her friend's knickers. It sent a heady mix of fear and pleasure into her sex. Her girlfriend was taking a hard punishment. She'd wondered, back on the beach, if Christina got it that hard. Now she had her answer, and her doubt was going to cost her serious pain.

The headmaster caned Christina twice more, only a momentary pause between strokes.

"These last three will come thick and fast. It will be tough. You deserve it," he warned.

Christina heard her own voice cutting across the negotiations. She deserved it, all right. Guilt engulfed her, and she welcomed her adult punishment.

Amy saw her friend's torment and knew it was about to get worse. The three weals were deep red. They made a mark on Amy's soul, and they weren't even her own.

Flaming pain scorched Christina's cheeks, low where her knickers did nothing to help. The headmaster taught her three tough lessons, forcing her to grip the edge of the desk for all she was worth.

"I should know when to speak and when to shut up," she repeated the mantra in her head over and over as the pain seeped deeper into her bottom.

"Stand up," the headmaster ordered.

She obeyed and turned to face him.

"Thank you for caning me, sir. Thank you for teaching me the lesson I needed. I deserved it," she said.

Amy watched her humble friend, knowing she was as repentant as she sounded.

Looking up at Amy, he commanded, "Swap places. Amy, remove your blazer."

Christina took up position with her back to the wall. Having to watch was new to her. Reaching under her skirt, she rubbed her bottom through her knickers.

The headmaster noticed the movement and snapped, "Stand still, Christina, unless you want to bend back over."

Amy faced the desk and waited.

"Bend over," he commanded.

She followed Christina's technique and gripped the far edge of the desk. She knew this would test her.

The headmaster tucked her skirt out of the way.

Her panties - knickers, she remembered the correct English word, were on show to him for the first time. It was embarrassing and appropriate.

She felt her tie lying along the desk under her, marking where she bent and pictured the guy in the coffee shop as the thick cane pressed against her knickers. Despite the years, the image was still clear.

The thick cane seared a line of blazing fire right through her soft white cotton. She commanded her mind to think of the classes she'd skipped and the disobedience she'd shown. Her mind was still circling the memories when the cane seared her flesh again. Sheer agony tore into her behind.

"Skipping class for a boy should feel less smart now," his voice punished her as hard as the cane.

The hunk in the coffee shop was no longer a hunk. She dismissed him in favor of strict attendance and got two more painful strokes below her knickers to reinforce the point. She gripped the edge of the desk as her bottom stung with a vengeance and pain buried deep.

"Two to go. You're taking it very well. Stay in place. You need to hurt more," he warned.

Her pride gave her the backbone she needed. The headmaster had treated her the same as Christina. He scorched the last two strokes low and close together on her bottom.

She got them below her knickers. Each line of fire branded her with deserved adult punishment.

The headmaster kept her over the desk to allow the strokes to sink deep as the pain flourished to full force and her skin burned.

Christina had watched her friend being caned. It turned her on. She couldn't tell if it was her own burning backside or the gorgeous sight of Amy bending over in her knickers, being caned.

She felt deep solidarity. Amy had bent over today to share the painful experience. This was the ultimate friendship, and she resolved to stand beside Amy all her life.

"Stand up," the headmaster commanded.

Grateful for the minute over the desk, Amy stood, pulled her skirt down and regained her countenance. Facing the headmaster, she said, "Thank you for caning me. I deserved it. I'm sorry for my disobedience."

It impressed him. Amy's courage and fortitude were admirable. He understood why the two girls were friends. He had the two strongest girls in the world in his study, both grateful, both caned.

"You took your punishment well. Come here," he said and gave her a hug. He held her for a moment so she would know he meant it.

"Christina," he called. He enveloped her in his arms and also held her tight.

Christina always enjoyed being hugged at the end. She always had. To feel soft kindness from the same man who had thrashed her was something she loved.

They struggled into their skinny jeans in the waiting room.

"I wear my jeans because it hurts as I drive home," Christina explained. "It seems right to suffer."

"It's right to hurt for a while," Amy agreed.

Saying their goodbyes to the headmaster, they left in Christina's little black BMW.

Back in Christina's bedroom, they inspected both their bare bottoms in the mirrored wardrobe.

Amy felt the ridges formed by the weals as she studied their bottoms, jeans and knickers pushed down to their ankles.

They each had six thick, dark stripes branded across their bare behinds.

"You're tough," Amy said.

Christina squeezed her in a warm embrace. "Thank you for coming with me. You're a friend of the highest order."

Amy whispered, "If I ever threaten our friendship, take me to the headmaster for the cane."