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Amy, Christina and Bianca

The Yacht Season 1
Late on duty, a superyacht stewardess is bent over the chart table for the wooden ruler
A spanked superyacht stewardess confesses further misbehavior
A superyacht stewardess is caned in formal uniform for gross misconduct
On a private beach, an embarrassed superyacht stewardess reveals her caned bottom to a guest
Desperate for discipline a uniformed superyacht stewardess wears non-regulation panties
6. Near
A girl accepts her boyfriend's belting for deliberate disobedience
A superyacht stewardess is held to account for uniform imperfections
A girl joins her friend over her old headmaster's desk for past disobedience
9. Subtle
Horny from her headmaster's punishment, a caned girl takes pleasure on horseback
10. Ruined
A careless stewardess is disciplined on the sundeck before her crew mates
Unaware of the full consequences, a superyacht stewardess asks for a belting
A girl bends over her old headmaster's desk for neglecting her boyfriend
Two girls celebrate their intimate friendship and agree a painful price for their pleasure
Two girls celebrate their intimate friendship and their shared school punishment
A naughty girl's pleasure is forgiven after ten severe strokes of her boyfriend's cane
Consumed by guilt, a girl must ask her boyfriend to cane her attitude out of her
17. Winner
Fixing her boyfriend's white shirt in the laundry room, a stewardess is caned for carelessness
Overdue for discipline, an experienced stewardess oversteps her authority
Two career girls are summoned by their old headmaster for a caning
20. Control
Two girls relive their fresh caning and celebrate their intimate friendship
A superyacht stewardess saves a guest from revealing her caned bottom
22. Apology
Wrongly blaming her friend for a mistake, a stewardess is caned for her rush to judgement
A superyacht stewardess is strapped on the treadmill for taking out her stress on her boyfriend
A dress code violation burns in a yacht stewardess's conscience until she's paddled
A girl challenges her new boyfriend to keep her in line
A female CEO bends over her own desk for selfish behavior
A new girlfriend is spanked over her boyfriend's knee for making life plans alone