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23. Run and Hide

Spanking Story


A superyacht stewardess is strapped on the treadmill for taking out her stress on her boyfriend

«Beginning Part 24»

Amy smiled and clinked her glass against the Chief Engineer's. 'Serena,' she toasted.

The restaurant was small and their table large. Crew dinners ashore were always noisy affairs. It was rare for almost everyone to be together in the moment, and they were all enjoying it.

She caught Dan's eye and nodded. She'd seen the time. Ten minutes and they had to leave.

They would make their excuses and fool nobody. Their relationship wasn't a secret. It caused no upset. Nobody among the crew, except Bianca, had a clue how they held it together so well while working and living afloat.

Tonight she was for it. She'd been a bitch, and she was going to get strapped. They'd planned it to take advantage of a moment of peace on board.

She'd made him angry. He wasn't now. But neither of them could ignore the dissatisfaction he'd shown with her behavior. She had no problem paying the price. Indeed, she welcomed it. They would deal with it and the matter would be closed. Guilt gone, pain present. That was how they rolled, and it worked.

She didn't mean to be a bitch. It wasn't fun being a girl once a month in the close confines of a super yacht. There was no escape from yourself. She'd taken her mood out on Dan, even though she'd tried hard not to. Most months she was fine, but this month she'd been hell to live with and she knew it.

He'd cornered her in her cabin a few days ago. "You've been argumentative, moody, and you keep attacking me over nothing. I'm tired of it," he'd said.

"No, I haven't," she'd snapped. It was a ridiculous attitude to take. It was indeed how she'd been. And she knew it.

"Don't run away from your responsibility. You're guilty of a stinking attitude. Own up to it."

His demand had done the trick. He'd accused her of running away from her guilt. He was right, she had been.

After a pause and a long look at the floor, she'd said, "I'm sorry."

"Most of the time you're very good at accepting responsibility."

"I'm embarrassed," she'd told him, shame-faced.

"You should be. I'm willing to let your moodiness and unpleasantness go. But I won't tolerate you running away from your guilt. Honesty is the bedrock of us. I'm angry and disappointed in you. In the next few days, I'm going to punish you for not owning up to your behavior."

"Thank you," she'd said. "I know you must."

"Yes, I must. Let's be mature and calm things down. We'll deal with this and we'll be okay again."

His confidence had wrapped around her. His arms had followed. "You've been a silly girl and you're going to get the strap," he'd promised.

"Thank you," she'd murmured into his chest.

The crew dinner ashore provided a rare opportunity for some brief time alone. They'd agreed to leave at 10pm. They'd be back on board super yacht Serena long before the others. Only the officer of the watch would be aboard.

Dan stood and made their excuses. Plenty of people smiled. He was well-liked, as was Amy. Nobody begrudged them some time alone. It was a treasured commodity for everyone.

"You were keen to run away from your responsibility the other day," he said as they walked hand in hand down the dock.

"I'm sorry. I understand why you must punish me and I accept it."

"Good, I have a plan to make it special."

She liked the idea of special. It felt good to have her man plan her punishment with care.

"Put on your gym kit. Nice thin shorts. We want it to hurt. And meet me in the gym."

Moored at the end of the jetty, a view of the mountains in the distance, the gym had a picturesque view out over the bow. The crew all used the gym when there were no guests on board. Amy was a fan of the treadmill and tried to run thirty miles a week.

She went to her cabin to change and ran her hands over her bum in her black Nike shorts. They were tight and skimpy, showing off her stunning legs. She didn't mind being admired in the gym. It was a compliment. A tight black tee and her white Nike Air Max completed her outfit. He intended her to keep her shorts on since he'd mentioned they must be thin. She was getting the strap. It was a rare chance for a noisy punishment.

She glanced in the mirror as she left her cabin. Her sports bra was essential, it outlined her breasts. She felt frisky. Although she was wearing a bra, she wore no panties. She'd heard him. She was going to get strapped over her shorts and she wanted it to hurt.

She walked into the gym. He was still in jeans from dinner. The sliding glass door was open to the deck. She could see over the top of the jacuzzi out to the mountains beyond. The light was fading fast, but it was still a great place to be.

"You tried to run away from your responsibility the other day. You were guilty, and yet you failed to accept it."

"I'm sorry," she said, adopting a submissive and apologetic stance.

"Run all you like, but you can't hide from your responsibility to me and our relationship. I want you on the treadmill, running. I suggest you keep the pace slow. Run one mile. While you run, I'm going to strap you."

They'd bought the small strap, months ago, when they'd been on shore leave. One ineffective snap across her bare bottom had been enough to prove it was too noisy for their environment. Short, brown and sewn double for rigidity, the leather had hurt, but it would take successive strokes to punish her.

She changed the display on the running machine to show the distance and hit start.

Her legs came up to speed and her thin shorts erupted with the hard impact of the strap. It echoed around the small gym. The intense sting hurt, the burn worse. Leather punished. There was no letup and no escape. She must keep running forward, getting nowhere except sore.

The count showed 0.2 miles and her bum stung like fury. He delivered hard strokes, making sure they burned fire into her bottom. The strap struck each side of her bum, as her legs flowed back. She tried to change which side got it next. He obliged. It made no difference. Her bottom was a tapestry of pain.

"Are you feeling less smart now?" he asked.

The strap snapped into her right cheek with ruthless efficiency. The burn built up as the strokes overlaid each other.

"Yes, a lot less smart," she panted, the scorching heat firing her legs forward.

The screen showed 0.4 miles. She could run faster, make it harder for him to catch her bottom, but she didn't. She was running to be strapped, running towards her pain and towards him.

"I'm sorry," she said. "It hurts."

"Good. Never try to escape fair punishment. You're a girl who needs keeping in line."

"I am," she said, taking her intense burning strokes through her ultra thin nylon.

The strap kept pace with her. He stood still while she continued to run.

"I bet it's hurting right now, even through your shorts and panties."

"I'm not wearing any panties." She would have smiled at him, but she had to face forward and keep her balance as the strap burned her backside and her feet ran on.

He should have known. He'd only told her to wear thin shorts. His respect soared as he realized she'd contributed to her own pain. This was the honest girl he trusted.

"One mile," she announced, hitting the stop button and slowing her pace.

"Good," he said. "I'm tired. I don't know about you."

"Well, I'm refreshed," she said, as she stepped off the machine.

She looked outside, kicked off her sneakers, pulled off her tee and her bra. Dropping them on the floor, she pushed off her shorts and ran stark naked out onto the deck, straight into the jacuzzi.

"Come on, I need some coverage in here," she called.

He got his jeans off, watching her naked curves through the glass side of the jacuzzi. All he could see was a naked girl. It was an awesome view. Leaving his clothes on the gym floor, he kept his white trunks on and climbed in with her.

She nuzzled into his neck. Bare and strapped in the jacuzzi, it was delicious exposure. The only protection she could call upon was her powerful man and his tight trunks. She leaned against him. "I got the point," she said. "However far I run, I can't escape your justice. I don't want to. I'm sorry."

"You're forgiven," he said, closing their conversation with a kiss. His lips tingled on hers, his body floated over her and his arms pulled her into him.

She lost her grip on the side and floated under him, killing the moment. When she came to the surface, she glimpsed the officer of the watch coming down the port gangway.

"Quick! Hide me," she said, sliding her naked body behind him as the officer of the watch appeared beside the jacuzzi.

"Hi guys," he said, "wonderful evening for it."

"Everything okay?" Dan asked.

"Yep. All shipshape, just doing my rounds."

He passed by the glass fronted jacuzzi and returned down the starboard side. He might have noticed her lack of clothing. She couldn't tell.

"Let's go to bed," Dan said. "Sex in the water only works in the movies."

She was up and out like a shot. Her bare red bottom tore back into the gym. He knew what the promise of sex could do to a well-strapped girl. He followed her into the gym as she grabbed a towel and wrapped herself in it.

Grabbing his clothes and taking a moment to check they'd left nothing behind. He followed her to his cabin.

Losing her towel in his cabin, she lay damp and naked on his bunk. He joined her.

"The jacuzzi's a bit of a turn off when you're already turned on," she said, reaching for him. "Not my greatest idea."

"I loved watching your naked curves move. I think you made tonight's watch duty pleasant." He was getting hard, thinking of her curves in the water and running his hand down the real thing.

She slid her hand down to his manhood. "You gave me a good hard strapping."

"You needed it." He hardened under her touch.

"I know you were punishing me for trying to escape justice, but I'm also sorry I was such a bitch last week. Thank you for strapping my backside."

"How did it feel through your shorts?"

"It bloody stung. They're thin. I wanted to put my hands back there, but I'd have fallen. It was a clever way to be hard on me and I deserved it."

He took over his manhood, releasing her hand to circle her clit. Turned on by her honest apology, her bottom stung. The all-consuming heat radiated up through her sex and pulsed pleasure.

She rubbed herself hard. " You made me run, and you strapped me. The entire gym echoed with my beating," she panted.

His hands darted over her nipples, promising and teasing. She rubbed harder, spreading her legs.

"Scold me, while you fuck me," she begged.

He entered her, feeling her tightness grab his erection.

"God, that's good," she gasped, enveloping him whole inside her.

"You weren't a good girl. Trying to escape punishment was deceitful and disobedient."

"Yes. I was deceitful and disobedient," she panted, keeping pace as he drove himself inside her. His strokes, and his voice, scolding her.

"You will not attempt to run away from your responsibility again," he said.

"No, I won't. I was a disobedient girl, and you gave me a strapping."

Her pleasure pushed hard against release. She held herself, delighting in her disobedience and his summary justice. "You beat me hard on my thin shorts and made me run a mile for my deceit," she moaned.

"A painful mile," he reminded her, thrusting his manhood deep into her. "I had to beat you."

"Beaten for my badness," she cried out. Fighting herself, his erection plunged through her last attempt at control. She burst soaking wet orgasms over his hardness, plunging herself down through a sea of pleasure, twisting her legs under him to steal back each moment of bliss as it rushed from her body.

She lay back beside him, squeezing her body against his hard nakedness on the small bunk.

"Did you like being strapped on the treadmill?" he asked.

"Yes. I had nowhere to run."

"Did you learn your lesson tonight?"

"You imprinted it on my bum. I can run, but I cannot hide."