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19. Summoned

Spanking Story


Two career girls are summoned by their old headmaster for a caning

«Beginning Part 20»

'I'd like to see both you and Amy in my study, when you can make it.' Christina read the message from her old headmaster and glanced out the tall windows of her large office over the green fields which surrounded the factory her father had given her to run.

Her headmaster had never summoned her before, but she had a fair idea what might be on his mind.

She forwarded the message to Amy, adding, 'From my headmaster. We're in trouble. Can guess why.'

'The Yacht' by Alice North was shooting up the bestseller list and being talked about everywhere. It was the first book to follow 'Blazing Trails' and was in hot demand. Alice's debut book was the bestselling book of all time, setting an incredible standard.

In a dramatic article, a persistent journalist had unveiled Alice North as the author behind the global bestseller 'Blazing Trails', about taking the cane from her boyfriend. Nobody had ever written such a meaningful expose of the choice to live with discipline and hold themselves to account.

The authentic cross between a sex book and a manual had sold over 300 million copies.

Amy and Christina had both watched Alice North deal with her exposure with extreme grace on live TV. It had been a lesson in style and confidence.

For 'The Yacht', Christina had spoken with Alice North at length, recounting her friendship with Amy and her need for discipline. Amy had met Alice. It had been dramatic for both of them. Alice had been figuring out if she could write another book, and Amy's story had drawn her in.

Amy's ultimate boss, the owner of super yacht Serena, also owned an ice-class super yacht, Vista. Alice North had chartered Vista to cruise the Arctic. Vista's chief stewardess had lost her father just days before the expensive charter, so the owner had flown Amy across the world to step in, a step which had changed all their lives.

Alice North was a Modern Girl, the term she'd coined for girls who took the cane from their man. Christina wanted to be a Modern Girl, Amy already was. Their various conversations with Alice had been an unexpected pleasure. The book captured the essence of Amy's life, and Christina's, and portrayed them well. 'The Yacht' was another smash hit, read by almost everyone, including, it seemed, Christina's old headmaster. She couldn't imagine any other reason he would summon both her and Amy to see him.

It was unlikely to conclude without a painful session with the cane. She deserved it. It would, she thought now, have been polite to have given him a heads up.

The book exposed nobody. Alice had changed names and places to protect them both. But her headmaster was far from stupid. How many headmasters in the world still provided discipline to past students? And how many of those past students were best friends with a stewardess on a super yacht?

It would be lovely to see Amy again. Their schedules made time together rare and, therefore, special. This time, there was no doubt they would both have sore bottoms. The headmaster had summoned them.

"We've been here before," grinned Amy, standing in Christina's bedroom dressed in her school uniform. She took off the tie and pleated skirt, folding both in her black shoulder bag. In their place, her blue skinny jeans hid her school uniform in plain sight.

Christina did the same. Amy's urgent message had arrived yesterday. "On the way. Two days ONLY."

The flight number and details had followed. Christina had coordinated with the headmaster and sent a car to meet Amy. They were experts at short notice trips around the world. It had become the hallmark of their friendship.

They almost skipped to Christina's little black BMW in the early evening sunshine. They were both looking forward to being dealt with.

"You'd better get changed right away," the headmaster said, meeting them in his outer office. "Knock when you're ready."

The usual greeting and cup of tea were not on offer. It was straight down to business. He turned and closed the inner door to his office, to give the girls their privacy.

"We're for it," said Amy.

Christina knew her friend was right. "He's never done that before," she said.

They swapped their jeans for dark blue pleated skirts and knotted their ties. Sharing a nod of agreement, Christina knocked on the door.

"Enter." They heard the headmaster's voice through the dark oak door.

Christina opened the door, and they approached to stand in front of him, on the worn Persian rug. Sat behind his imposing desk, he looked every inch the headmaster he was.

'The Yacht' by Alice North was sitting in the center of his desk. The burned orange cover had a white silhouette of a super yacht, the title in bold white and 'Based on a true story' along the bottom, their true story.

"Do you care to explain?"

The headmaster's strict tone lashed them and they both started talking at once.

"One at a time, please," he shouted over them.

Christina looked at Amy and nodded.

"I'm sorry," Amy started. "It's my story, and I asked Christina to get involved too, but I guess you've worked that out. Nobody else will. The details are all changed."

"I know I've read it, and her previous book. They're both fabulous reads. But a bit of warning would have been polite."

His scolding drove straight into Amy's heart. She looked to Christina for support.

"That's on me," Christina said. "I contributed to the book as well. It was my duty to let you know, and I didn't. I'm sorry and I'll accept whatever punishment you decide."

"Both of you are getting punished," the headmaster said, "either of you could have let me know."

"I'm sorry," Amy said. "You've been very kind to me, and Christina. We should have let you know in advance. Punish us hard. As soon as you summoned us, I knew I deserved it."

"As I read it, I thought of you Amy. You're the only stewardess on a super yacht I know. You can imagine how surprised I was to recognize parts of it. By the way, it's a wonderful book," he said.

"Thank you," Amy replied. "It's all down to Alice."

"I appreciate you apologies, but you're both getting eight strokes of the senior cane, and it will be hard. You deserve it."

"Thank you, sir," they said, in concert.

"Amy, given your pivotal role, you can go first," the headmaster instructed.

Christina stood back against the wall. They'd left their blazers off today. Standing alone in front of the desk in her short sleeved white blouse, navy and red striped tie, and short navy pleated skirt, Amy felt humble and obedient.

Coming around the desk to stand beside Amy, cane in hand, the headmaster looked at her. "You know why you're here. Bend over."

Turned on and embarrassed, she hid her face as she bent over the headmaster's desk and stretched her fingers to grip the far side. Summoned for hard punishment, a heady mix of sorrow and pleasure stormed through her.

When the headmaster lifted her navy skirt and tucked it into her waistband, she felt exposed, her thin white cotton bikini knickers on view. She'd been here before, but this time her behavior had affected him on a personal level. Having her knickers exposed was embarrassing, punishing and fair.

She was in England and had remembered to call her tight, cute white panties, knickers. The word excited her sex as she held her position, exposed and humbled.

The heavy cane tapped against her taut knickers. Due warning. It seared her tender cheeks with sizzling agony and a powerful line of deep pain. She clenched her sensitive cheeks as the pain soared.

"I imagine that hurts. How long is it since your boyfriend last caned you?" he asked.

"About a week," Amy admitted. Of course, he knew everything from her book. It was strange, but somehow comforting. She didn't even mind him knowing about the sex. It was honest and her relationship made her proud.

Her marks had gone, but the headmaster must have noticed her reaction.

Being made to admit her previous punishment turned her on. Her sex liked her being disciplined. The thick line of pain settled into a strong burn.

"I won't go any easier on you, Amy. You deserve this."

"I'm sorry, sir."

He spaced the cane strokes out. As she expected the next, he varied it, keeping the shock - and the hurt - unpredictable. Each time a fresh stroke landed, she felt her guilt and took her pain, her sex offering hot, wet support as she held herself still.

Her bottom was aflame. She was being caned by the headmaster. It had to hurt. It was the only way. The last stroke landed low, where she was bare. It burned like fury. A thick scorching line of furious heat stung the surface, while pain burrowed deep into her.

"It's over," he said.

Amy stood. This mattered to her. She respected Christina's headmaster.

"Thank you for caning me, sir. It hurts and I will wear my marks with pride and a little shame at my behavior."

"You took it well. I'm proud of you," he said.

She swapped places with Christina.

Christina stood in front of the desk, her knickers already damp with desire. Watching her humble friend submit to her caning had driven her to a furious peak.

"Bend over," her headmaster commanded.

She bent over his desk and gripped the far side. This was going to hurt. She'd watched Amy take her caning with silent respect. She would do the same. Her silence would broadcast her respect for the man who had always been hard on her.

He tucked her skirt out of the way. She liked this moment. Having her knickers displayed by him was physical proof she was not in control. She loved it.

The cane tapped her tight knickers. She's chosen the smallest, tightest, white knickers, to expose as much of her bare bottom as possible. Her pride had soared as she'd checked in the mirror and seen how much bare bottom was on display. She'd made the positive decision to ensure her beating hurt the most and was embarrassing.

The cane seared a rich line of suffering on her bum and her fingers tightened on the far edge of the desk. She'd bent in front of her headmaster many times. Sometimes for motivational discipline, sometimes for straight punishment. Today was the latter.

His strokes were hard. Each cut a line of deep pain across her bottom.

"You owed me a call. I'm disappointed in you," his firm voice thrashed her ears as the cane crashed into her behind.

"I'm disappointed in myself," she cried out from her lowly position. "Beat me harder. I deserve it."

He respected Christina's self-awareness. This had been an oversight. She was not an impolite girl. Indeed, far from it.

The cane brought pain and plenty of it. She absorbed one stroke as the next burning line arrived and extended her pattern of pain. Bearing her agony with poise, she didn't let on how much he'd hurt her.

The last stroke whipped into her bottom, hard and low, burning harsh pain into her soft skin. She'd known it would be special. She held her mind clear and still, letting it hurt her. Her sex responded with respect, swept up her pain, mixed it with pleasure and allowed her to cope.

"It's over," he said. His voice was always kind at this moment.

She stood, released her skirt and held her hands together in front of her.

"Thank you, sir. You were kind to deal with me. I'm sorry you had to punish me and I'm sorry I let you down."

"You took it very well," he nodded, accepting her apology.

Looking up to include Amy, he said, "I have an extra punishment for you both. Will you excuse me for a moment?"

He put down the cane and left the room.

Amy joined Christina next to the desk and gave her a quick hug. Christina squeezed her friend back. There was nothing to say. They were both enduring punishment they deserved. They shared a gentle smile as they pulled apart.

The headmaster returned bearing a tea tray.

"Your extra punishment is to sit, while we have a cup of tea and catch up. I imagine it will be uncomfortable for you both," he smiled.

Amy sat first, testing her bottom against the couch. It hurt. It was better to just sit and take it.

Christina swept her short skirt under her and sat straight down. Her bottom was unimpressed, but the headmaster was. She didn't wince or move a muscle in her face.

"Impressive," he said to Christina.

"It's a matter of honor and respect, sir. You've caned me. I deserved it. I'll show my respect by taking it with finesse."

"So, Amy, how are the high seas?" he asked.

She told of her Arctic adventure. Polar bears walking the ice above the yacht, seals by the thousand and huge whales swimming right alongside them. The joy of the pure cold in her nose amazed him. She shared photos from her phone, but nothing could do the reality justice.

Christina updated him on her job. Her father had given her responsibility for one of their manufacturing companies. It was exciting and complex. She'd already re-organized the financial structure of the operation, making it more profitable. On a gigantic scale, it added up to tens of millions.

The headmaster was sorry to see the girls go. They both led exciting lives, now fictionalized for the world to read, but he knew the real Christina and Amy.

Alice's story is told in Blazing Trails