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20. Control

Spanking Story


Two girls relive their fresh caning and celebrate their intimate friendship

«Beginning Part 21»

"I'm going straight to bed. I hope not alone," Amy said with a smile, climbing Christina's wide staircase in jeans and her school blouse.

"I'll brush my teeth, and join you," Christina said.

"Hurry," Amy whispered, the eight painful cane stripes fresh on her bottom driving her towards privacy.

In her room, Amy shoved off her tight jeans and white blouse. She stood in the bathroom and brushed her teeth in front of the mirror, her white cotton panties and plain white bra reflected in the glass. Twisting, she admired her punished behind. Eight thick marks of hard discipline adorned her cheeks. She pushed down her panties, clamping her toothbrush in her mouth, and resumed brushing while studying her well-marked bottom. The dark red marks evidenced serious punishment. It made her proud. It hurt like hell, but punishment should. The headmaster had summoned her and caned her. The pain satisfied her. She wanted all the discomfort she deserved.

She put down her toothbrush, pulled up her panties, and unsnapped her bra. Her firm breasts were expecting pleasure and her nipples led the way to the bedroom. She put her tight white blouse back on over her bare breasts, feeling the cotton tease her desperate nipples. Knotting her tie in the mirror, strict obedience saturated her mind.

Christina slipped into her room, tie in hand. Her jeans came off just inside the door. Amy could see her hard nipples touching against her tight white blouse. They were both turned on.

Amy lay on the bed and watched as Christina knotted her tie in front of the mirrored wardrobe.

Christina turned and saw her gorgeous friend lying on the bed in her white cotton knickers, blouse and tie. The last time she'd seen Amy like this, she'd woken her up in this very room.

That vision of Amy, sleeping the same way she did, had awoken deep tender feelings in her heart. Feelings which had poured out on a cliff top, high over the crystal blue Mediterranean sea.

She lay down beside her friend, touching her hand, and let the fine Egyptian cotton caress her punished bottom.

Amy liked the touch. The intimate, gentle caress of her girlfriend who'd had a caning.

"He summoned us," Amy breathed out.

"Summoned to answer for our behavior," Christina said, breathless.

"We were both summoned and made to stand on the mat," Amy murmured. "I inspired the book, so he had to cane me." Amy rolled towards Christina and kissed her on the lips. She wanted to acknowledge nothing had changed. She was as happy now to indulge in mutual pleasure as she had been on their stunning first night.

Christina put her arms around Amy and slipped a hand down over her soft cotton bottom, feeling the punishing ridges branded on her girlfriend.

"I've had the cane," Amy muttered. "It was a sound caning. I'm very sore."

She touched Christina's tender ridges, tracing the lines of pain on her friend's bottom.

"He caned us together for thoughtlessness. We deserved it, and he caned us hard," Christina panted. "Our bottoms hurt because we've been disobedient girls and needed a thrashing to bring us into line."

Amy slid her hand into Christina's white panties. She rubbed her girlfriend's hot, wet clit, her firm touch full of intent. "What did you do?" she asked.

"I failed to give the headmaster advance notice. It was rude and thoughtless behavior. He thrashed it out of me. I was obedient and bent to take my punishment. He had to hurt me. I deserved it. He was kind, but hard. It was the senior cane," Christina's admission became inaudible, as her words jumbled.

Amy watched Christina tease her nipples through her blouse. She kept her friend on edge with her finger.

"He had to discipline you," she confirmed, looking Christina in the eye. "You had to take a severe punishment for your thoughtlessness." She kept Christina hanging right over her orgasm, watching her friend's face, as she enjoyed her painful punished state. "It should hurt. You're a disobedient girl," she added, circling Christina's clit.

Christina arched her back and came in a flood of orgasms, knocking Amy's hand from her knickers as she writhed to catch each wave of pleasure, lost in the glorious intensity of her lustful need.

After a bit, she settled back on her pillow. "You're beautiful," Christina said, her statement all inclusive.

Amy noticed the slight tears in her friend's eyes. She lay back to give Christina room, so her feelings wouldn't overwhelm her.

When she was solid, Christina rolled over and stroked Amy's inner thigh. A gentle and intimate touch.

"I love the way you bend. You lower yourself with such grace over the desk. You convey incredible respect with your body," Christina told her.

Amy had never seen herself bend. Christina's description and gentle strokes turned her on.

"I obeyed," she said. "He had to cane me. It was right to bend with respect." Her sex grew hotter while her thoughts continued. "He taught me a painful lesson I deserved, and I showed him respect," she breathed out as Christina's hand moved into her panties.

"The headmaster summoned you. You had to appear in his study," Christina reminded her.

"Summoned. Demanded to appear. Told off. Punished. Caned," Amy panted.

In response to the riot in her nipples, she slid her hand through the gap in her buttoned blouse. Flicking her fingers over her hard buds, she delighted in the sharp bursts of pleasure which set her body on fierce fire as her bottom ached with deep punishing pain.

Christina's expert finger rubbed her clit. "The headmaster caned you hard, even though you were still tender from a previous punishment. He could not be lenient. He caned you without mercy," she said.

"I had to take it. He had to hurt me," Amy gasped, almost unable to speak. Christina's electrifying fingers were so attuned to her thoughts.

"You were a thoughtless girl and you're sore because of it. He told you off for your behavior and thrashed you. You deserved it," Christina told her.

Amy crashed, trapping Christina's fingers in her thighs as she scissored her legs, trying to keep her orgasms in. Her body flung itself against Christina. She held on tight. Grabbing her girlfriend as her orgasms rock down her, forcing her against Christina's soft body.

"You're wonderful," Amy breathed, her head on the pillow, beside Christina's.

Lying side by side, Amy said, "I'm proud of myself. I hurt, but I love getting punished with you."

"Me too," Christina admitted, "but it's not news."

Hearing the grin in her friend's voice, Amy turned her head.

Christina raised herself, and looked at Amy. "I love you, in our own private way." Kneeling, Christina slid her fingers into Amy's waistband. Her friend's hips lifted as she pulled her white cotton knickers off.

Amy spread her thighs. They needed no words. She felt the tip of Christina's tongue circling her clit. Her sex was red hot, Christina's tongue demanded submission, and she surrendered without limitation. "Don't stop," she begged, scraping her fingers against the bed. She couldn't touch her hyper-sensitive nipples. They were thousands of volts of danger. Her friend's love and understanding flowed through her. Held on the sensitive edge, she was out of control and denied pleasure until her friend allowed it. Unable to demand or beg, she accepted the sensational joy of total surrender.

Amy's total surrender triggered Christina's heart, mind and tongue. She thrust Amy over the edge, giving her friend the cascading waves of love she deserved.

Amy lost it. Her legs shot out and her body thrashed the bed with uncontrolled pleasure and gratitude as orgasms surged through her, peaking and flowing away before another took its place.

Christina loved the willing submission Amy had granted her. It was everything. She crawled up beside her. Amy looked in awe at her friend's face. She kissed her, desperate for every inch of their intimacy, and Christina let her lips speak for her.

Breaking for breath, Amy said, "I love you too." She slid down the bed and removed Christina's white cotton knickers. She laid them on the bed where Christina could see them.

Christina's sex screamed its agreement. She could see her knickers. Her girlfriend had removed them and made her accept it. Amy's deft tongue flung her hard clit into orbit and she relinquished control of her body to her loving girlfriend.

Sliding her hands beneath her bottom, she fingered the fiery ridges branded onto her bottom by the headmaster. The headmaster's cane burned her bottom in her mind, as Amy's tongue encouraged her. Her fingers probed her ridges, while her friend's tongue lifted her onto her desperate ledge.

Amy held her best friend in suspended desperation, keeping her on her pleasurable precipice.

Every thought or feeling came from Amy's tongue. Christina had no other control. She'd surrendered to her best friend and gave every inch of her heart. Held on the edge of exquisite pleasure by her lover, it was all she wanted. The constant denial wound her into a state of frantic need. She abandoned all hope and let herself be desperate.

Her abrupt acceptance triggered Amy's tongue and released her into a frenzied flow of tumbling pleasure, her every thought and need wrapped inside blistering orgasms which ripped everything she'd ever felt from her body, in waves of pleasurable release.

She didn't realize she'd gripped Amy's head in her thighs, holding her tongue tight on her clit as her juices flowed. Relaxing her hold, she exclaimed, "Oh, god. Sorry. Did I hurt you?"

Amy flopped onto the bed beside her, lifted her face and kissed her friend. "No. You loved me."

They lay under the comforter, warm and relaxed. More sated than their own hands could ever deliver, they whispered, even though there was no-one to hear.

"Alice's book captured our friendship," Christina said. "I cried reading it, every time."

Amy held her friend tight, feeling her need.

"I cried too, when I was telling her," Amy confessed. "I had to say, out loud, things we've only admitted to each other. It moved Alice. She called me back several times over the following hours to check I was okay. She approves of our decision to enjoy ourselves and pay a painful price for it."

"In a couple of weeks, I'll go back to the headmaster to pay the price for tonight," Christina said. "He's read the book. He even knows the price we have to pay. I'll be honest about why I'm there," she said.

"You might as well," Amy agreed. "I'll get my four strokes as soon as I get back. It will hurt on top of tonight. I love Dan for holding me to it. He won't delay it and he won't go easy on me."

"I got a message from him a couple of days ago."

"From my Dan?" Amy exclaimed.

"Yes. I guess he got my number from your phone. He messaged me on Signal."

Christina slid from the bed and crossed the room in her school blouse, tie and panties. She grabbed her phone from her discarded jeans. Opening the app, she selected the conversation and handed it to Amy as she climbed back in.

Amy saw a tiny picture of her boyfriend at the top of the screen. Underneath he'd written, 'Look after my girlfriend. She's my girlfriend. But you can borrow her, if you love her.'

Christina had replied. 'I promise. She is. I do. Thank you with all my heart.'

Amy's heart leaped in her chest. It was pure love. He'd laid down the law with Christina. It was so Dan. Strong, kind, but in absolute control. She loved him and there was no escape.

"If I ever find a man who loves me enough to do that," Christina said, "I'll marry him before the day is out. It arrived when I was in the office. I had to reply right away. He's the most amazing man. You're lucky. We will never hurt him."

"No, we won't," Amy said, still dumbstruck at what Dan had done. It was right. He was right.

"I love you, Amy."

"I love you too," Amy replied, "and he's given me permission to."

Christina lay back on her pillow and grinned, "I have permission too." She stretched and exclaimed, "I need to find a Dan."