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A personal assistant visits her strict disciplinarian and tells her boyfriend
A well-dressed girlfriend visits her disciplinarian after her behavior crosses the line
Two best friends share an unexpected sleepover and their paddled and caned bottoms
A college girl gets caned and strapped for lying to her parents and her future boss
Years after her schoolgirl crime, a principled human rights lawyer get the caning she deserves
Three best friends masturbate after sharing their worst punishments
A lawyer visits her disciplinarian after masturbating about her girlfriends' punishments
A lawyer escalates a first date when her potential boyfriend approves of her punishment regime
Ignoring protocol, a junior employee demands her female boss accept the cane.
Rushing to judgement, a human rights lawyer is caned in front of her junior employee
A junior employee gets the ruler she deserves from the female boss she respects
Paddled for excessive phone usage, a personal assistant finds like-minded friends
Meeting like-minded friends, an out-of-work personal assistant gets the chance of her life
Poor friendship leads two girls to share a strict uncomfortable punishment
A willful girl receives a sound hand strapping from her older sister
A younger sister is hand strapped for bad language
A girl receives an uncomfortable punishment from her friend for long-standing deceit
A generous friend tests a personal trainer's new strict push ups
A chart topping popstar is caned during her professional workout
A bad friend is hand strapped by her ex-college roommate
A popstar's punishment is interrupted forcing a lesson in patience
A popstar is caned for making a sex video which hurts her career
Each regretting meaningless sex, two Swiss finishing school girls whip each other
A polite girl is whipped with her riding crop for sending a thank you note late
A girl is caned for challenging her boss's authority
Four smart girls must agree discipline contracts to join a talent agency
An aspiring singer is caned for her selfish performance
A talented actress is caned for rudeness unaware her sore bottom will secure her future
Failing to share, a hopeful singer is held to account
Panicked by a worldwide TV audience, a singer asks for the belt to calm her nerves
Desperate for discipline a uniformed superyacht stewardess wears non-regulation panties
A careless stewardess is disciplined on the sundeck before her crew mates
Two girls celebrate their intimate friendship and agree a painful price for their pleasure
Two girls celebrate their intimate friendship and their shared school punishment
Two girls relive their fresh caning and celebrate their intimate friendship
A single girl holds herself to account for her financial failures
A girl is switched in the woods by a female police officer for driving too fast
Searching for a career change, a girl reveals her past punishments to a close friend
After ignoring her boss, a female architect visits a disciplinarian
Caning her friend, a female disciplinarian grows her business
Paddled hard, a law student waits days for the caning she deserves
A cancelled appointment costs a personal assistant extra cane strokes
A female lawyer learns a lifetime lesson from her friend's vicious cane
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Meeting a bold man on vacation, a female disciplinarian lies about her job