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15. The Way Back

Spanking Story


A girl receives an uncomfortable punishment from her friend for long-standing deceit

«Beginning Part 16»

"I think we should take the green route," Adam said, taking a fifth sausage from the blackened pan suspended over the campfire.

"Why don't us girls do the red route," Sam said, "while you boys do the green one and we'll see who gets back to the car first." She didn't care who won, she wanted girl company, and to distract while she heaped her plate with bacon.

The sun had risen over the clearing early, bathing the tents with a splendid natural wake-up call. First up, Josh had lit the fire. By the time Alison had emerged, sausages were already on offer.

Packing up camp, she shared occasional glances with Sam, unspoken confirmation she couldn't wait to be on their own.

"Nice move," whispered Alison, as Sam made a show of recording the start time.

"If you don't appear, we'll walk back up the red route to find you," Josh said.

"Dream on," Sam grinned. "We'll beat you."

Waving goodbye with their sexy strapped bottoms in their khaki shorts, the girls set off with their packs on their backs.

"Cool plan," Alison said, as they followed the path uphill. "I wanted to be with you this morning. Last night was beautiful, not weird, but I somehow need to talk about it."

"Same," Sam smiled. "We've talked very little about playing with ourselves, but we both know it happens. Unless I deserve to go without, a sore bottom always results in an orgasm or ten. Sharing the after-effects, knowing that you get turned on by the same words and feelings that I do made me feel, well, normal."

Now she'd started, Sam couldn't stop. "I think back to spanking myself with my hairbrush. It delivered a decent dose of shame and kept me well behaved. But since I borrowed that dress, life has changed forever. Josh understands me. You saw that last night. It was a fine thrashing."

Alison rubbed her bum. "It was a fine thrashing for me too. I'm sore as hell, but I feel so much better about myself. I needed to hurt this much."

Sam looked across as Alison, "I know what you mean. I've been looking forward all week to being sore. We're weird, aren't we?"

"Yeah. We're weird," Alison grinned, "but in the best possible way. Last night, we bent against a tree, had our shorts removed, our bottoms strapped, and we liked it. We even asked for it. I loved being humbled and punished in front of Josh as well. It added another stark dimension of shame."

"Imagine what might never have happened if you hadn't got me caned that first time," Sam said. "I'll be forever grateful to you both. Adam was brilliant. He knew how to handle us. Sending me to my room afterwards was an inspired plan."

"Where you got off to the sound of my bare bottom spanking."

"Yes, I did," Sam admitted again, "and I deserve to be punished for it. I felt guilty at the time and still do now."

"Sam, we have to face facts. We masturbated beside each other last night and it was full-on pleasure," Alison stated. "I don't want to change or damage our friendship ever, ever, ever. But having you share my most girlish feelings was out of this world, intense and intimate."

"I love you for straight-talking," Sam said, "and I loved our intimacy last night too. I wouldn't feel the need often, but it was magical, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat, if we felt it."

"Agreed," Alison said. "But I'm not about to become lesbian for you."

"That's okay, I'm not about to become gay for you either. We've got two of the most masterful men in the world. Nothing could make me give mine up."

"Me either."

As they reached the top of the hill, Alison paused. "Were you serious when you said you still feel guilty about getting yourself off to the sound of my private spanking?"

"Yes, I guess that's why I told you," Sam said. "I need you to punish me. It can only be you."

Alison knew how it felt to hold unalleviated guilt. It was why both their relationships were so strong, their men didn't allow things to fester. But this was a private girl matter in every way. "I'm going to grant your wish," she said, lowering her pack to the ground and unzipping the main compartment.

Sam put down her pack and waited while Alison rifled through hers. She needed her friend to be hard on her. She'd needed it for a very long time. Stealing devastating pleasure from something so private was horrible. Over time, it had corroded her soul. Last night's confession had been a relief, but her apology inadequate.

Alison found what she was looking for. She pulled out a pair of bright red folded panties and handed them to Sam. "These are a special pair of panties. They'll punish you in multiple ways. These cheeky hipster bikinis are a super sharp cut and bare a lot of cheek. I bought them by mistake, they're a size too small and much tighter than you'd ever want. The polyester, which I would never have chosen on purpose, adds to the discomfort."

Sam unfolded them and held them against her waist. "They're small all right."

"I wear mine for a day to punish myself in private for little things," Alison said. "They chafe and it hurts when you sit for long periods. You'll have significant discomfort, and for you a punishing day if you're working."

Sam smiled. "They're perfect punishment panties, thank you."

"You're going to get a double punishment because when Josh finds you wearing red panties, you'll get caned. You deserve it for getting off on my spanking, and on those skimpy panties it will hurt like blazes."

Sam nodded. "That's fair. Given our strapping last night, I might give it a week before I wear them. Thank you for punishing me. And thank you for doing it in such a personal way."

She looked Alison dead in the eye, "I'm ashamed that after your kindness that night, I took selfish pleasure from your suffering. My behavior was disgusting. I'm sorry."

She'd waited forever to say that to her friend. In the wilderness, she treasured her chance to come clean.

"I'll make it hard on myself. I'll pick a work day. Having to do a full day of workouts with excruciating panties will be a fitting disgrace. And when Josh canes me later, I'll be thinking of you and how much I love you with each blistering stroke."

She stepped towards her friend and hugged her. "Thank you so much. Do I get to keep these?"

"With love," Alison smiled. "It was a pack of three."

Sam folded the bright red panties, tucked them in the top of her pack and lifted it onto her back. "We'd better get a move on, or the boys will worry about us for all the wrong reasons."

Lost in thought, Alison followed the path as it descended. She'd never shared her secret panties with anyone. But Sam wasn't just anyone. They knew when each other had received shameful discipline from their man and had shared deep intimacy last night. It was a friendship of epic proportions, and all because she'd lent her friend a dress.

Sam walked beside her friend, in awe of their friendship. 'I deserved it' - three words which had slashed into her heart when Alison had exposed her punished bottom by accident. So often she'd deserved it, and until she'd borrowed that dress, her only recourse had been to punish herself. The only fly in their precious ointment had been her less than gracious deceit when she'd overheard Alison's spanking, but now her friend had fixed even that, with a simple pair of panties. She loved Alison. She'd never had a friend like her.