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Alison, Sam and Nina

Clear Lines Season 1
Two disobedient customer service girls take the gym shoe to keep their jobs
A girl is belted on a first date for brattish behavior
3. Clean
A girl-next-door is caned for dangerous driving and a wanton lie
A brave girlfriend faces strict cane strokes after lying
A lazy girl finishes a job application bent over her boyfriend's knee
6. Duty
A willful girl receives a sound hand strapping from her older sister
A gutsy girlfriend asks for the cane before a work party to prove her obedience
Changing her jeans, a girl exposes her caned bottom to a curious friend
A generous girl asks her boyfriend to cane her friend
10. Strict
A personal trainer is ordered to wear white panties by her new boyfriend
Knowing the consequences, a personal trainer tests her new boyfriend's boundaries
A younger sister is hand strapped for bad language
A girlfriend is switched after letting her friend take the blame for her mistake
14. Camping
Camping with their men, two girls are strapped for arguing
A girl receives an uncomfortable punishment from her friend for long-standing deceit
16. Encore
Bare under her little black dress, a girl is caned for public disobedience
A girlfriend's hands are strapped for poor dinner party etiquette
A personal trainer does push ups, enhanced by her boyfriend's cane
A generous friend tests a personal trainer's new strict push ups
20. Demand
A chart topping popstar is caned during her professional workout
A bad friend is hand strapped by her ex-college roommate
An ace game developer is sentenced to a severe caning for a bad investment presentation
A smart game developer receives funding after eighteen strokes of the cane
A young model gets discovered while her older sister is strapped for misbehavior
A popstar's punishment is interrupted forcing a lesson in patience
A popstar is caned for making a sex video which hurts her career
A successful personal trainer is punished by her boyfriend for keeping secrets
Caned over her desk for indecision, a female CEO compares her marks with friends