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27. Nothing Yet

Spanking Story


A successful personal trainer is punished by her boyfriend for keeping secrets

«Beginning Part 28»

Sam closed the front door behind her. Uncomfortable in her own home, she was even shaking. She'd committed to this moment. It had been coming for weeks. She didn't fear the punishment. In fact, she was going to demand it. But the conversation she was about to have had cut right through her every time she'd imagined it.

Blown away by the wealth she'd accumulated, she'd carried on as usual, keeping her secret locked tight in a corner of her mind.

Brief moments would slam it into focus. Walking back from her car just now, she'd considered the two minutes it took from the suburban parking lot to her house. She could buy a house in the country. But, as always, the idea came with complications she didn't need. Josh's expensive SUV parked near the house and her Mini lived in the lot. The walk didn't bother her, but knowing she could erase every minor problem with money was disabling.

The most disabling thing had turned out to be the secrecy. She'd made the choice to speak up tonight. Keeping her secret from Josh had been instinct because by telling nobody, nothing could change. She would explain her reasons and hope he understood, but under no circumstances would she allow him to let her off. She would present herself, wealth and all, and atone for her breach of trust.

Putting down her tote and gym bag in the hall, she kicked off her black sneakers and went through to the lounge. Showered after work, her white blouse and black leggings were normal clothes for an anything but normal conversation. Underneath were fresh white cotton panties. The occasion demanded it.

"I was going to order Thai," Josh said.

Getting up from the couch, he gave her a welcome home hug. Feeling her subtle lack of involvement, he released her. "What's wrong?"

She took a step back and looked at him. In blue slacks and a light-blue shirt, he was every inch the tough man she needed. No matter the outcome, she would end her deceit tonight.

"We need to talk. There's nothing to be concerned about. I'm not ill, or pregnant, and there's nothing wrong. What I have to say is good news. But our conversation will lead to many questions. I'll answer them all. But when we're done talking, you must give me a severe thrashing."

His face already full of questions, he said, "Okay."

She sat on the two-seater. Sensing closeness was in order, he sat beside her and angled himself to face her.

"I've been keeping an incredible secret from you for many weeks. The delay in telling you is unforgivable. I'm so sorry."

He nodded.

"When I was first considering the home gym, I called my accountant. He asked me to come in and see him to discuss it. Both you and Alison asked me how I afforded the gym. I told you both the accountant had sent me a bonus check. It was true, but far from the whole truth."

"Have you overspent?" he asked, concerned.

"No," she said, forcing herself not to smile. "My exclusive services and the intense privacy I provide come with an exorbitant fee. All the years I've been working my accountant has collected the money from the billing company, met the gym costs, paid my salary into my account and invested any surplus cash."

Josh nodded. This would take patience. It was apparent she was going to explain at her pace.

"The essential point is this," she said. "I only pay myself a few thousand every month. Hiring the gyms costs less than I imagined. Also, I've been doing this for a long time and the investments have grown."

He nodded again. It didn't sound like a disaster.

"Josh, I've known for weeks that I'm a millionaire. I have six million dollars in stocks and there's another four million dollars in my business accounts."

"What!" he exclaimed, his mouth wide open, frozen in silence.

"I'm a millionaire, Josh. I didn't realize and when I found out I didn't tell you."

"Give me a minute," he said, dragging a hand over his face and rubbing his eyes as if needing to clear his vision. "You're serious?"

"The most serious of my entire life."

"Why didn't you know?"

"Everything was fine, so I kept on working. My accountant assumed I realized. Every hour I spend in the gym with a client, I make a hell of a lot of money and then he multiplies it through investments."

"Promise me you're not joking," he said.

She took his hands, pulled his face close to hers, and said, "I'm a millionaire and I'm sorry."

"Have you decided what to do with it?" he asked. "Are we going to move house, buy a car or go on vacation?"

"All of it or none of it. I don't care. I've worried about everything these past weeks. Every decision we'll talk about together, but the biggest decision I've made is to do nothing yet."

"Sensible," he said. "We need nothing. At least not now you have your gym."

"If I hadn't wanted a home gym, I still wouldn't know."

He pulled her close. "Can I afford to kiss you or are you out of my price range?"

She smiled, opened her lips and let him kiss her, their minds at last in the same place.

Pulling away, he said, "We could have an enormous TV."

"Spoken like a boy," she laughed. "I thought about buying you one, but it felt patronizing and I don't know how to choose a TV. The gym designers organized my one."

"We'll look together," he said, "but not yet. This is shocking. We could live or go anywhere."

"Except I don't intend to stop working."

"Of course you don't. Why would you? Have you any plans?"

"I've imagined building a gym in the city with a private underground entrance for my clients. Maybe expand my team and handle more clients with multiple separate gyms inside the building."

"You wouldn't have to hire gyms anymore."

"Cool, exclusive, extra private, and more profitable."

"Like you need to worry."

"True. But one day I'll be too old to continue training, and it might be nice to have a team of people who'll keep the business going."

"What about your extra services?"

"Simple. Before I ever reveal that to any new trainer I hire, I'll educate them myself. Somewhere along the way, they'll make a mistake and I'll offer them the cane or the door. If I manage my team with discipline, it will be a small step to teach them to deliver it."

"Wow. That's some vision."

"That's all it is for now - a vision. I'm not ready to do anything yet."

She reached for his hands again and held him tight. "I know why I told nobody. I didn't want anyone weighing in with their opinions. It was the right thing to do. But I've asked myself often why I didn't tell you. The truth I've arrived at is not pretty. I didn't trust you to leave me alone and let me think about this on my own."

He continued to listen to the girl he loved. Her eyes hadn't left his, not for a single beat.

"I should have trusted you and let us navigate this together. On the plus side, I haven't done a single thing, except earn more. But Josh, my choice to exclude you from my machinations was rotten to the core. Our relationship is strong and what I've done is wrong. Whether you agree, I insist you punish me for not trusting you. Make me so sorry I cry. Don't stop until I've shed every tear and you know I'll never keep a secret from you again."

He squeezed her hands in his. "Is it my turn to talk?"

"Yes," she said.

"I recognize the breach of trust you've described with incredible poise. Even if you hadn't insisted, I would have punished you for it. I will exorcise guilt from every crevice of your mind. You'll have embarrassing marks for a week or longer because I'm going to give you a thorough thrashing."

Her shoulders sagged in relief. She hadn't realized the tension she was holding. "Thank you."

"You can always trust me. I agree we might have had some convoluted conversations about what we should do, but I believe we would have reached the same conclusion."

"So do I, now," she said.

"Are you ready to take your punishment?"

"I need a moment first."

She went to the bathroom. As she washed her hands, she looked in the mirror. Weeks of tension gone. She could see it in her face and her shoulders.

When she returned to the lounge, he'd been busy. He'd drawn the curtains. The thick cane was on the couch and the riding crop alongside it.

Fear ran down her spine. She thought of the pain her secrecy had inflicted on him. "Have I hurt you?"

"Yes," he said, "but the way you explained yourself was heartfelt. The shock must have been beyond anything imaginable. I understand your explanation. It doesn't excuse you. But I understand and I forgive you."

Tears welled. He was everything she could ever have asked for. His kindness only made her more determined to suffer with grace through tonight's ordeal.

"Don't be kind to me," she whispered.

Packed with guilt, the cracks and crevices in her mind were transparent to him. "I love you," he said, "that's why I'm going to punish you. I've never had to use this thick cane with full force, but tonight I will. Your punishment will be sincere."

"Thank you," she whispered.

"Face the TV," he commanded.

Safe under his command, she obeyed.

"Strip to your underwear."

She removed her blouse and pushed off her leggings, dropping both on the floor beside her.

Admiring her white cotton bra and panties, he said, "Did you choose white?"

"Yes," she said.

"It's not enough tonight. Bare yourself."

Riven with the devastating force of obedience, she unhooked her bra, let it fall on the pile, shoved her panties off and removed her sneaker socks. He was right. Tonight he mustn't allow her to hide anything from him.

He walked around her, studying her body, reinforcing her naked state. "Hide nothing from me, not a single thought or tear."

"Yes, Josh."

"Bend over and touch your toes."

Her bottom and thighs drew taut as she bent into position. Touching her toes was right tonight. Pride in her deep submission flooded her mind as she pressed her finger tips to her bare toes.

"There will be no warm up. It will be harsh from the first stroke. Relax, it needs to hurt."

Bouncing against her cheeks, it was without a doubt the riding crop. Without warning, sting sliced into her three times, drilling hurt into a single tight zone of her behind. Moving down, it repeated its tough attention on virgin flesh.

Whipping without mercy, the crop thrashed intense pain into her bare skin until her whole bottom was throbbing. Scorching heat radiated on the surface while blistering pain spread her suffering deep.

She forced her fingers into her toes to maintain her dignity and thought of her dishonesty. The fire in her bottom matched the fury in her mind and tears flowed. Droplets fell on her feet as the whip peppered her cheeks.

"You sting because you didn't trust me," he scolded.

"I should have given you the chance," she sobbed.

"Think about your deception while the cane marks the memory on your bottom."

The cane tapped her backside as she considered all the thoughts she'd had and not shared.

A band of pain burst across her behind, scorched her skin and rammed hurt into her bottom. Capturing the agony, she drove it into the crevices in her mind, while the cane seared more marks on her heated flesh.

She'd sat in a Jaguar. The seat had enveloped her in comfort, but the car was far too big. Heavy pain penetrated the comfortable seat she remembered and forced the real problem to mind: her lack of trust.

The hurt to their relationship had been her doing. She shoved her fingers into her toes and let the cane deliver her discipline. She'd hurt him. The thick rattan scalded her skin while she released all her agony in floods of tears, remorse splashing on her bare feet.

He caned her one last time, hard. The tough stroke ensured she would never realize her tears of remorse had released her, but they had.

Pure honesty flowed from her heart as he put his arms around her. Together they sank to the floor, and she curled into a ball, his warm body wrapping her in solid protection.

"I'm sorry," she whispered through tears.

Holding her tight, he stroked her arms and nuzzled her neck, "You're forgiven."

Once calm, he picked her up and carried her to bed. Stripping while he watched over her, he climbed in and wrapped her once again in his naked heat.

She softened into him and a smile emerged. She whispered, "I'm still rich."

"I know," he smiled into her neck, "and I still like the idea of a huge TV."