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13. Solidarity

Spanking Story


A girlfriend is switched after letting her friend take the blame for her mistake

«Beginning Part 14»

"We did it," Sam gave Alison a high-five on the way back from their shopping trip, her only purchase a daring white bikini.

Her short frayed denim cut-offs left a tiny amount of cheek bare and also exposed her long legs to the sun in readiness for her upcoming vacation.

"You'll look sensational on the beach," Alison said, keeping pace with her fit friend.

Sam grinned and glanced across. Tight white stretch denim shorts displayed her friend's perfect pins. "We got a few looks too."

"Every time I turned around, there was another guy ogling your butt," Alison said.

"It was yours they were paying attention to."

"My white panties, I expect. They show through," Alison said.

"I noticed. They're smart."

Alison grinned. "I don't need to guess what you're wearing."

"Plain white, tiny and tight, essential under these," Sam said, patting her light blue denim.

At Sam's house, they settled into the patio doorway, the large glass door open wide to give their legs maximum access to the sun. Sam balanced her laptop on her thighs so they could study the hotel website for her vacation next week.

Sam set her second glass of red wine down next to Alison's on the tray between them and described the view she expected from her hotel room. She swept her arm in a wide arc describing the expanse of sea she'd be able to see and reached for her wineglass again as the doorbell rang.

Alison took the laptop and read about jet skis, sailing and scuba excursions, while Sam handled the visitor.

"I have to move Josh's car," Sam said, appearing back beside her.

"You've had two glasses of wine."

"They'll clamp it, if I don't. That was the warden. They're a nightmare around here. Josh had to park it on the access road because someone was in his space, but it's empty now."

"Do you want me to do it? I've drunk less," Alison said.

Sam paused for thought. She'd noticed a wobble when she'd got up to answer the door. Josh was precious about his new BMW X5 and Alison drove nice cars every day.

"Okay then," she said, fetching the key from the kitchen.

Alison started the engine. It was a quick turn and then a ten yard reverse into Josh's allocated space. She adjusted the mirrors, slid the SUV into drive and turned the car in front of the house, before reversing at a steady pace back between the neighboring vehicles parked in a line against the stone wall.

Sam watched as her friend took care of the car. As the shiny blue vehicle crept backwards into its space, there was a loud crunch. Sam rushed between the neighboring cars, but the SUV wasn't touching either of them. She moved to the back of the truck. Embedded in the color-coded rear bumper was one of the wall stones. She rushed forward to the driver's window and gestured forward.

Alison eased the car forward an inch, stopped the engine and got out. Together they inspected the damage.

"I'm so sorry," Alison said, mortified. "I was concentrating on the vehicles either side and didn't judge the distance right."

"Josh is going to be furious."

"It's my fault and I'll pay for it. Let him be furious with me."

Sam was still running her finger over the dented area, assessing the size of the damage when she heard Josh's voice. She looked up as he hauled his golf clubs out of his friend's trunk and waved goodbye.

Leaving his clubs at the curb, he walked over to Sam and Alison behind the car.

"What happened?" he asked, his voice rising as he saw the dent. Sam moved aside so he could inspect it.

"I bumped the wall as I was parking," Sam said, shooting Alison a warning glance to keep quiet.

Someone would have to take the blame for it, and the car was her responsibility. She'd handed over the keys. She was as guilty as her friend and deserved to be punished. Why complicate things?

"Why didn't you leave it where it was?" he asked, irritated.

"The warden came round. He was going to clamp it. I'm sorry," she said. She could do nothing to fix it right now, or change the consequences.

Josh collected his golf bag, and they all trooped inside. Entering the living room, he spied the wine glasses on the tray.

"Have you been drinking?"

"Only a glass," Sam said. It had been two, but then she hadn't, in fact, been driving.

"This is unacceptable," he said.

"I know," she replied.

"You'd better go, Alison," he said, "Sam and I need to have a talk."

Alison left and walked down the road ridden with guilt. She called Adam's driver to collect her. There was nothing she could do to fix anything. She'd screwed up and left her friend in the lurch. She knew the talk Sam was going to have with Josh. And how much it would hurt.

As soon as Alison was in the door, she blurted the complete story to Adam. The X5, the stone, her guilt and how Sam was being punished for a mistake that wasn't hers.

"Please deal with me," she begged, "Thrash me harder than you ever have."

"I'll punish you. Even with one glass of wine, you shouldn't have driven his car," he said. "But first I want to know what punishment Sam received."

The thought of Sam being punished destroyed her. All she could do was wait to hear what happened. Right now, her friend was being disciplined for something she didn't do and there could be no doubt it would be a severe punishment. Visions of Sam in unbearable pain tormented her.

She moped around the house for two hours before her phone beeped in mercy, as she'd known it would.

Twenty with the riding crop on my bare bum, punctuated by a lecture on responsibility. I told him everything. He knows it was you. I couldn't keep up the pretense. I'm sorry.

Wracked with guilt and devastated, she went to find Adam. Her phone pinged on the way.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Get a good hard thrashing from your man. You deserve it.

She would take the same and more for her carelessness. She owed it to Sam, Josh, and herself. Finding Adam in the lounge, she handed her phone to him so he could read the messages.

"We don't have a riding crop," he said.

"Can we get one? Tonight?"

"I can do better than that," he said, looking out the window of the lounge. It wasn't the first time he'd had the idea, but it was the first time he'd had a good enough reason to act on it.

He pointed to the willow tree halfway down the garden. "Break off a switch from that tree, smooth it and bring it back."

Grateful to be under his command at last, she moved to obey.

"In your underwear."

She stopped as she crossed the lounge, undid her thin woven brown belt, unbuttoned her short shorts and dropped them to the floor. Lifting her tight red tee over her head, she deposited it on the pile.

Losing her clothes helped. She was the guilty one. She must suffer the worst.

Still warm out and not yet dark, the neighbors couldn't see into the garden, but she imagined they could. She deserved to be seen. She stiffened her spine and held herself tall as she passed the pool and walked to the tree.

Choosing between branches was pointless, they would all hurt. She picked the one which looked thickest, twisted it down and back until it broke away from the tree and stripped it of leaves and twigs.

Standing in her white bra and panties beneath the tree, she flexed it and heard the ominous swish as it cut through the air with little resistance.

She walked back across the garden in shame. A pitiful girl in her panties, carrying the switch which would whip her. It was how she'd wanted to feel all afternoon. It was the only way to feel.

Adam was standing at the dining table when she returned. She handed him the switch and stood before him in her underwear.

"I know you're not proud of yourself and that's good, but are you sorry enough?"

"Not yet."

"Good. Bend over," he commanded, pointing to the table.

She bent, grateful to atone for her monumental mistake. She owed Sam the respect of being whipped for her carelessness. Reaching back, she lowered her panties to her ankles to equal her friend's bareness.

"You both lied to Josh about what happened," he said, as he lined up the switch across her bare cheeks. "Sam's paid for that. You should be ashamed of yourself. Allowing your friend to take the blame was wrong in any circumstance. Not only will you get the twenty strokes Sam did," he said, "but I'll whip you until the switch breaks."

The willow whipped down across her bare bottom ten times in a row. She cried out in surprise as the switch bit into her skin and spread the pain. She pressed her hands on the table and forced her fingers wide to hold her steady.

"You shouldn't have got in the car with any amount of wine in you."

His strict scolding deepened her shame as another ten painful strokes landed lower on her bare bottom, lighting multiple pain points.

"Because of your actions, your friend had to be whipped."

Sam getting punished hurt her the most. Her guilt soared, and she welcomed the searing pain. It was fitting to be thrashed until there was no more hurt to give.

She took ten more thin lines of fire across her bare cheeks. Her bottom was throbbing in agony as the sore burn worked its way into her behind. Her mind pushed deep contrition at the pain. The combustible combination of his strict telling off and hard strokes exploded into soaking wet pleasure inside her, glistening on the lips of her bare sex.

"Harder," she cried, ashamed of herself for being turned on and taking pleasure from the unforgivable circumstances.

He whipped her with single savage strokes, each replacing guilt with a rich punishing mark.

"Stay in position and think about your behavior."

The whipping stopped. She tried to regulate her breathing as pain buried deep inside her bottom.

He gave her a moment. "I'm going to place six individual strokes across the back of your thighs," he said, breaking the reprieve. "It will shock you and hurt you. I expect you to take each with supreme grace and dignity."

She survived the first agonizing stroke as ruthless fire tore across her thighs, but couldn't avoid trying to tuck her legs under the table to escape the extraordinary pain.

"Hold your legs still," he commanded her. "If you do that again, I'll double your strokes."

Ashamed, she held her legs dead-still and focused all her attention on visualizing the damaged bumper and Josh's face.

The fierce switch cracked into the soft flesh of her thighs, causing torturous lines of agony. She held fast and suffered through a wall of anguish and tears.

The last stroke seared serious suffering into her legs, branded her disobedience for all to see, and broke the switch.

"Stand up," he commanded.

He took her in his arms and held her while she sobbed into his shoulder. After several minutes, she calmed herself. Not dispirited, but disciplined, she said, "Thank you. I so needed that. I'm very sorry."

He squeezed her. "You made a mistake and you've paid for it. You're a good girl."

"Please fuck me hard," she begged, "nothing else will ease the pain."

Stripping to his boxers, his manhood stretched towards her as she flung aside her bra. She pulled him close and down to the floor, guiding his determined manhood where she needed it.

He cushioned her head as he thrust deep into her, rubbing her whipped bottom against the carpet as he pushed her pleasure towards release.

She'd taken everything she owed everyone, received a severe thrashing and had stood still and taken it.

She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him deeper inside her. He delivered a commanding thrust, pinning her to the floor and came hard as her climax exploded, overtaking her mind and body. She squeezed him tight as pleasure ravaged her, a cascade of orgasms breaking through her pain.

She relaxed on the floor as he lay beside her.

"You're going to hurt for a while," he said. "Your legs, for sure."

"While I'm marked, I'll wear my shorts so my thighs hurt when I sit. I'm going to endure this in full and be proud of myself. I was a careless friend. Thank you for fixing everything."

"Not quite everything. There's still the car."

"I'll pay for that," she said, knocking her phone off the table with her fingertips and catching it in her hand. Sore on the floor, she reported her punishment to Sam and confirmed she would pay for the damage. At the end of the long message detailing her punishment in full, she added, 'Please show this to Josh.'

Her phone lit up moments later, 'Both forgiven, xxx'