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14. Camping

Spanking Story


Camping with their men, two girls are strapped for arguing

«Beginning Part 15»

"Just shift over," Alison snapped, jabbing Adam with her elbow as he chopped onions near the kitchen sink. They'd both placed their cutting mats near the waste disposal. Adam shifted a few inches along the countertop. In charge of the lasagne prep, he only had one onion to go.

It was their turn to host Friday night dinner with Josh and Sam. It didn't happen every Friday, but they managed one a month.

She nudged her mat a few inches more to declare her space and lined up a baby cos lettuce for the chop. Her green salad with chives, rocket, dill and parsley was always a hit.

"Happy now?" Adam asked.

"You're always in my way," Alison harrumphed.

"I'm not."

"I used to have the house to myself sometimes. Now, every time I enter a room, you're there." Her exasperation exploded.

"There are so many rooms, that's not possible," he said.

Her complaint rankled. He'd worked hard to own this peaceful property. The six bedrooms, two lounges, dining room, office and playroom were plenty of space for the two of them. With no great demands on his time, it was his undeniable right to be bored in any room he chose, but his restlessness was bothering him.

"You're always wherever I am."

"Shall I buy the house next door, move in there and build a tunnel so we can meet when it's convenient for you?"

"Fuck off," Alison snarled, "I just want a bit of space sometimes."

"You don't have enough?" he asked, raising his hands at the surrounding rooms.

"Fuck off, Adam!" she yelled, picking up her mat and making a point of moving to the other side of the kitchen, as far from him, and the waste disposal, as possible.

She was quiet during dinner, still thinking about what had unsettled her.

Her comments had appeared ungrateful and quite selfish. Their house was incredible. She loved every interior-designed room.

Back when they'd both been working, she would come home before him and enjoy their small space alone. Now, he was home at unpredictable times and often in the same room. He'd worked harder than anyone she'd ever known, built a global empire and sold out for a song. He had the absolute right to occupy all and any of the rooms, any moment of the day or night.

She must carve out more time and space for herself. It was her responsibility. She never pushed him away when she was busy. Sometime she should. She couldn't demand he get a job, although she wondered if he harbored regrets about leaving his behind.

"What's up, Alison?" Josh asked. "It can't be dinner because the lasagne and salad are beyond perfect."

Smiling at the compliment, she said, "We argued this evening." Explaining what had happened sounded as pathetic as it was. Adam was a good man. She was just used to him being busy.

"Not a war, not even a skirmish," Josh said, shaking his head with a smile. "Make up. You know how."

Alison turned to Adam, "I'm sorry. I feel crap."

"How crap?" Sam cut in before Adam could respond.

Only a girl could understand her need to feel worse, not better.

"Crap like a selfish bitch who doesn't know how lucky she is," Alison replied. "We all know what needs to happen."

"I may have an idea," Sam said. "How do you feel about camping?"

"I like it," Alison said, her spirits rising at the unexpected question. "We've never done it, but there's no reason not to."

"Last week, Josh and I argued. It was a lot like you two. I was ridiculous and made a fight out of nothing. It began with who opened a window. Not critical stuff. And it wasn't our first petty disagreement. So when I'd seen sense, Josh decided I deserved a heavy punishment."

Taking a sip of her New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, she held everyone's attention. "It's happening tomorrow. We bought a punishment strap. It's a quarter-inch thick and twenty-five inches long. It may be more than I can take, but he's given me no choice. We've agreed it's a formal punishment. I'm going to be brought into line with force."

"Which is why we're going camping," Josh said. "The strap is too noisy for home, even if Sam isn't."

Flooded with hope, Alison looked to Adam.

He held her gaze. "A formal punishment means no escape. You must bend and take it, however terrible it has to be. That strap is going to hurt, Alison."

Not hesitating, she turned to Sam, "Can we come?"

"You haven't seen the strap."

"I don't need to."

Alison and Sam were enjoying the great outdoors and the fresh air on their long bare legs. Behind them, Adam and Josh were taking in the view. Above the tree line, they could see for miles but only had eyes for the two bottoms, in tight khaki shorts, walking ahead of them.

"This is the place," Josh announced, taking off his backpack in a small clearing. Last night, he'd slung another tent into the back of his BMW X5. Before setting off from Adam and Alison's for the two-hour drive, they'd re-distributed the main load between the two of them, leaving the girls two smaller packs to carry.

Sam showed Adam how to set up the tents, while Alison collected firewood for Josh. Heating four foil pouches of meatballs and pasta in tomato sauce, Josh passed them around. "Not quite up to the standards of last night's lasagne, I'm afraid."

"It's great," Adam said, wolfing down his share.

Darkness fell, silencing the forest and surrounding hills.

Adam looked across the fire and caught Alison's eye. He and Josh had agreed both girls would get the same and Alison would go first.

"I've had time to think about our argument," he said. "You were selfish and ridiculous. I don't expect daily gratitude, but you have little to complain about. You should be ashamed. This punishment needs to remind you how lucky you are. Six strokes of the strap."

Glowing in the firelight, his stern face and strict words made her quiver. He was right. She glanced around the fire at her friends. Sam had seen her caned, but Josh had never even seen her panties. Shame and embarrassment sent shock waves through her sex.

"I deserve it," she said.

At her friend's harsh sentence, Sam's sex blazed, but quelled fast under Josh's hard gaze.

"Sam, after our argument, you felt enough remorse to buy the strap you're about to feel. Do you still feel guilty?"

"Yes, Josh. Even more so because of the delay in getting my punishment. I'm sorry for my poor attitude."

"This punishment is for consistent poor behavior. It will mark you for about a week. You must remain still and accept it in full, even though it will be harsh. Six strokes of the strap."

Having heard Alison's sentence, she'd expected no less. "Yes, Josh," she said, "I deserve it."

"You're going first, Alison. Go to the tree over there," Adam said, pointing to a large beech on the opposite side of the clearing. He'd asked Josh, during their hike, about the strapping he'd planned and they'd confirmed they'd treat both girls the same.

She stood and obeyed. He picked up the strap, the polished brown leather glinting in the firelight, and followed his girl across the clearing.

"Face the tree," he commanded, "take off your shorts and hand them back to me."

She faced the tree and obeyed him. Removing her khaki shorts, she reached back and handed them over.

"Stay there," he said. Taking her shorts, he crossed the short distance back to the fire and placed them on one of the large rocks nearby.

Alone and denied her shorts, she faced the tree in her white cotton bikini panties and tee. She'd agreed with Sam to wear matching white panties under her shorts, in solidarity.

Behind her again, he commanded, "Bend over, hands against the tree."

In the warm night air, she stepped forward, bent from her hips and placed her hands against the rough bark, presenting her tight white panties for the strap.

Her sex pumped its approval of his dominance as he laid the heavy leather against her bottom to test his position.

The first heavy impact shocked her ears. The sound echoed across the valley and reached the fireside where her friends were watching. A burning band scorched her cheeks while deep pain resonated in her behind.

Reduced to a small, sorry girl, she pushed all her weight through her arms and into the sturdy trunk as the leather wreaked fury on her soft skin. Each punishing stroke was furious and thorough. She yelled out as they overlapped.

Her self-respect soared as her sixth stroke echoed over the otherwise silent valley. She'd never needed such a heavy beating. In the open air, with her friends watching from a distance, it felt right.

"Stand up."

She rubbed her burning bottom. Heat filtered into her palms.

"Walk back to the fire," he commanded.

Tinged with pride, she made her walk of shame. Turning at the fireside, she let Josh and Sam admire the wide red marks extending from her white panties around the sides of her bum.

"Well done, babe," Sam said.

Spotting her shorts on the wide flat rock, she sat beside them in her panties and faced the clearing, her back warmed by the fire, her bottom cooled by the stone.

Adam handed the strap to Josh.

"Right Sam, you know what to do," Josh said. "Go to the tree and wait for me."

Adam sat next to Alison and put his arm around her. It would take some time for her to recover her good cheer.

Josh got up and headed to Sam and the tree.

Sam's white cotton panties shone a beacon from the other side of the clearing as Josh walked back with her shorts.

Sam's strapping was as bad as hers. Her plaintive cries echoed across the valley from the first stroke. Anyone within half a mile would know a girl was being taught a tough lesson.

Sam did the shameful walk back to the fireside and turned to show her proud red behind.

Adam got up and moved around the fire, collecting two beers on the way.

"You took it well," Alison said, as she welcomed her friend onto the cool stone beside her. Her punishment weighed on her mind as she wrapped her best friend in a tight hug.

Adam handed Josh a beer as they watched the rear view of their punished girls while toasting marshmallows over the fire.

Neither Sam nor Alison felt like sitting with the boys, or sitting at all. Alison got up, stole a pink marshmallow from Adam's skewer and said, "We're going to tuck ourselves in Sam's tent and talk awhile. Enjoy yourselves. Come and get us when you're ready for bed."

Plucking a white marshmallow from Josh's stick, she handed it to Sam as they headed off, shorts in hand.

Sam pulled off her tee and lay on top of her sleeping bag in her white cotton panties and bra.

Alison copied. Lying down on the other sleeping bag, she rolled to face her friend. "Thank you for letting me crash your party."

Humbled and turned on to a wicked degree, Sam said, "Josh thought it through, didn't he?"

"Yes, making us wait in our panties while they took our shorts away was clever and cruel." Alison rubbed her bum, unable to ignore the dampness in her panties.

"No punishment has ever been so profound," Sam said, massaging her cheeks. "I deserved it. I'm going to be so obedient for the next few weeks." Voicing her gratitude for being beaten flooded her sex with hot pleasure.

"Me too," Alison said, caressing her cheeks. "I'll make Adam's life an utter pleasure to make up for my snarky attitude." Her honest admission flooded hot, wet pleasure into her sex. She looked Sam in the eye, reached down and slid her hand into her panties.

Desperate and unashamed in front of her friend, Sam did the same. They knew what good punishment did to them, and this had been the very best. Neither could wait a moment longer to pacify the pressing pleasure.

Rolling onto their burning bottoms, they played with themselves, comfortable in their honesty.

Sam stroked her demanding clit, elastic tight over the back of her hand, and muttered, "Remove your shorts."

"Bend over," Alison contributed to their shared thoughts, circling herself.

"I had to be dealt with," Sam confessed, panting as she reached the edge of her peak and running her other hand over her nipples inside her bra.

"Taken to the tree and thrashed," Alison panted, as she brought herself hard onto her precipice and crashed through an avalanche of orgasms.

Sam's back arched and her legs went dead straight as they both shuddered through their outpouring of pleasure. She stilled her hand in her panties and turned her head to smile at Alison, "That was a first. I couldn't have waited. I'm not sorry."

"Neither am I," Alison whispered, smiling.

"Do you remember my first caning?" Sam whispered.

"I'll never forget."

"I have to confess something," Sam said. "Afterwards, when sent to my room, I heard you getting spanked. I got off on it," she admitted. "I'm sorry. It was a private moment, not for my pleasure, but you got it good that night."

"I needed it," Alison laughed. "I used the pretext that I'd steered us to the bathroom to see our bottoms when he'd ordered us to our rooms. It was flimsy, but I needed to feel Adam's hard hand all to myself."

Sam met her friend's gaze. "I understand. Thank you for what you did that night."

They talked until they heard their men getting ready for bed.

Back in her shorts and tee, Alison emerged from the tent. Adam hooked her into his embrace and grinned, "I hope you've recovered. Get in our tent and get naked."

Her hot bottom and his dominance provided all the motivation she'd ever need. She intended to let him own every inch of her body while she screamed her lungs out in the wilderness.

Josh found Sam in her sleeping bag. He unzipped it, slid his hard body against her naked curves and whispered, "There's only wilderness to hear you. Don't hold back."