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9. Sharing (Part Two)

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A generous girl asks her boyfriend to cane her friend

«Beginning Part 10»

Sam stepped out of the taxi in jeans and a tee. Slinging her blue canvas overnight bag over her shoulder, she walked up Alison's secluded drive in the warm evening air.

The movie premiere had been spectacular. She'd burst out smiling on the red carpet. Deluged in screams and applause, she defied anyone not to feel a million dollars. But after Alison's call this morning, she hadn't given it another thought.

Every time she'd had to spank herself, she'd craved proper punishment. It was time to prove herself.

Alison had offered her an out, but she hadn't taken it. She'd never forgive herself if she passed up this chance. She'd earned this caning fair and square. Being polite would have been the correct thing to do, but she was so glad she hadn't been.

Alison opened one half of the double front doors to her beaming friend. Experienced in the after-effects of real discipline, she'd invited her friend to stay for the night.

Her face washed, Sam met Alison at the top of the stairs at two minutes before 7pm. Alison's light blue Lucky Brand skinny jeans and Sam's darker tight denim complemented their crisp white tees as they headed down to face their fate.

Watching them from the hall, nothing could prevent Adam enjoying the sight of two obedient girls presenting themselves for punishment. He led the way to the dining table and turned to face them.

"Stand there," he said, pointing to a spot in front of him on the floor.

His sharp command jolted Alison to a halt. A glance sideways showed Sam stopped beside her.

"Sam, you understand you're here to be punished alongside Alison for yesterday's events?"

"Yes," she said.

"I'll cane you over your panties. It will hurt. I expect your total obedience."

She'd discussed everything with Alison, but respected his demand to hear her acceptance for himself. Presenting herself like this turned her on. His statement only added fuel to her fire.

She looked him straight in the eye. "I'm sorry I overstepped yesterday. My manners let me down. I deserve my caning. I know it must hurt. It should," she finished, lowering her gaze to her feet.

"Good," he said. "Yesterday happened. We'll deal with it together and remain friends."

He took the cane from the dining table and flexed it between both hands. "Alison, drop your jeans."

She pushed her jeans to her ankles and stood tall in her panties. His firm handling of her friend had turned her on.

"I expect you to keep the marks on your bottom private when I've punished you. Yesterday, you were careless. I expected better from you."

Her spine tingled under his scolding. Her lack of thought could have gone a very different way. She'd let him down. Guilt monopolized her mind while she stood in disgrace and studied her feet.

"You broke my privacy and your own. Your carelessness had far-reaching consequences. Twelve strokes of the cane, hard."

Her nipples hardened as hot liquid pleasure poured into her panties at his strict telling off. Humbled, she raised her head and met his eye, "I'm sorry."

His expression stern, he tapped the dining table with the cane, showing where he wanted her. "Bend over."

She shuffled to the table, bent and placed her arms on the surface, exposing her taut white cotton bikini panties.

"Sam," he commanded.

Her attention snapped away from Alison's bent bottom.

Waiting until she met his gaze, he said, "Drop your jeans."

Fingers fumbling, she unsnapped the button and pushed them to her ankles. Rising, she stood in front of him in her tight white cotton bikini panties, turned on by his tone.

"I would have expected discretion from you. Instead your conduct was at the best inappropriate and at the worst, down right nosy."

Molten heat flooded her panties at his harsh scolding. He was right, dead right. She'd delved into their relationship and deserved to be disciplined for it.

"You could have pretended not to notice, Sam. Instead, your curiosity is going to cost you six strokes of the cane."

Every nerve in her body exploded. He'd sentenced her to six strokes. There was no way out.

With the tip of the cane, he tapped the table beside Alison, "Bend over."

The two words filled her mind and pulled her to the table. Bending from the hips, she lowered herself beside her friend, recording every moment of strict obedience in her memory.

Alison turned her head to watch her friend's flawless arrival beside her. Sam's pristine white panties must be as wet as hers. She hoped so. It was going to hurt.

"Remain in position until I tell you to get up or I'll lower your panties and you'll get it bare."

Sam shivered. Bending in her panties had been shameful enough, she didn't want to lose them.

"Alison, you're first."

The rattan rested against her panties. She slid her hand towards Sam and held her friend's hand. The cane cracked into her cotton. Furious fire bit into her backside. She cried out, but curbed her outburst, determined not to scare Sam.

Sam squeezed Alison's hand, turned her head and smiled.

Alison smiled back as pain lanced through her bottom. He seared five more fresh welts into her soft cheeks. As each erupted in fury, she received it, and thanked him in her heart for the hurt. She needed it. Beside her friend, pain radiated from her bottom and made her humble. Their conversation had crossed the line. It had been worth it, but she must pay the price.

The stillness of Sam's hand warned Alison the cane was now hovering over her friend's panties for the first time. She turned her head. Sam was looking straight ahead, lost in herself. She saw it in Sam's face at the same time as she heard the unmistakable crack of the cane on her friend's panties. The shock on her friend's face and the brief yell happened in perfect unison. Caned for the first time, Sam's face contorted, shifting from shock to agony and, as she settled, acceptance. But she remained dead still.

A long minute ensued. Sam fought to bear the ferocious pain. The cane had blitzed her behind as hard as it had Alison's. She'd invaded their privacy, and he was making her hurt. She deserved it. Her breathing steadied. The pain was shocking, but as she accepted it, her respect grew for Alison, for Adam, and for herself.

Fire scorched her behind and pain poured through her fit buttocks, aching hundreds of times worse than a hard workout ever could. She emitted a brief cry and panted as agony delivered its lesson.

"I imagine you're feeling a lot less nosy now," he said.

"Adam, I'm sorry," she said, her tone obedient. "I'm very sorry."

"You're taking it well, Sam. Three more to come. You get a brief break while I cane Alison. Don't welcome it too much, it's going to hurt much more after a respite."

God, he was being tough on her. Her sex flitted between fear and respect. It landed on respect and burst into heat, pulsing pleasure through her body and easing her pain.

Alison's heart soared as Sam turned to her and smiled through teary eyes. A friend who could smile when she'd just taken the cane for the first time was a loyal friend. Pain sliced hard into her firm cheeks, layering hurt next to hurt as she received three strokes, seconds apart. It took all her strength to process the fast flowing fury. Rising a little in shock, she resumed her position and retook Sam's hand.

Sam faced her last three strokes with dignity. They were hers, and she'd earned them. She welcomed their ferocity in total silence. Her final punishing stripe detonated deep respect in her heart. Her pride rose as her bottom burned in agony. He hadn't gone easy on her.

The cane tapped low on Alison's sore backside.

"Your final three, Alison."

Three swift strokes branded her bottom. An escalating inferno erupted right where she'd sit. Her sex screamed its approval and throbbed pleasure at her ferocious thrashing in front of her friend.

Sam had stayed in position, her bottom ablaze while Alison got her last strokes. Glad to be spending the night, she only had to get upstairs to be alone. All she wanted to do was process her emotions and enjoy her hurt.

"Get up," he commanded.

They rose in tandem. Alison opened her arms and Sam stepped into them, welcoming the hug. When they broke free, Alison kicked off her jeans and Sam followed suit. It beat pulling them up over a caned backside.

Alison approached Adam, gave him a quick firm kiss on the lips, stood back with her hands by her sides and said, "Thank you for caning me. I deserved it. I'll be more careful in the future."

Standing aside for her friend, she watched as Sam kissed Adam on the cheek, stood back and said, "Thank you for caning me. I'm sorry for my intrusive behavior."

He looked at them both. "You both took your punishment well. Sam, you're a good girl. Now, go to your rooms and don't come down for at least an hour."

Love ripped through Alison at being sent up to their rooms. Her inspired man was perfect.

She led the way upstairs to the main bathroom, turned to the wide mirror and dropped her panties. Sam bared her bottom beside her. Nine clear stripes branded Alison's bottom and a thick band where the last three had merged. The cane had etched six angry red stripes on Sam's beautiful bottom, sore ridges had already formed. She touched them, winced, and smiled at Alison.

"He was wonderful," Sam said. "Thank you."

Alison smiled. "We'd better get to our rooms if we don't want more."

In her bedroom, Alison lay on the covers, satisfied with her daring plan. Sam had taken her punishment with poise. It had been a risk suggesting it, but the happiness on her friend's face while she studied her bottom had been all the thanks she'd ever need.

Ripping off her tee and bra, she released her furious nipples and skimmed them. He'd caned her in front of her friend. Humiliation enriched her mind. Her fingers slid into her panties and circled her clit.

Adam came in and closed the door. She paused. "You were perfect," she said.

He smiled. He hadn't wanted to let her down. With a day to prepare, he'd resolved to treat Sam as he would Alison for the same offense.

She removed her hand from her panties, stood up and reached to kiss him.

"I took us on a detour to the bathroom to inspect our bottoms," she said.

"Were you both satisfied?"

"Yes. It thrilled Sam. But you ordered us to our rooms. Please acknowledge my disobedience by spanking me while I'm still sore. I want your strict manliness all to myself."

Keeping her gaze, he took off his jeans and black tee. His rock-hard erection strained his tight black boxers as he took her hand. "Come."

He led her to the dressing table chair, turned it around and sat down. Pulling her over his lap, she didn't resist. Her hips lifted as his fingers swept her panties to her knees. Hot hard spanks rained down on her bare caned bottom, his flesh lighting a fire in hers.

Her hands on the carpet, her bottom in his, every inch stung as he painted fresh sting between her fiery lines. His hardness pressed against her hip as she surrendered to his hard hand. Ten severe spanks on her sensitive skin marked the end of her punishment. He held her over his lap until her breathing steadied.

Helping her onto shaky legs, he stood and scooped her up. Returning her to the bed, he lay down beside her. "I'm your man, only yours."

"I know, but I needed to feel it the hard way."

"Sam will have heard you being spanked," he said.

"A little more shame won't do me any harm," she smiled. "Thank you for never compromising."

He smiled and pushed down his shorts, revealing how much he wanted her.

She rolled, kneeled, spread her legs and lowered her head to the pillows. "Now take me."

His manhood thrust deep into her sex and filled her mind. She refused to release him until he made her. She fought and lost with glory as he came hard, plunging her head into the pile of pillows and drowning her body in waves of pure man-made bliss.

Rolling onto her back, her hot bottom kissed the sheets, a visceral reminder of his power.

"Five minutes and I want to go again," she grinned.

He reached for her hand, "Make it ten."

"Am I too much for you?"

"No way," he said. "I can make love to you all night, but only you."