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over the desk

An ambitious salesgirl gets hard paddle swats years after escaping punishment at college
An ace game developer is sentenced to a severe caning for a bad investment presentation
m/fscoldingcaneover the desk
A smart game developer receives funding after eighteen strokes of the cane
m/fcaneover the deskboy-shorts
Caned over her desk for indecision, a female CEO compares her marks with friends
A smart girl is caned over her boyfriend's desk for lying
m/fcaneover the desklacelingerie
A once obedient girl is caned by her best friend's boyfriend for speeding
A polite girl is whipped with her riding crop for sending a thank you note late
An aspiring singer is caned for her selfish performance
A talent agency boss is punished alongside her aspiring students for unbecoming manners
f/ffffcanebare bottomover the desk
Failing to share, a hopeful singer is held to account
f/fcaneover the deskpanties
A spanked superyacht stewardess confesses further misbehavior
A girl joins her friend over her old headmaster's desk for past disobedience
A superyacht stewardess saves a guest from revealing her caned bottom
A dress code violation burns in a yacht stewardess's conscience until she's paddled
A female CEO bends over her own desk for selfish behavior