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A personal assistant comes during her strict office caning
Disrespect leads a personal assistant to request six extra strokes of the cane
A personal assistant visits her strict disciplinarian and tells her boyfriend
A girlfriend hosts a successful business dinner after her irritated boyfriend straps her
Two best friends share an unexpected sleepover and their paddled and caned bottoms
Three best friends masturbate after sharing their worst punishments
Paddled for excessive phone usage, a personal assistant finds like-minded friends
Meeting like-minded friends, an out-of-work personal assistant gets the chance of her life
An ambitious salesgirl gets hard paddle swats years after escaping punishment at college
Disgusted with forgetting Mothers day, two girls visit a professional disciplinarian
Giving unqualified advice about paddling earns a girl four sound swats on her jeans
A spanked superyacht stewardess confesses further misbehavior
A dress code violation burns in a yacht stewardess's conscience until she's paddled
A female law school student is paddled in front of her girlfriends