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Charlotte, Amelia, Imogen and Takisha

Rules Season 1
A young wife repeats her vows under her husband's cane
A young wife gets a bedtime spanking for bad manners
A girl is caned on her first date for poor etiquette during dinner
A smart girl is caned over her boyfriend's desk for lying
5. Speed
A once obedient girl is caned by her best friend's boyfriend for speeding
Each regretting meaningless sex, two Swiss finishing school girls whip each other
Giving unqualified advice about paddling earns a girl four sound swats on her jeans
A young wife is strapped for her snappish attitude before dinner with her parents
9. Behave
Her date's stern tone makes a discipline-hungry girl horny
10. Fate
A fashion buyer is punished on her first date for arriving late
A young wife is caned in front of her friend for keeping secrets
A girlfriend chooses the cane to avoid admitting how many men she's slept with
A bare bottom spanking over her boyfriend's knee clarifies a girl's business plan
A polite girl is whipped with her riding crop for sending a thank you note late
15. Saffron
A girl is flogged with a leather lash for disrespecting her family values
Forgetting to knock before entering, a girl is caned for poor manners
A girl is caned for challenging her boss's authority
Four smart girls must agree discipline contracts to join a talent agency
An aspiring singer is caned for her selfish performance
A talent agency boss is punished alongside her aspiring students for unbecoming manners
A young wife is flogged at home after being caned at work
A talented actress is caned for rudeness unaware her sore bottom will secure her future
Failing to share, a hopeful singer is held to account
Panicked by a worldwide TV audience, a singer asks for the belt to calm her nerves