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17. Come to Dinner

Spanking Story


A girl is caned for challenging her boss's authority

«Beginning Part 18»

On the paperwork it said 701 Lakeside Drive, but the carved wooden sign at the roadside only had the address in small letters along the bottom, above it in huge carved white letters it said 'Girl Act'.

The fifteen acre private lake estate had been a turn-of-the-century, all brick, bed-and-breakfast. The commercial kitchen, extra cottage and second house had sold it to Charlotte when she'd first seen it. Now renovated, the second house, could sleep up to four girls who came from far away. The extra cottage was home to Mr. and Mrs. Williams. He maintained the grounds and drove the luxury Mercedes six-seater van while she ruled the kitchen. Hiring the couple had been a stroke of luck. Coming from looking after a much larger house, the accomplished couple were in control within a day of arrival.

The renovation plan had replaced bedrooms with offices and studios. The principal reception room with a vaulted ceiling had become a performance room with a one-foot raised stage at the far end of the old wooden floor. An experienced flooring company had renovated the aging wood floorboards to remove creaks. A stray squeak could ruin a fine performance. Skilled movers with powerful arms had put a full-size black Steinway grand on the far edge of the stage. Technicians had spent weeks upstairs fitting two soundproof recording studios.

The dining room would be the scene of tonight's show. Imogen had replaced scattered tables with a grand oak dining table, which could seat sixteen. The polished wood gleamed. Or it had, before their hired service manager and her two official waitresses had covered it with fine linen and laid it to perfection.

Charlotte and her co-founders stood in a line next to the service table at the side of the room, the afternoon sun disappearing fast.

"Right, girls," The service manager addressed them. They'd hired her and her team to ensure flawless service tonight, despite their own inexperience.

Pointing to the side table, she said, "Pick up a plate each, please."

Takisha and Imogen each lifted a white full-size china dinner plate with their fingers, and Charlotte followed.

"We serve this side of the table first. From the right side, place the plate in front of each guest. Imogen leads. Watch each other and do it in sync."

Takisha and Imogen stepped up to the empty dining table. Taking her cue from her co-founders, Charlotte followed a second behind. They leaned forward and placed their empty plate in front of each non-existent guest and retreated.

"Excellent," The service manager clapped, stunned by her inexperienced waitresses' performance. She'd never met such committed girls.

"Now return to the side table and serve the other side of the table."

Takisha and Imogen were at a distinct advantage, their finishing school education on full display. Charlotte felt out-classed, but let their actions guide her, so she didn't let the side down. It would spoil the plan if they gave away that they were not waitresses tonight.

Wine pouring followed and how to stand at ease around the edge of the room when not serving and what to watch for while they were at ease.

"I'm sorry," Imogen said. "I never imagined it would be such hard work when I came up with this plan."

Charlotte grinned. "Hard work won't kill us, choosing the wrong girls will."

A month ago, they'd moved out of Charlotte's attic room and into an office on the first floor of Girl Act, looking out over the rolling lawn down to the lake. The renovation project plan still covered one wall. They were ready, but minor work would continue for a few more days.

Relieved at their service success, they admired the twelve contracts laid out on the long, thin, white-painted wooden table they shared in the middle of their office. After tonight, they would invite the four girls with the most flawless natural manners to sign them.

The contracts had been Takisha's take on Charlotte's business plan. Each student would grant Girl Act five percent of their worldwide earnings for life in return for free education and a shot at real stardom. Girl Act could fire them at anytime if they didn't live up to their potential. The contract outlined precise rules of etiquette students must learn and obey. It also made clear the painful consequences of mistakes. This part, they would go over with each girl before she signed. If they wouldn't take the consequences, they would let them go. If they chose the right four girls tonight, their four winners should all be smart enough to embrace the rules and the painful consequences they were certain to feel.

"It's a steal of a deal," Imogen said. "If a girl has talent, the right attitude, and can accept a decent whipping when she deserves it, she'll be a star."

"I'm thrilled by all of tonight's candidates," Charlotte said. "But I bet this dinner whittles them down fast."

They'd reduced eight thousand entries to twelve finalists. Day after day in Charlotte's attic, they'd watched YouTube videos from all over the world. Acting, singing, and sometimes both. They'd had to divide up the duty, dismissing most as lacking the gracious finesse of a genuine star.

Charlotte hadn't told her co-founders who Kat was. When Kat's video had appeared for her to review, she'd begged Imogen to take over and finish while she went for a wee.

In the bathroom that day, she'd hoped against hope Kat wouldn't let her down. When she'd returned to find Kat's name on the approved list, she'd been proud of herself for making the girl succeed on her own merits.

The list of thirty worthy videos, they'd watched again, all together. When Kat's had come up on screen, Charlotte had recognized the Girl Plan office and some of the supporting cast in Kat's acting scene. When Kat had sung, standing beside Girl Plan's baby grand piano, she'd seen that same grace as the first time Kat had stood there and sung the Taylor's theme song for her. With bated breath, she'd waited while Takisha and Imogen's voted, before adding her own clear vote for Kat.

The girl who'd inspired Girl Act was in the final. She'd had to call Kat, because at tonight's dinner she would recognize her in an instant and ruin the game. She'd warned Kat that she would defer to her co-founders judgement, and her very best self should be on show tonight.

The bedroom which had become their expansive office had kept its en-suite. They'd added closet space for each of them, painted the walls eggshell blue and put the long, thin, white-painted wooden table down the middle of the room for them to share. The near end of their office was their favorite space. A cream rug extended from the window to the wall near the door. On it sat the four white leather recliners from Charlotte's attic room around the same low coffee table. It was where they made all the big decisions.

"Have you checked on Mrs. Williams and the chef?" Charlotte asked Takisha.

"They're fine."

"When did you last check in with them?"

"A couple of hours ago."

"Check again now, please," Charlotte said. "If anything needs doing, it's better we find out before we get dressed."

Imogen went to test the sound system. It would play light classical music in the background tonight. Charlotte went to check in with the security team. They'd hired a complete team in case disappointed girls went crazy on them.

On her own in their office, Takisha checked over her outfit for tonight. They were all wearing cute little black dresses bought online from a well-known national retailer. They'd agreed designer cuts must not give the game away. After checking her black body-con dress for any stray threads or fluff, she hung it back on the front of her closet and went over to the phone on the low coffee table. She called down to the kitchen and checked in with Mrs. Williams. Everything was on schedule and the kitchen sounded calm.

Stealing a march on the others, she went to the bathroom, stripped off her jeans and turned on the shower. Luxuriating in the heat and steam, she lost herself in pleasure at the exciting world they'd created. A few times in the last few days, she'd experienced Charlotte's sharp tongue as their leader had issued orders left, right and center, and been quite neurotic about everything.

She stepped back into their office in her towel to find her co-founders back. Charlotte was going over the order of events following dinner with Imogen at the table.

"Is Mrs. Willams okay?" Charlotte asked, looking up.

"Yes. On schedule," Takisha said, slipping on her black string panties and a matching bandeau bra.

"Were those sacks of potatoes moved from the kitchen corridor?"

"Um. I think so," Takisha said.

"Well, were they or were they not?" Charlotte said.

"I didn't check."

"You must have noticed. You can't get to the kitchen without going down the corridor."

Takisha hesitated and Imogen looked up too.

"I just called her."

"I asked you to check on her. It's not enough to make a casual call. I could have done that myself. Eyes and ears on the ground are what we need tonight, more than ever. A waitress, or one of us, tripping over a sack of potatoes with plates in hand, will make enough noise to be heard in the dining room and convey complete incompetence. The only people being tested tonight are our potential students."

Takisha bowed her head at the strict scolding. Charlotte was right, not neurotic.

Charlotte caught her breath. She must assert her authority. She'd always known this moment would come. Walking over to the narrow end closet, she opened it.

Takisha gasped. She knew what was inside. They all did. David had bought four canes for them, two regular ones and two senior ones.

Charlotte removed a senior cane, grateful for the lessons David had given her. With Takisha challenging her authority, it felt dead right. She flexed the thick, golden cane in her hands.

"I won't have direct disobedience, Takisha. You put me in charge and I think I've fulfilled my duties with reason and fairness. Was my request unreasonable?"

Under Charlotte's tough gaze and Imogen's neutral one, Takisha shuddered and shook her head.

"I expect an answer," Charlotte said.

"No," Takisha said.

"You've been brattish a few times this week, when I've asked you to do something. You could have reined it in and been reasonable, but I won't let direct disobedience pass."

Charlotte looked across at Imogen. She wanted her support. Asserting herself was tough, but she knew its importance. "Imogen, would you care to say anything?"

Imogen knew it would some day be her own bottom facing the cane, but it made no difference. Charlotte was right. Nobody must challenge the chain of command. "Takisha, babe, take your flogging like a good girl. You deserve it. Whatever you think, Charlotte's instructions are not optional."

Grateful for the support, Charlotte said, "Over there," pointing to the plain wall next to the door.

In her underwear, Takisha walked across the room under the heavy disapproving gaze of both her friends.

"Lean against the wall on your hands," Charlotte ordered.

Watching Takisha's absolute obedience filled Charlotte with respect for the girl. She'd never had to cane one of them, but she wouldn't fail in her duty.

Facing the eggshell blue up close, Takisha put her weight on her hands and presented her bare bottom for punishment.

"Six strokes will keep you in line this evening," Charlotte said, resting the cane against Takisha's honey-gold bare buttocks.

Holding herself in position for a flogging was familiar to Takisha. Doing it on the command of her friend was fresh. She wondered if she'd been testing her on purpose. If so, she'd got her comeuppance. This was going to hurt. She'd never received the cane, but anyone could guess how painful the flexible rod in Charlotte's hand was going to be.

The cane disappeared from her bottom. A fast whistle broke the silence in the office and furious fire exploded across her bare cheeks. She pressed her hands into the wall and her feet into the floor. The intense heat was worse than the leather lash, and the escalating hurt was still coming. Ever increasing pain sank into her bottom as the first stroke reached its full potential.

Ashamed to have let down their partnership, she turned her head to the side and said, "I'm sorry, Charlotte. I respect you."

"Your laziness was unacceptable," Charlotte said. "I appreciate the apology, but I must still give you your full caning."

"I know," Takisha said. "You must."

She steeled herself to suffer with dignity. Vicious fire erupted across her naked skin, burning a fury into her backside. She appreciated not being let off. It showed Charlotte had huge self-respect. Under the gaze of both her friends, she sizzled as the cane seared its shameful message into her bare skin.

Imogen had known Takisha would obey. It was in each of them to recognize their mistakes and accept punishment with dutiful grace, but she'd still been proud of her friend's obedience when she'd taken up her humble position against the wall without fuss.

Takisha cried out as each of the last two strokes rammed fierce agony into her tender flesh. She would never hold this caning against her leader. She'd ignored the responsibility given to her. A fierce flogging was her due.

"It's over," Charlotte said, crossing the room to put the cane away. When she returned, Takisha had turned from the wall.

"I'm sorry," Takisha said, "to you both, for letting us down. We have a chain of command and I disrespected it. Thank you for caning me, Charlotte. You need have no fear about your ability. I'm in agony."

"Thank you," Charlotte said. "You're forgiven. Now put on your dress and check on the kitchen while we both get changed."

At the top of the stairs, Charlotte turned to Takisha, who was giving her bottom one last rub through her thin black dress. "No hard feelings, I hope."

"Only respect," Takisha said. "I love that you never hesitated. You stamped your authority all over my bare bottom. It's on fire, but I'll be proud to endure it tonight with grace, elegance and deep respect."

"Thank you," Charlotte said. "If we can all be as obedient as you when our time comes, our partnership will never fail."

Imogen put her hand out, palm down. Charlotte put hers on top. Takisha placed hers on the top of the pile.

"To Girl Act," Imogen said.

"To Girl Act," They all chorused.

In perfect little black dresses, they turned and walked down their main stairs.