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20. Friday List

Spanking Story


A talent agency boss is punished alongside her aspiring students for unbecoming manners

«Beginning Part 21»

During the week, the founders kept note of minor matters of etiquette so as not to disrupt the smooth flow of learning. On a Friday morning, they met and compared notes. They put anyone with over two points on the punishment list. If anyone had a serious or repeated transgression, they went straight on the list. The list got posted on the notice board in the main hall by 11am. They titled it Friday List for discretion, but everyone knew what it meant.

Many weeks went by with no entries, but this Friday had not been one of them. The list had surprised Charlotte when Helen, Tina and Kat were all added to it. But shame shot right through her when Imogen with a grim stare added her to the bottom of the list.

"When the model was late on Wednesday," Imogen said, "you didn't smile to greet her. Indeed, your face was like thunder and you didn't hold the door for her. You went straight ahead, and it slammed right in front of her. I had to open it and show her some grace."

"She was late," Charlotte said.

"Because the train was. Charlotte, there will be no excuses. You're on the list. You deserve it."

The model had been thirty minutes late, and it had driven her mad. They'd hired her to show their girls how to walk down a red carpet with grace and handle comments and demands from photographers. Pushing the dining table aside, Mr. Williams had laid their red carpet down the length of the dining room. They'd all acted as photographers, yelling at the stars, disrupting their smooth graceful walks until they no longer could.

She remembered moving fast through the front door. Keen to get on, she hadn't seen the carnage in her wake. The list lay on the coffee table. Beside her name it said, 'Conduct unbecoming'. She picked it up, went downstairs, pinned it on the main board, and walked away in shame.

"Did you see?" Tina whispered to Helen in the corridor outside the sound studio.

"Yes. We're both for it at 4pm."

"No. I mean, Charlotte. She's on the list too."

"Oh yes. I saw that."

"Do you think they'll punish her, like us?"

"She's on the list."

Through the day, Charlotte held her head high. It was all she could do. Faced with the stark embarrassment of being stripped and punished in front of the girls, her pride had taken a knock. Shameful as it was to admit it, Imogen had been right to put her on the list. Today it was the tall blonde's turn to handle the Friday List. Imogen had never punished her. She'd had to accept the cane from Takisha twice for a poor attitude when the smart business minded girl had pointed out mistakes in her earnings projections and she hadn't taken it as well as she should have. But she and Imogen didn't seem to come into conflict.

At 3.45pm, Charlotte lined up outside the founder's office alongside Kat, Helen and Tina. In her black skirt suit, she stood out from the girls in jeans. It seemed jeans were a popular choice for girls on the Friday List, but it made no difference, they wouldn't keep them on. There was a rule of silence while waiting. Poor etiquette had got them on the list. Nobody wanted to incur further punishment by misbehaving in line.

As the interminable wait grated on her nerves, the door opened and Imogen ordered them all into the office and against the wall inside the door. They each stood with their back to the wall and their hands clasped in front of them.

"Helen. You passed me in the kitchen corridor, without saying 'Excuse me'. I would have forgiven it, but Takisha noted the same thing. Do you have anything to say?"

"No, miss."

"Six strokes. Step forward."

Charlotte watched the girl step up to the end of the long white table. No stranger to the Friday List, Helen dropped her jeans before being ordered. Her pale pink cotton panties were cute to Charlotte's mind, but Helen shoved them down to land on top of her jeans.

They gave Friday List discipline on the bare bottom. It was tough love, but etiquette failures which had brought a girl here deserved to result in maximum shame. Charlotte shivered. She'd chosen the tough rule and now would suffer the indignity herself.

Imogen laid the cane across Helen's bare cheeks. The obedient girl held still as Imogen thrashed her, landing the cane with full force for each stroke. Charlotte could almost feel the singeing heat coming off Helen's bottom. The good girl took her punishment well, her tight fists the only outward sign she was suffering.

"Panties up. Back in line," Imogen ordered.

Helen struggled her pale-pink panties up her legs and shuffled back into line. Not having to pull her jeans up over her burning bottom was a welcome relief.

"Tina, You're missing two 'pleases' and a 'thank you'. That's one too many for my liking. Do you have any explanation?"

"No, miss. I'm sorry."

"You will be. Six strokes. Step forward."

Charlotte watched the small, slim girl take her place at the end of the table.

"Jeans down. Panties too," Imogen commanded.

Getting her tight, dark denim down her toned legs was hard work for the girl. Nobody spoke while she complied. Grabbing her white cotton panties, she slipped them down, the intense shame of being bared written all over her pretty face.

"Bend over," Imogen ordered.

Tina obeyed, her small bare bottom offered in penance for her failings.

Once again, Imogen despatched decent discipline. The whistle of the cane tore through Charlotte as it whipped into the soft cream skin of the gentle girl. A bitter cry escaped as Tina tried to handle the furious fire from her first stroke. Imogen gave her no time to cope, delivering the next right on its tail. Tina struggled and shifted her bottom to ease the agony.

"Keep still. A girl who deserves discipline should take it with the utmost poise."

Scolded, Tina gripped both edges of the table. The cane scorched heat into her behind in short order. Her heavy panting sounded loud in the room, but she didn't move an inch. Charlotte burst with pride in Imogen for holding the girls to such strict account. When it was Kat's turn. She learned that her favorite pupil had been late twice to a scheduled practice session.

"Do you have an excuse, Kat? I hope not." Imogen demanded.

"No, miss. I promise to work harder at it."

"You only have to walk across the lawn. Get up earlier."

"Yes, miss."

"Six strokes. Step forward."

Kat obeyed and slipped down her black jeans. Looking around at everyone in the vain hope someone would issue a reprieve, she found none and eased her black polka dot panties down, letting the jazzy colored dots on a black background join her jeans.

"Bend over," Imogen ordered.

Charlotte admired Kat's white cheeks as the beautiful girl bent into place.

"Kat. You need a lesson in speed. Keep still. This will come hard and fast."

Kat breathed in and let it out hard. As her breath escaped, Imogen lashed the cane hard into her bare cheeks. With only a five second delay, long enough to lift the cane back, she delivered another harsh cut. The cruel rhythm established, she caned Kat with brutal strokes in quick succession, escalating the girl's public agony to a peak as the pain from each stroke combined in a storm of hurt.

Kat gasped as the lesson in speed roared through her bottom. She stayed in place, panting for almost two minutes. Imogen let her, while she went and put the cane away, returning with a thick senior cane from the closet. Charlotte knew why. Everyone did.

"Stand, Kat."

"Thank you, miss," Kat said, offering her hand to Imogen.

Imogen gave it a firm shake. Kat's proud gesture proved the effectiveness of the lesson.

"Back in line," Imogen said.

Kat pulled up her pretty panties and shuffled back into place.

Shame showered Charlotte in her suit. Her time had come. Her failure of etiquette exceeded all her girl's failings. Under no circumstances should she ever have shown such neglect for a guest, let alone a model she'd invited to Girl Act. The dignity and grace with which each of her girls had accepted their punishment had driven a stiff stick down her spine.

"Charlotte," Imogen said, her tone tough. "You know what you did. But for the benefit of the rest of you, she didn't greet the model. They'd all been in the dining room waiting and hadn't witnessed the incident.

"Do you have anything to say, Charlotte?"

She adopted the meekest tone, and said, "No, miss."

The other girls gasped at her form of address. Whenever they were in trouble, they found the form of address natural, but to hear it from their leader's lips was profound.

"Six strokes with the senior cane. Step forward."

Charlotte obeyed. She'd worn her full suit, including jacket, to her punishment. But now felt overdressed.

"Give me your jacket," Imogen ordered.

Grateful for the help, Charlotte slipped it from her shoulders and handed it over. Imogen placed it on the nearest leather recliner.

"Skirt off, please." she ordered as she came back over.

Charlotte unzipped the side of her short black miniskirt, slid it down and stepped out of it. Looking around, she laid it over the nearest white mesh swivel chair at the side of the table. In only her white blouse and black Calvin Klein string bikini panties, she felt stripped of her standing.

"Take off your panties," Imogen commanded.

She slipped her fingers into the tiny black strings and whisked them down her legs to pool on the floor.

"Bend over," Imogen ordered, her tone heavy.

Drowning in shame, Charlotte obeyed, reaching right to the table edges and presenting her bent bare bottom.

"You have a duty of leadership in which you failed."

She appreciated the telling-off, and deserved it. Imogen's tough tone helped her accept her place and cope with the embarrassment. Aware of the flow of air over her bareness, the thick cane tapped her sensitive skin.

The heavy impact resounded around the office as the cane sank deep into her bottom. Furious fire tore across her bare cheeks, burning every inch of skin in a tight line of agonizing shame. She panted. Above all, she must behave with dignity under this duress. Her conduct would be the talk of the girls for days. She mustn't fail them again.

As the pain pulsed deeper, the cane tapped lower. Imogen gave her a full minute to process the deep, shameful shock. The next stroke scorched her bare skin and drove her disobedience into the center of her mind. She pictured the front door closing in the model's face. Thank god Imogen had covered for her disgraceful manners. The cane branded thick bands of burning shame on her skin as she panted over the table. She shook as the cane thrashed pain deep into her and stole her guilt away. The hurt rose to a terrible level as she paced her breathing and took her shame to heart.

Charged with the unexpected duty of standing up for the whole of Girl Act, Imogen thrashed the rattan as hard as she could into Charlotte's bare buttocks. It was the most severe caning she'd ever given. Compared to the punishments issued over the last hour, it was an awe-inspiring example of respect for their rules. She had no qualms in delivering the severe thrashing Charlotte deserved. It was their esteemed leader's bare bottom in front of her. For the last stroke, she tapped the cane where she must.

Charlotte knew it would happen. Her mind accepted her fear and held her against the table as the cane lashed into her soft under-bottom, right above her bare legs. She begged herself to hold it together as scorching heat soared in her backside. She only just heard the cane being put away.

Imogen returned behind her. "Let that be a lesson to all of you. Excellent etiquette is not optional for any of us. Stand up, Charlotte."

Charlotte obeyed. Just like Kat before her. She felt Imogen's impressive force of character and held out her hand. "Thank you, miss."

Imogen shook it, and said, "Panties up. Back in line."

Charlotte picked up her panties from the floor and stepped back into them, grateful for the meagre dignity.

"You all took your punishments with the dignity and pride I'd expect. Well done. Don't be here next Friday."

As the girls pulled up their jeans and left, Charlotte picked up her skirt and fitted it back into place. The tight skirt enclosed the heat from her well-thrashed bottom. She rubbed her backside through her skirt, but it did nothing to ease the pain.

Imogen said, "No hard feelings, I hope?"

Charlotte smiled. "None. You stood up for Girl Act. I'm only sorry you had to. Thank you for putting me on the Friday List and thank you for thrashing me in front of everyone. I deserved the embarrassment."