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11. The Very Least

Spanking Story


A young wife is caned in front of her friend for keeping secrets

«Beginning Part 12»

In the pale blue armchair in the corner of her bedroom, Charlotte scrolled down her Kindle library, pausing as she passed 'Blazing Trails' by Alice North. David had read it with her in bed, eking out the chapters. Neither of them had wanted the sexy nights to end. 'The Yacht' had a similar cover. It had electrified their nights for another three weeks with super-yacht stewardess Amy punished for the slightest transgression.

She'd never imagined so many people felt like her. Alice North called them Modern Girls. They didn't hold the ultra high standards she did, but the author had captured the joy of receiving strict discipline and shared it with millions of fans.

Last night David had suggested reading one of them again, but a new book was coming tomorrow. She'd already read an advance copy. She scrolled to the new cover, at the moment, only available on her kindle. It had a white silhouette of a demure girl, the title 'Rules' splashed across the cover in dynamic white text and 'Based on a true story' along the bottom. Her true story.

A tinge of envy at David's enjoyment, she'd emailed Alice about the high standards of etiquette and strict discipline she maintained in her life. She'd never expected a reply. When Alice had suggested her story would make a wonderful book, it had stunned her. Scared and thrilled, she'd re-read the cherished email for a week before responding.

Alice had broken all records with her debut novel, and her subsequent books had followed in its path. 'Rules' would sell hundreds of millions of copies, starting tomorrow.

She sighed. With some artistic license, it was all true and the world would share her life with her from tomorrow. But she'd kept her work with Alice private. She hadn't ever been sure the ultimate story would live up to her expectation, but it had.

Sharing her private world with Alice had been easy once she'd started. Amelia had been scarce on the scene since Nick had come along, so she'd had hours to spend on the phone with Alice. It was a tremendous opportunity to give back, although not quite the giving back she'd had in mind.

While not identifiable to a reader, both Amelia and David would recognize themselves in an instant. She gripped her Kindle tighter. She should have told them both months ago, but she hadn't had the guts. Maybe she'd just wanted to treasure her secret project by herself. She didn't know the truth, but time had made her offense greater. With the release of the book tomorrow, any chance of further procrastination had passed.

Correct etiquette would have been to ask their permission first. If she'd done that anytime early on, it would have been okay. Telling them before the book went on sale was the very least she must do, but by now the very least was nowhere near good enough.

David was home today, and she'd invited Amelia over after work. She got up from her chair and checked herself in the mirror. Her ditsy red floral print skirt with tiny white flowers fell to a perfect A-line. She could raise it with ease when required. It was why she'd chosen it. She'd lift it tonight and bend with the deepest regret for her selfish behavior. David would demand it of her, Amelia should too.

There was only one choice for a disobedient girl, and her white cotton bikini panties were unsophisticated and skimpy enough to expose her to the maximum pain and embarrassment she deserved. Her white vest top and flat white converse sneakers completed her young and innocent look. She wasn't the latter, but they should treat her as if she was and give her painful punishment to educate her.

Reaching into the wardrobe, she removed the thick, dark punishment cane. Her blatant disregard of her husband and best friend required harsh treatment. The pain must be brutal and cause her sincere hurt in front of them. Every ounce of her struggle to take the tough punishment must be clear to them. Nothing less would cover her serious fall from grace.

She smoothed her fingers along the shaft of the cane. Steeped in respect for her husband and her friend, she took the thick rattan and headed to the kitchen.

"Have I done something wrong?" Amelia asked Charlotte as she picked up the punishment cane from the far end of the kitchen table and ran her fingers with reverence along its thickness.

"No, babe, I have," Charlotte said.

Alerted by Amelia's arrival, David appeared. Charlotte waved them to the nearest end of the kitchen table. They sat with David at the end, the ominous cane laying at the other end of the long wooden table. She poured them each a glass of white burgundy. Hers remained empty.

Both of you have reason to be displeased with me. I've kept something to myself and I had a duty to tell each of you long before now."

Looking them each in the eye, she said. "It's no secret between us we all enjoy Alice North's books. Many months ago, I emailed Alice to tell her about my own life and the high standard of etiquette I live with."

"No!" Amelia exclaimed, "Tell me it isn't true!"

The shocked look on her friend's face told it all. Amelia had worked it out before she'd said a thing.

Amelia turned to David, "The new Alice North book is out tomorrow. It's called 'Rules'. Guess who's rules?"

She turned to Charlotte. "I'm right, aren't I?"

"Yes," Charlotte said.

"I think you'd better explain," David said.

Charlotte took a deep breath. "I've worked with Alice for months. The book is about me, and you, and you," she said, turning to each of them. "Nobody will ever realize it, except us. But I had a duty to tell both of you long before now. When I started, I didn't believe it would come to anything. Once the book was complete, I didn't know how to tell you and I think I wanted to treasure it myself."

"How much is in it?" David asked.

"Pretty much everything, but nobody will ever know it's us."

She looked across the table at Amelia, "Nick might work out David caned you for speeding. It's in the book."

Her expression ruthless, Amelia replied, "You should have told me."

"And me," David added.

"I should have told both of you a long time ago. I'm sorry," Charlotte said, "Please forgive me. The book is incredible."

"You deserve a phenomenal hiding," David said.

"Yes, you do," Amelia agreed.

"I'll take whatever you both decide," Charlotte said, pointing out the punishment cane at the other end of the table.

"That's a thicker cane than I'm used to," Amelia said to David. "Any advice?"

"Don't go easy on her," he said.

Amelia looked at the cane. Her eyes traveled to Charlotte's face. Her friend wasn't hiding from her, but her secretiveness irked her. "Eight, for not telling me sooner."

"Another eight," David said, "for not telling me either."

"Make them hard, David," Amelia said.

"The hardest," he replied.

Charlotte quivered. She'd known it would be bad. She hadn't expected her husband to go easy, or her friend. But sixteen heavy strokes made their disappointment quite clear.

"Thank you both," she said, her voice cracking. No matter how much she had to suffer, she would do anything to regain their trust. Her selfishness may have begun as protection, but it had been pure selfishness in the end.

David stood. "Amelia, pass me the cane. Charlotte, stand here," he said, moving his chair away from the table.

Taking the dark rattan rod from Amelia, he said, "Why don't you sit at the far end. It will be good for Charlotte to have to look you in the eye while she takes your strokes."

Charlotte's sex clenched at his ruthless humiliation of her. She deserved it. She would look Amelia dead in the eye as the pain hurt the most and do everything they demanded of her to show them both the deepest respect.

"Lift your skirt," David ordered.

She grabbed the hem and pulled the soft cotton up and over her bottom to bunch around her waist and held it in place with one hand. Her white cotton panties revealed, she stood tall and accepted the shame.

"Bend over," David commanded.

She bent down over the end of the long table, rested her forearms on it and raised her head, bringing her eyes in line with Amelia's stern gaze.

The cane tapped her white cotton. She strengthened her mind. Only once or twice had she felt the awesome power of this cane. It penetrated deep pain and the thick marks lasted for at least a week. She tried to relax her cheeks. Experience told her it hurt less, but Amelia's eyes burning into her made her tighten her buttocks in shame.

The cane scorched her cheeks as its deep impact resonated around the kitchen. Her eyes wide with hurt, she held Amelia's gaze as fierce agony stole her breath and forced her to pant. Amelia gave a brief smile. Not of sympathy, of delight. It was fair. She deserved every ounce of the pain her friend had ordered.

She suffered under heavy strokes as blazing lines of vicious fire delivered fresh fury. As each bout of pain penetrated into her bottom, she twisted her face to deal with it and panted hard, holding her friend's eye.

After each stroke, she straightened her face and gave Amelia a firm look of respect, dead in the eye. She wanted her to know the pain she was in and how much she welcomed it.

The last two strokes thrashed fast above the crease where her bottom met her legs. She yelled, gritted her teeth and hissed as brutal agony stole through her, tearing at her self control and demanding she accept the harsh rule of the rattan rod.

She did.

"I'm sorry," she cried, her eyes never losing their hold on her friend's.

"I believe you," Amelia said. "But expect no sympathy. You deserved that."

Taking her friend's hard words to heart, Charlotte dropped her head to look down at the table, panting in pain.

Amelia moved to watch Charlotte's bottom. In part, she wanted to give her friend some privacy while she was being punished by her husband. But she'd also never seen Charlotte caned. She'd bent beside her and heard her friend in agony, but she'd never seen the harsh strike of the cane on soft girl flesh and she wanted to see it now, and anyway she deserved the pleasure of watching her friend take her punishment.

David said, "Charlotte. I know you're hurting, but you have eight more to go."

She struggled to get her mind off her pain. Her face now hidden in her ash blonde hair, she looked down at the table top and steeled herself to take it all again.

The cane thrashed into her bottom. Vicious fire seared her skin as pain punched through her thin panties. The rattan scorched her selfishness out of her as she panted, desperate to process the exquisite application of astonishing pain.

She was proud of 'Rules'. It was a wonderful book. As the strokes bit into her butt without mercy, she didn't cry, but it took all she had to hold back her tears.

Her eyes damp, the cane tapped her scorched flesh where the last two strokes on behalf of Amelia had burned a fierce band of deceit.

"These last two will teach you not to be so selfish."

Two strokes cut into her soft flesh, searing heavy weals into her skin where she'd sit. She held up under the onslaught of pain. The fierce burn and deep suffering tore through her, as her mind balanced her torment with her crime.

"Stand up."

Agony burst in her bottom as she struggled to her feet. She turned, pulled down her skirt, kept her hands by her sides, and faced them both. "I'm sorry for the selfish way I've behaved. I'm grateful to you both for punishing me."

Her voice just held out as she said, "Please forgive me."

Amelia rushed in with an enormous hug. The welcome embrace from her friend doused her pain in kindness. It didn't reduce it, but it made it worthwhile.

After a long moment, Amelia stepped back. Charlotte smoothed her skirt over her ravaged bum and David wrapped his solid arms around her. She fell into him.

"You're forgiven," he said.

"By both of us," Amelia said, "I can't wait to read it."

"I can't wait for you to read it, either."

Beaming at her friend, Amelia said, "You're a good girl. I'm going to leave you two alone."

Charlotte leaned against the kitchen island as David came back from seeing Amelia out.

"Thank you for the most serious thrashing of my life. I'm proud to be married to the man who made me this sore."

"How proud?" he grinned, sitting down on the chair he'd removed from the head of the table.

She grabbed a towel from the kitchen rail, folded it double and placed it on the floor in front of him. Lowering herself to her knees on the towel, she said, "You're my husband. Let me pleasure you, while I'm sore from the beating you had to give me."

She looked up into his eyes, "It's my duty to be a better wife than I've been tonight."

He smiled, "You're a good girl and a perfect wife. I've already forgiven you, but I'll take the blow job."

She undid his navy slacks. He rose and pushed them down, along with his underwear. As she lowered her head and filled her mouth with his hardness, he threw back his head and groaned in pleasure.

Resting against her heels, her bottom hurt through her thin skirt. But kneeling before him turned her on with a fury she'd never felt. She salivated with pleasure over his erection, her mouth tight around his manhood.

He looked at her kneeling before him in complete submission. Her honest pleasure in her strict obedience turned him on so hard, he felt his pleasure rising. Her soft tongue and tight mouth drove him wild as her deep obedience sent his mind into a flood of passion and threw him into a furious orgasm.

She swallowed his cum, proud of her success. Licking her lips, she stood up, sat on his knee and leaned into his hard chest. Her deep submission had left her hot and desperate, but tonight she wanted to wallow in the depth of her submission more than she wanted to be released by a flood of pleasure.

Slipping his hand under her skirt, he cupped her sex through her soft cotton.

"Not tonight," she whispered. "I don't deserve it."

He scooped her up, kicked off his pants and underwear and carried her in his arms up to their bed. Laying back beside him, she passed across her kindle, the new book already open at chapter one.

He read aloud, "Every stroke I've ever received, I deserved. I choose to be obedient. I've learned the rules of etiquette and good manners. When I fail, I'm caned. I'm a Modern Girl."

Amy's story is told in The Yacht