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7. Burning Questions

Spanking Story


Giving unqualified advice about paddling earns a girl four sound swats on her jeans

«Beginning Part 8»

Stepping from the elevator on the third floor, Charlotte entered the double doors of Girl Plan.

Their downtown office was a haven for girls. Behind the glass wall partitioning reception, groups of girls filled the cocooned corners of the center room, occupying red couches and chairs. Books lay everywhere. Anyone could take them home as long as they brought them back or replaced them with another. The baby grand piano in the far corner proved this was no ordinary downtown office.

At the back of the floor, there were ordinary offices where admin for the charity took place, and around the edge of the center room were meeting rooms with four or six armchairs for private chats.

Wearing blue skinny jeans and a loose rainbow top, Kat came down the side of the room to meet her. "Sorry about this."

"Not at all," Charlotte dismissed the comment with her hand. In all the time she'd been Kat's mentor, the younger girl had never called for help, until last night.

Mentoring Anita, Kat had asked the power question she'd taught her - 'What burning questions do you most want answers to?'

Anita had given traditional responses about money, jobs and friends, but when Kat had pushed her for deeper answers, she'd said, 'I got into trouble at college and got my butt paddled. It hurt, and I hated it, but later I found the memory pleasant. It was over six months ago, but I keep thinking about it. Am I weird?'

Out of her depth, Kat hadn't tried to advise the younger girl on something she knew nothing about. She'd admitted her ignorance and promised to find the answer. One of the core tenets of Girl Plan was to ask questions until you found the person with the answer.

The management had asked Kat to take on Anita, since her first mentor had made no progress in unlocking her ambitions. In one hour Kat had discovered Anita excelled in chemistry and wanted to be a drug researcher. But she also knew better than to leave a burning question unanswered.

"I'll make a pot of tea," Charlotte said, heading into the kitchen.

"Anita prefers Coke."

Turning to the fridge instead, Charlotte removed three cans of Coke and placed them on a tray. Reaching into the cupboard above the sink, she added three highball glasses. Picking up the tray, she checked her black skirt suit in the wall mirror and smiled at Kat. "Relax and enjoy the chat this morning. You've done the right thing. I can help Anita."

Relieved by Charlotte's confidence, Kat relaxed. It had disappointed her to be brought to a halt by the unexpected question. When a girl opened up, it was a pivotal moment, and she'd wanted to ride the wave, but Charlotte's advice to never leave a burning question unanswered had kicked in.

"Good morning, Anita," Charlotte said, bending at the knees to place the tray on the low coffee table between the four red armchairs. She rose with grace and held out her hand to the stunning redhead, admiring her neat blue jeans and white blouse. "I'm Charlotte."

"I've seen you around," Anita said. "You're one of the senior people, aren't you?"

"I guess so. I'm on the board and spend three days a week here, helping, and I'm also Kat's mentor."

Her anger rising fast, Anita looked hard at Kat, "Is this because of what I asked you yesterday?"

Kat leaned forward and said, "Trust me."

"Anita," Charlotte said, "I'm not here to judge. You might find we understand each other. Please sit."

Offering no opportunity for dissent, Charlotte sat, leaned forward and opened the Cokes. Filling the glasses a third full, she placed them on a cocktail napkin in front of each girl.

Calmed by Charlotte's graceful manners, Anita waited her out. She could always leave. Nobody had handcuffed her and made her come to Girl Plan. It had been her choice to seek company and advice. Yesterday, it had surprised her how comfortable she'd been with Kat. She'd never expected to ask the question most on her mind, and was now a little embarrassed that she had.

Charlotte took a sip and put her glass down. "Kat, I want to remind you everything said here is in the utmost confidence. I don't doubt your integrity but you'll hear things today which are deep and personal."

"Understood," Kat said.

Charlotte looked Anita dead in the eye. "I find good manners a huge asset, but I wasn't born with them. My parents thrashed them into me."

She saw the stark reactions of both girls. Kat hadn't batted an eye. It impressed her. The raised eyebrows from Anita proved it wasn't what she'd been expecting.

"Kat didn't bring me in because what you'd said concerned her. That isn't how it works here. She wanted to find the answer to your question. We're in the business of helping girls become the most they can be. For me, that took a thick cane laid on hard by my father."

"Was it embarrassing?" Anita asked.

Charlotte smiled. She'd got the redhead talking. "Yes. He made me strip down to my panties and bend over his desk. Sometimes I had to grab my ankles for a harder caning."

"I'm sure it hurt, but was it terrible?"

"Yes. But it forced me to reckon with why I was in the position I was. It never took me long to realize I deserved it. When the initial pain was over, I was grateful. Having consequences made sense to me. I didn't want to be allowed to get away with things."

On a roll, Anita wanted all the answers. "Did it make you hot?"

Charlotte smiled. "When you're being punished, it has to be unpleasant. But afterwards, when I was alone, my self-respect was sky high. Being held to account by someone you respect is a passionate and painful experience. It hurts because it needs to, but it's healthy to find it a powerful turn on. The pain doesn't punish you any less."

Charlotte reached for her Coke. Taking a sip, she observed Anita. The gentle smile on the redhead's face was all the reward she needed. "Did you take your paddling with reasonable dignity?"

"Yes," Anita said. "I was too ashamed not to. I'm proud of how well I took it and often think about it."

"Why were you paddled?"

"I wanted to be one of the cool crowd. I bought cigarettes and went down to the fence where everyone smoked. But I went after school. There was nobody there, and I got caught. I didn't even want to smoke. I just wanted to see if it was how you made friends."

"Who paddled you?"

"The Vice Principal. I had to bend over his desk. It was embarrassing. It hurt like crazy. That paddle was a beast. It slammed into my jeans and burned my butt. I got four swats. The bruises lasted a week, and it hurt all that time. I can't imagine it without my jeans."

"Punishments vary but the effect is the same. Did you apologize to him?"

"Yes." Anita blushed. "I even thanked him for paddling me. I felt stupid, but I couldn't help it."

"It's not stupid. It's well-mannered. You're a good girl."

Anita smiled at Charlotte. "This had been the most helpful conversation of my life."

"You're welcome."

Anita turned to Kat, "Thank you, Kat. I can't believe this. You're one hell of a mentor."

Kat smiled, "It's a pleasure. It turns out you're not weird at all."

A vanilla smell greeted Charlotte as she unwrapped the white oak paddle in the kitchen and weighed it in her hands. It would deliver a solid whack. Just looking at it, she felt guilty. Nobody had ever paddled her. Three days ago, she'd given advice she wasn't qualified to give. After she'd explained her day to David, he'd helped her choose a paddle online. The four-foot oak slab in front of her had six holes to speed it towards her butt and came with a promise to make her bottom burn.

David had given her an appointment for punishment. She'd chosen the same testing experience as Anita. David had agreed to pretend she'd been smoking and at 6pm he'd be her vice principal. Whether for smoking or for giving unqualified advice, she deserved her paddling. She went through to the study and placed the sweet smelling oak on his desk.

In the bedroom, she stripped and hunted through her panty drawer. Fishing out white bikinis covered in red and blue dots, she slipped them on and checked in the mirror. Yes. That was the behind of a college girl. She added black skinny jeans. They were low on her hips and difficult to take down, but college girls didn't dress to get paddled, it just happened. Her tee was pure white. She was a clean college co-ed, no bare midriff or ripped jeans, just cute panties and a tight butt.

She added flat white champion sneakers and returned downstairs to the corridor outside the study. He'd ordered her to stand against the wall outside the study door and wait for him. The smell of cigarettes in her mind, she stood outside the Vice Principal's office waiting to be paddled.

At 5.45pm, she heard the front door open and close. She'd been in position for fifteen minutes. It had felt like hours. In chinos and a black polo, the Vice Principal swept straight into his office, ignoring the disobedient girl waiting outside. The formality took her breath away. She felt for Anita. It was hard to wait, knowing what would happen. Fear of the paddle consumed her. It would be nothing like the cane, but she didn't know what it would be like.

In the office, David ran his hand over the beveled edges and smooth holes of the white oak. It would deliver a meaty swat. He'd listened while she'd described how she'd given advice about being paddled, when she'd never been herself. It had sounded like excellent advice, but she'd never received a formal paddling, or any paddling, so it was a breach of her own rules on giving advice.

He opened the door and called, "First, please."

Shocked by the impersonal command, Charlotte entered and shut the door behind her.

"Smoking is a dirty habit, Charlotte. I'm disappointed to see you. Are your pockets empty?"

"Yes, sir."

"Bend over," he commanded.

She bent down over the vice principal's desk, leaned on her forearms and pushed out her butt. The enormous slab of oak rested against her tight jeans.

"Four swats."

It was what Anita had received. She had a duty to the younger girl to take it herself. If she had smoked, the paddle would have been fair. It was a foul habit. Anita had agreed. She'd never wanted to start and thanks to the paddle hadn't.

Flaming heat burst into her butt as an almighty thunderclap filled the room. Distress drilled deep into her behind. She crunched her teeth and hissed with pain as raging heat overtook her bottom.

The paddle crashed into her cheeks. Blazing heat escaped her panties towards her tight denim and got repelled back into her burning butt. She cried out as the oak heated her jeans again, escalating her agony, but held still, despite the pain.

She'd done the right thing by Anita, but in retrospect must pay for it. It wasn't correct to give presumptive advice. The paddle slammed pain into her tender girl flesh and echoed around the room.

"Get up," he ordered.

She obeyed. Turning, she said, "Thank you for paddling me, sir. I deserved it."

"You took it well. I had to be hard on you. I hope you've learned your lesson."

"Thank you, sir. I have. May I take off my jeans now?"

"You may. Your punishment is over."

She thought about Anita walking back through college, in immense pain and holding her head high. Respect for the younger girl poured through her. She was a smart girl who asked the right questions.

Unbuttoning her jeans, Charlotte pushed the tight denim down her long toned legs. Unlacing her sneakers, she kicked them off, stepped out of her jeans and stood up.

One glance at her cute girlish panties and his hardness couldn't hold back.

She grinned. "Looks like you're pleased with me."

He shoved off his chinos and lifted his polo over his head. She discarded her tee and white bra. Hot pleasure dripped into her college girl panties as she placed her hands on his hard abs, pressed herself against his tight white shorts and rubbed his straining manhood.

"Take me," she begged.

He picked her up and sat her on the edge of the desk.

"Lie back," he growled.

Her bottom burning into the wood, she obeyed, laying back on the warm surface as he shoved his shorts off.

He pulled aside her cute panties as his rock-hard manhood fed into her sex. Gripping him with fervor, she flung her legs around him and drew him deep inside as his thrusts consumed her.

Piles of pleasure built in her sex as her paddled butt burned into the desk. She pulled herself towards him while the force of his thrusts propelled her back across the desk. Her punished bottom powered her sex. She demanded more from him and he gave it. He held her in a desperate state under his delicious control and rose her right to her peak of pleasure.

"Don't stop," she yelled.

He thrust through her control, obliterating all her senses. Raging orgasms plunged into her sex, pouring molten pleasure through her legs. She held him inside her as waves of satisfaction washed over her, dousing the fire in her behind.

He helped her off the desk as her pain returned with a vengeance. Grabbing her jeans from the floor, she put them back on, tightening them over her burning butt. Anita would have had to wear her tight jeans for several hours after being paddled.

Burning pain affixed to her bottom, Charlotte thought about Kat's calm demeanor during the chat with Anita and her wisdom in coming to her for advice. She was ever more convinced the girl was a star in waiting. She resolved to look harder at how Girl Plan might deliver an apprenticeship to stardom. If anyone deserved a shot, it was Kat.