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5. Speed

Spanking Story


A once obedient girl is caned by her best friend's boyfriend for speeding

«Beginning Part 6»

Amelia blipped the key and locked her blue BMW Z4, a block from Charlotte's house. Every step she took brought her closer to her fate. Her long blond tresses blew free in the wind as she checked the time on her phone. It was ten minutes before 6pm.

Pleased with her time keeping, she was close to being relieved of her guilt. The fine hadn't upset her as much as the points on her driving license. They weren't the first, and she was ashamed not to have learned her lesson. It had never occurred to her she could still get her bottom punished in her twenties. Being caned hurt like hell and was humiliating. But it needed to be. The freedom from guilt and pleasurable aftereffects were worth the painful suffering. If she couldn't take the punishment, she shouldn't have done the crime.

Her crisp white tee, short denim skirt and flat white sneakers felt innocent as she passed people heading home. She'd left work early to change and be ready for her appointment. Last night Charlotte had explained how it would work. Her friend's words had lodged in her brain.

'Expect to bend over the desk in your panties. You'll get a serious thrashing. Twelve strokes. It's an adult penalty for an adult mistake.'

The thought stiffened her spine. She was an adult and must face up to a sincere adult punishment.

'What sort of panties?' she'd asked.

'Plain white would be suitable - don't you think?'

'They're at the bottom of my drawer'

'They shouldn't be. Maybe that's why you're in this position?'

Her friend's sharp jab had sent her searching the bottom of her drawer. She'd found four pairs. Slipping on the plain white cotton bikinis, she'd felt young and obedient. After checking herself in the mirror, she'd returned to her drawer and put all four pairs on top of the pile.

It had been almost five years since she'd faced the cane. She wanted to move on and hold her head high again, but for once she didn't want it to be too easy. She was proud of herself for having chosen tough punishment. Her sex tightened in anticipation. It was gentle, but it was there. The fear and excitement had always turned her on. It felt like it still did. Charlotte had described it. She wasn't sure if she'd ever choose to obey a man all the time, but the delicious pleasure of being made to do so tonight was coursing through her veins.

"This is an odd situation for all of us," David said, as they congregated in the hallway. "Shall we get it out of the way?"

"Yes please," Amelia said.

Knocking on the front door, she'd felt altogether different from usual - summoned, not there by choice. Her obedient demeanor had got a subtle approving nod from her friend as she'd stepped through the door.

"Come through to the study," David said.

As he led her into the study, Amelia's gaze went straight to the large wooden desk. She appreciated the closed curtains behind. It was going to be embarrassing enough without an audience. She'd been in Charlotte's garden many times. Nobody could see in, but she still appreciated the privacy. The golden rattan cane laying on the desk stole her complete attention.

Picking up the punishment stick, he pointed to a spot in front of the desk, "Stand there."

She obeyed.

"Charlotte, over there please," he pointed to a spot against the wall near the door.

Against the wall, Charlotte was giving Amelia some notional privacy for her punishment, but still had an unrestricted view of the action.

"Amelia," he said, "Being stripped and caned in front of Charlotte will embarrass you. Not only do you deserve it, but it's important for all of us we do this with full transparency."

She'd expected nothing less, but her friend's gaze added weight to her shame. "I understand. I'm grateful to you both."

"Take off your skirt and put it there," he pointed at a chair behind her.

She unbuttoned the front of her denim skirt, unzipped it, pushed it down over her hips, stepped out of it and placed it on the chair.

Stripped to her plain white cotton panties in front of him, her situation sunk in and shame piled on top.

"These points are not the first on your license, are they?"

She looked down at the floor. "No."

"So you didn't learn from your mistake."

His scolding went to work on her guilt. She looked up at him and met his eye. "No, I didn't."

"Bend over," he commanded, pointing at the desk.

She turned, placed her forearms on the wooden surface and rested her weight on them. Bent down over his desk, her panties stretched tight across her cheeks as she widened her stance for support.

Riveted by her ringside seat, Charlotte admired Amelia's deep obedience, wishing for a moment it was her over the desk in her underwear. Her friend's vulnerability made her sex clench. She glanced at her husband in his dark slacks and shirt. He'd rested the cane against Amelia's bottom, the yellow rattan a perfect compliment to her friend's crisp white panties.

Denied her skirt, Amelia felt vulnerable. Being ordered over the desk by a firm man had plunged her sex into heat. She understood Charlotte on a whole new level. It was a deep pleasure to be made to obey.

The cane rested against her bottom. She held still.

"Twelve strokes," he announced. Charlotte had told her the price she'd have to pay. It had sounded harsh, at first, but her friend had reminded her she was old enough to know better and while six strokes would hurt, she was no longer a teenager and deserved to be held to account hard.

She relaxed her cheeks. It was hard to relax when any moment the rattan would impact her bottom and cause severe pain, but she remembered how much more it hurt when tense. It was hard to do the right thing, but she would take it well and with deep respect, no matter how much she had to suffer.

The rattan whipped hard into her behind. The shocking force stunned her as vicious heat burst in sharp agony across both cheeks. She cried out and rose a little from the desk. Pain escalating in her behind, obedience forced her back into position.

"I'll allow that reaction only once," David warned. "If it happens again, I'll repeat the stroke and add two more. Is that clear?"

"Yes," She panted through her pain, "I'm sorry." It was harsh but fair. She'd received the cane before, but it had been far too long. The uncontrolled thought shocked her. It was a blatant admission she deserved punishment more often.

Charlotte flooded her panties with pleasure. The tough telling-off ringing in her ears and the red line expanding beyond her friend's panties were heady fruit for her furious sex. She tried to look serious and keep her sexy state to herself.

Amelia held still as each stroke of the cane seared agonizing pain into her bottom. The fine and points had punished her the first time, but she'd not taken them to heart. Now, the message was being branded on her backside to reinforce the lesson. She took the ever increasing pain with dignity. It was her strict duty to show respect for her punishment. She'd earned it, and she'd asked for it.

David delivered consistent strokes, growing Amelia's agony. Between strokes, he glanced over at his wife. At his stern look, she ripped her hand from the waistband of her leggings.

"You're taking it well, Amelia," he said.

All her courage deployed to stay in place, she appreciated his approval. The cane tapped the sensitive curve where her bottom met her thighs.

"Last two strokes. Stay in place."

She sucked in her breath, spread her hands flat on the desk and bolted her feet to the floor. She knew he intended these last strokes to hurt her each time she sat down. Her soft flesh live with anticipation, she let out her breath in a gradual flow as she held the speeding ticket in her mind.

The cane sliced hard into her lowest curves. Without a pause, excruciating pain sizzled into her skin as the cane scorched a last line of intense fury, extending the burning band where she'd sit. Panting, she welcomed the shocking pain where it would hurt and last.

"Stand up," David said.

Obeying, she faced him, her butt on furious fire, "Thank you for caning me. I deserved it."

It was odd to thank someone for causing you intense pain, but every bone in her body cried out with respect for him. He'd given her no escape from his hard scolding or his painful thrashing, and his tough treatment meant everything to her.

"You took it with impeccable dignity. You're a good girl Amelia and I admire you for asking for what you deserved."

She held out her hand to him. Taken by the soft, formal gesture, he gave it a firm shake.

"This changes nothing between us, except I admire you more," he said, as he left the room.

Charlotte stepped over to the desk and wrapped her friend in an enormous hug. Every girl needed a hug after the cane, the bigger the better.

"Oh my god, it hurts," said Amelia.

"It's meant to. You've just received a severe caning."

Wriggling out of Charlotte's arms, Amelia put on her skirt. Rubbing her bottom through her denim, she said, "I deserved it, but I'd forgotten how bad it is."

Charlotte smiled.

"God, I feel tiny and sorry," Amelia said, straightening her skirt. "I understand why you said I'd want to be alone afterwards. I want to be on my own and reflect on my behavior while I'm so sore."

Charlotte led her friend to the front door. Giving her a quick hug, she said, "Off you go, call me."

Before stepping outside, Amelia gave her butt a good rub through her skirt, hoping it would last as far as the car, but knowing it wouldn't. As she walked down the street, she smiled to herself. It was going to be an agonizing drive, but it should be. A man going the other way returned her smile, thinking she'd directed it at him. Her self-respect soared. She'd taken her punishment. It hurt beyond words, but she was glad it did. She was a punished girl, and she needed to be. She would endure her pain for as long as it lasted. Free from crushing guilt, she walked tall to her car.

Closing the front door, Charlotte went up to the bedroom looking for David. She'd appreciated his graceful exit after he'd caned her friend. She appreciated more his hard body laying on the bed in only short tight red cotton trunks.

"Thank you so much David. You were masterful with her."

"It was a pleasure. She looked fantastic." There was no hiding from the truth. Amelia's bent bottom had made him hard.

Charlotte met her husband's eye as she stripped off her black leggings and top. "When Amelia bent over, it even turned me on," she said. "You did well not to show it."

His voice went as hard as nails and he held her gaze. "More than I can say for you. I saw your hand in the top of your leggings. You should have been more restrained."

"You're right. I'm sorry. I didn't touch myself, but I came close."

"It's sad to have to end the day this way," he said, climbing off the bed, "but I'm going to cane you."

She turned towards him, "It's fair. I disgraced myself and risked my friendship."

Amelia had trusted both of them. Her friend might not even disapprove of the private pleasure she felt in watching, but it still didn't excuse her behavior.

"She couldn't have seen you, but that's not the point, is it?"

"No." Horror descended on her at the enormity of her selfish deceit.

He pointed to the dressing table. "Pull out the chair."

She obeyed, standing behind it, engulfed in strict obedience.

"Bend over," he commanded.

She'd wanted to be the one bending over, now she had her wish, but the reason was disappointing. She felt his fingers in the elastic of her black cotton panties. Whisked down her legs, they pooled at her feet.

He walked over to the wardrobe and withdrew a thick cane. The dark rattan proved it wasn't the normal cane she felt.

"I bought this a few months ago, suspecting you'd need it someday. That day is today. This is a cane to fear. The strokes will penetrate deep and hurt beyond words. Your duty to me and to your friend was to maintain standards of behavior, despite the situation being exciting to you. You failed."

It had been an epic fail. Her hand should have been nowhere near her waistband, let alone tucked into it. The thick cane would hurt her more than any ever had. Desperate and scared, she wanted to deny she deserved it, but she couldn't. He must hold her to a higher standard than her friend. The very highest.

Her sex quivered as dread ripped down her spine. She croaked, her throat dry, "I'm sorry."

Standing behind her, he said, "You will be."

The stunning impact echoed around the room as the rattan rod buried deep into her bare cheeks and her skin erupted in fierce fire. Extreme agony intensified deep in her bottom as intense fire burned in a thick line. It took all her strength to hold the chair as he thrashed her, laying four lines of strict punishment deep into her tender cheeks.

She apologized to Amelia in her head, harder with each stroke. Ashamed of her misbehavior, she met each bout of pain with the deepest remorse. Her sex came to her rescue, proud of her repentance, and flooded her pain with waves of satisfaction.

Never more grateful to reach the end of a caning, she stood straight into his arms as he dropped the formidable cane on the floor.

She rubbed her bum as he held her, "I deserved that, but I've never been so punished."

"I don't expect to use it again for a very long time."

Letting go, he pulled her towards the bed.

"I have to be on top," she groaned, "my bottom hurts too much to touch the sheets."

He lay back, shoved off his tight red trunks, and she climbed onto him.

Kneeling, she slid down his length, drawing him into her. Riding his hardness with heady pleasure, she lifted herself, maximizing every moment. He'd beaten her for gross disobedience and cut her no slack. Her self-respect rose with her sex.

Reveling in his strength, she panted, "Use that cane on me whenever I deserve it."

"I will," he rasped, turned on by her hot and willing acceptance.

He flicked his thumbs over her bright wet nipples as her legs powered her pleasure. Unable to hold back, he lifted his back and punched his pleasure deep into her. Electrified, she crashed down on him. Orgasms poured through her sex, thrashing her body with outrageous pleasure.

Sated and sore, she slid off him, onto her front, her head on her pillow.

"We did a good thing tonight," he said, "Amelia wanted, and needed, it."

"It will do her the world of good. You just watch. She's a good girl. I think she's ready for a good man."