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When her spanking doesn't hurt enough, a dutiful girl asks for the cane
After reading a hidden book, a marketing executive gets hooked on spanking
Discovering a cane in a hotel, a horny girlfriend takes it home to her boyfriend
An obedient girlfriend bends over the kitchen table for her first ever caning
Itching for it, a willing girlfriend solicits a tough caning from her boyfriend
A girlfriend is grateful when her boyfriend imposes monthly punishment
A brave girlfriend faces strict cane strokes after lying
Changing her jeans, a girl exposes her caned bottom to a curious friend
Bare under her little black dress, a girl is caned for public disobedience
A popstar is caned for making a sex video which hurts her career
A young wife gets a bedtime spanking for bad manners
A new girlfriend is spanked over her boyfriend's knee for making life plans alone
A humble girl is made to wear tight panties and a see-through dress
A girl is belted in front of her friends for manipulating her boyfriend
A wife's plan to ask her husband for punishment gets accelerated when he discovers her plan
A caned wife is bare in the corner when her friends arrive to play tennis
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A female lawyer submits to her date, reveling in his strict authority