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Two best friends share an unexpected sleepover and their paddled and caned bottoms
A girlfriend clears her conscience bent over her boyfriend's desk before a girls' night out
Indiscretion leads two career girls to bed over the same dining table for the cane
Three best friends masturbate after sharing their worst punishments
A lawyer visits her disciplinarian after masturbating about her girlfriends' punishments
Three girlfriends bend for the cane after an explosive argument
A girlfriend takes home a punishment letter adding a spanking to her already caned bottom
Two couples discuss their punishment regimes over dinner
Paddled for excessive phone usage, a personal assistant finds like-minded friends
Meeting like-minded friends, an out-of-work personal assistant gets the chance of her life
A girl is belted in front of her friends for manipulating her boyfriend
Caning her friend, a female disciplinarian grows her business
A police officer costs her new friend a second paddling