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9. Masterclass (Part Two)

Spanking Story


A girl is belted in front of her friends for manipulating her boyfriend

«Beginning Part 10»


Clare stood beside their bed. Giving tonight's masterclass in home discipline had delighted Mark. Ashamed of how she'd used sex to push him into it, she accepted he must belt her. The prospect of getting it in front of Rebecca and Melody was turning her on. The idea of tonight's teaching had got her hot as soon as she'd imagined it during their coffee session. She hadn't pictured such stunning humiliation for herself, but Mark was right: tonight's demonstration beat a discussion, and her deceitful tactics deserved a severe belting.

Mark came into the bedroom, followed by Rebecca and Melody. The two girls took up positions near the dressing area.

"Clare. You used unnecessary pressure to talk me into tonight. Showing Melody how to get Martin to discipline her is something I'd have done, anyway. Your tactics were uncalled for."

"Sorry," she said, hoping like hell he didn't reveal what her tactics had been.

Turning to Melody, he said, "Tell Martin the benefits of being told off. You understand I presume."

"Very much so," Melody said.

"How would Martin know this? Why should he if you don't tell him? You're in an equal relationship. Tell him to make it unequal while he's punishing you. Give him permission to take over control. Tell him you wish to obey, no matter what. It's your obligation to make it crystal clear."

She nodded.

"Right, Clare. Lift your dress."

Clare raised the flimsy fabric, revealing nothing her friends hadn't already seen up close this evening.

"Bend over the bed."

Clare obeyed and turned her head so her friends could see her reactions. The embarrassment fueled her sex. She couldn't imagine doing this with some of her friends, but Rebecca and Melody were Angels. Both returned gentle smiles of understanding.

"Melody," Mark said. "I chose the bedroom to remind Clare this is a personal matter. Bending over the couch, chair or desk might be more suitable in other situations. Keep talking to Martin. He won't make the best decisions all the time, but tell him how it made you feel and he'll be in tune with you."

Undoing his belt, Mark ripped the black leather from his slacks. The powerful gesture thrust wet pleasure into Rebecca's sex. She couldn't believe she was watching Clare get belted. Her mind on overdrive, she lapped up every moment.

"Thirty strokes," he warned.

Clare's heart soared. It was ten more than she'd expected. The leather snapped as he doubled it in his hands, and the sweet sound of his dominance relaxed her.

A sharp crack crossed the room, starting at her bottom and filling the ears of her friends. Sting exploded across both cheeks. She didn't react. It would take more than a single stoke of the belt to affect her. Thank god, he'd sentenced her to thirty. She must appear strong in front of her friends.

The leather lashed her taut cotton, scorching her skin, offering no reprieve. Powerful sting escalated, testing her strength. As she panted hard, Rebecca threw her a proud smile. The respect calmed her.

The belt burned pain into her bare skin below her panties. Her disgraceful tactics in mind, the leather fired salvos of sting into her disobedient bottom.

"Do you deserve the last ten on your bottom or your legs?" he demanded.

Her sensitive skin answered for her. It begged her not to let him lash her legs. But her mind overrode its plea. "My legs, Mark."

Melody gasped.

Mark turned to her. "See the collaborative nature. Clare could have chosen the easy option and I would have respected her decision because I know her self-respect would never allow her to accept less than she deserves. But I gave her the chance to influence her punishment because it's possible I'm being too harsh. If I am, I want to know and the choice I gave her doesn't undermine my control."

Honoring his speech, Clare straightened her legs and sank to offer them to his cruel belt. They were to be made an example of for her friends' benefit.

Harsh sting erupted across her thighs as a volley of heat and hurt burned into her tender flesh. She winced but didn't flinch at the extraordinary pain as the belt branded fresh marks down her delicate legs. Fire built as he layered his strokes over the top of the first five stripes he'd thrashed into her thighs. Agony ripped through her, but she held still, determined not to embarrass herself in front of her friends no matter what she must go through. The pain stopped, but the heat kept hurting.

"Stand up," he ordered.

She rose and her light dress fell down as she turned towards him. Her friends' faces in the corner of her eye, she said, "Thank you for belting me. I'm sorry for my unbecoming tactics. I hope you'll accept my well-belted bottom as my honest promise never to do such a thing again."

He opened the same powerful arms which had belted her, and she stepped into them, his enjoyment of her obedience obvious against her.

Turning his head to Rebecca and Melody, he grinned, "Would you mind showing yourselves out. This part of the lesson you don't need teaching."

Melody burst into a grin, "Thank you, Mark."

Rebecca gave him a beaming smile, "Yes, thank you, Mark."

Both her friends looked over their shoulders as they left the bedroom, and Clare grinned. While they listened for the main door downstairs, Mark held her tight, pressing his manhood hard against her. Her sex denounced the delay. The steady click of the security lock carried to the bedroom like a starter's gun. He swept her into his arms and laid her on the bed.

Stripping, he said, "Well done. I mean for everything. Your attitude in your dress sent a potent message of absolute obedience. You were perfect."

"You were sensational," she said, "and your explanations were brilliant. Your command of me in front of them was ruthless. Don't stop now. I've never been more hot in this dress."

"Get it off," he growled. Climbing onto the bed in only his white shorts.

She ripped it over her head and released her bra. He pulled it from her arms and flung it aside, cupping her breasts. Her tight nipples scored his palms as his passionate kiss seared her lips. She rammed her nipples harder into his hands and begged, "Please."

"Did your tight panties punish you?" he growled.

"God, yes. Thank you for making me wear them. It's always humbling."

"Take them off," he ordered.

Watching her obey, he admired the red marks of the tight elastic on her skin, stroking his manhood at the visual evidence of her compliance.

Relieved of the punishing cotton, she cried, "Fuck me."

Her sex clenched his hardness as his control plunged deep inside her. His rapid, powerful strokes demanded her obedience. He took her to the brink of bliss, kept her there and made her wait as the fierce pressure fell away. With the denial of her orgasm, satisfaction in her strict obedience soared. She trusted him, never more so than in front of her friends tonight.

"Thirty was kind," she groaned.

"I'm proud of you for taking those last ten on your legs. You deserved them," he grunted as he powered her towards pleasure again, granting a mere glimpse of the release she coveted.

"I was so silly."

"And I belted you for it. You're forgiven."

With an enormous thrust, he drove his pleasure to her deepest depths and flung her over her desperate edge. A splendor of orgasms cascaded down her core, flooding her sex and ebbing away down her long belted legs.

The joy of obedience washed over her as he pulled her tight into his arms and held her. Her legs and bottom burned in agreement. She loved him. He'd been right to discipline her. He always was.

Rebecca didn't go straight home. She couldn't. After seeing Melody to her train, she went straight down the steps to the superstore under the city's terminal. It sold everything and was open twenty-four hours. She poured over the panties, singling out the most immature ones. Covered in pink dots and pale blue seahorses, the white cotton teased her. Just being seen picking up the panties spurred her over-heated sex as she took one size too small.

To reach the checkout, she had to walk through the entire clothes department. On the end of an aisle were cheap beach dresses in white with pink, blue or green stripes. They weren't as revealing as Clare's almost transparent white dress, but she snatched pink stripes off the rail. Holding it against her, the hem only just hid her sex.

The checkout girl looked at her as if sizing her up for the panties. Rebecca blushed, hoping her capability to calculate was off by the right degree. Keeping her gaze on other places, she flashed her phone at the pay terminal and packed the clothes into her shoulder bag.

Hot with visions of the punishment she'd apply to herself tonight, she walked home. Inside her apartment, she abandoned her jeans and top and stripped off her black underwear. Standing nude in her only room, she took her purchases into the bathroom and dressed in front of the mirror. The panties pulled tight over her sex and gripped her hips in rigorous obedience. She twisted. The elastic cut right across her bottom cheeks. In her mind, she'd earned a belting as bad as Clare's. Thirty strict strokes must lash into her almost bare skin for extreme disobedience. It mattered not what. Picking up the pink striped white cover-up dress, she drew it over her head.

A punished girl met her in the mirror. Her immature panties showed through the dress and her hard nipples tented it. The shame drove her wild as she swung to see the rear view. Pink dots and pale blue seahorses proved she required discipline like the young girl she was. Hurrying to her bed, she let the dress rise, displaying her innocent panties. God, it felt marvelous to be restricted and embarrassed. She could only just squeeze her hand into them. She'd pay for her pleasure.

Elastic squeezing the back of her hand, she hurled her finger at her clit, flicked herself hard and rubbed with fury. Soaked in the evening's pleasure, she imagined herself bent over the bed for a severe belting. She vowed to her sexy self that when she found the right man, she would bend over their bed, no matter what punishment he imposed. Her commitment sworn on herself, she came hard, digging her heels into her bed and thrusting her hips high as she saturated her innocent panties with hot, wet pleasure.

The walk from the station to her single family home, nestled into a slight rise, was only five minutes. It wasn't sufficient time for all Melody's thoughts. Neither had the twenty-minute train journey been enough. She needed hours to process everything Mark had said. He'd made punishment from Martin sound so reasonable. The more she sought arguments to avoid the future she craved, the more Mark's demonstration floored her.

Clare's joy had been obvious. That last grin. Lucky girl. Scolded, humiliated, belted and fucked. It was clear the courageous girl had loved it and hated it in equal measure. The pressure in her own sex had not slackened or slowed. Every bump on the train ride had threatened an instant orgasm. She would love Martin to shame her in tight, nieve panties, scold her and belt her. She'd never considered how much he needed to know it caused her pleasure and pain.

As she stepped onto her pathway, she resolved to write it all down. She would check she had every point Mark had made and then see if some neat notes would give her the courage to tackle her husband and ask him to correct her.

She'd try to compose a letter. It would give her a chance to make her points with the utmost perfection. She imagined writing her most secret dreams and her sex threatened instant obliteration.

Putting her key in her door, she realized it wasn't even a week since Martin had got annoyed with her for cutting off his sentences. It wasn't too late to still deal with it.