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9. Discretion

Spanking Story


Indiscretion leads two career girls to bed over the same dining table for the cane

«Beginning Part 10»

"Miss Roberts called me. She needs a lawyer," Jessica said, standing beside Clare's dining table in her friend's phenomenal penthouse.

Clare hung Jessica's navy Hugo Boss suit coat on a wooden hanger, placing it in her guest closet. "Why?"

Her convenient city penthouse had become a frequent refuge for her girlfriends. Jessica's evening stretched empty, her senior partner flying in, demanding an urgent strategy session at 10pm.

"A teenage girl's suing her, claiming emotional distress," Jessica said.

"Sounds unlikely. Miss Roberts cares."

"I know. She needs a discreet lawyer who understands her business."

"You're a corporate lawyer."

"A subtle distinction. She chose me to call. I promised to help her."

"She needs Anya," Clare said.

"I agree. But discretion matters."

"Anya might be overkill," Clare grinned. "She'd crush this stupid girl."

Jessica's conversation stopped Mark dead in his tracks. Concealed in the study corridor, he listened as their comfortable discussion revealed Jessica knew Miss Roberts. Retreating towards his study, various dots connected. Jessica knew Miss Roberts disciplined Clare. She must realize Clare couldn't hide her discipline from him. Girls talked. Clare would have admitted he also punished her.

Reclining in his executive chair, he contemplated his girlfriend's situation. She trusted Jessica with her secret. He liked Jessica. She was forthright, smart, and beautiful. Jessica must know he punished Clare.

He smiled. Clare had become trapped between her friend and him. Informing him would compromise Jessica's privacy. He enjoyed Clare's satisfaction in their bedroom after she'd seen Miss Roberts. Discovering Jessica shared Clare's inner strength wasn't a surprise.

Entering the kitchen, Mark gave Clare a brief kiss on her cheek. Her favorite black jersey body-con dress highlighted her exquisite curves as she stirred her vibrant stir-fry.

"Hi, Jessica," he said, greeting her with a peck on her cheek. Since he'd become aware she got disciplined, her navy Hugo Boss skirt and white long sleeve blouse appeared sharper.

"Jessica's got a 10pm meeting with her boss. We're having Stir-fry, okay?" Clare asked.

"Perfect," he smiled.

Seated around one end of their dining table, Jessica tucked into her stir-fry with gusto. Shooting Clare a saucy grin, she said, "No wonder this stir-fry hooked Mark. I'm falling in love with you."

Simple conversation flowed while they ate. Mark watched both girls with admiration. He'd settled on a plan to release Clare from her treasure trove of conflicting secrets. Only half-empty wineglasses remaining, he asked, "Jessica, discretion is essential in your job, isn't it?"

"Of course."

He transferred his gaze to Clare. "It's also vital in yours, isn't it?"

"Indeed," Clare frowned.

Both girls stared at him, their faces etched with intense curiosity.

Focused on Jessica, he said, "I overheard your conversation earlier. It's clear you visit Miss Roberts." His gaze switching between them, he said, "I can't imagine a chat between you, which didn't extend further."

Beneath his neutral voice, Clare felt his threatening undertone. Her stomach flittered. "Jessica knows you punish me. I've told her specifics." She explained how they'd bumped into each other outside Miss Roberts' house, and their resulting girls' night.

"Does me knowing embarrass you?" he asked Jessica.

She nodded. "I know, from Clare, you understand. It helps me."

"Your secret is safe with me. I admire you."

Watching their exchange, Clare relaxed. "We love sharing this special part of our lives. Had I told you, I'd have broken Jessica's privacy. I'm glad you know."

His stern gaze fell on her. "You may be less glad. You've been talking out of turn. I appreciate Jessica could deduce our secret. However you shared intimate specific details."

Excited to share this secret part of her life, she'd exposed her paddled bottom to Jessica. Her indiscretion would hurt. She craved his harsh sanction, so she could enjoy her freedom guilt free.

Fixing her with his steely gaze, he said, "You must suffer the consequences. I'll cane you tonight. Six hard strokes."

Her sex flooded in fresh liquid respect. Sentenced in front of her girlfriend, shame drenched her. Jessica knew, but her friend hearing her actual sentence announced humiliated her.

Facing Jessica, he said, "Discussing a lady, whose legal needs are confidential, in a vast open-plan apartment lacks discretion you claim to understand. I'm also certain you probed for details about Clare's punishments. You deserve two serious lessons in discretion. One hard one will suffice. You need caning, Jessica."

Jessica's sex cheated on her, clenching in wet perfection as he scolded her. Desperate to ignore it, she lost her intimate battle. Wet at his stiff sentence, announced in her friend's presence, she bowed her head.

"You may visit Miss Roberts and report your punishment to me. I'll trust you. Or you may bend over along with Clare and I'll cane you both tonight."

Clare's sex shot stars. Punished, humbled, and embarrassed beside her friend. God, he was tough.

Jessica remained cool while her sex melted. Glancing at his muscular biceps, she imagined he'd hurt her more than Miss Roberts did. Her sex demanded she accept her well deserved punishment. Blushing in embarrassment, she glanced at Clare. Her friend's bright smile gave her raging sex a green light.

Smiling encouragement, Mark said, "You'll bend over this dining table, keeping your skirt on. I'll cane you hard and expect perfect obedience. Expect your bottom to hurt for several days. You'll suffer acute pain for about three minutes while I cane you. Disobedience will earn you extra strokes."

Jessica discovered her voice. "I dug for details and tonight I was indiscreet. I'm sorry, Mark. It will embarrass me, but you should cane me. I deserve it."

Two smiling faces delighted him. He said, "I've also a suggestion for approaching Anya. Clare, fetch the cane."

Clare obeyed, taking the stairs to their discipline cupboard while he cleared their glasses. Placing them beside the sink, he returned to the dining table and leaned against it beside Jessica.

Holding her head high, Jessica felt his powerful male authority charge the atmosphere. She respected him for giving her equal treatment. Glancing at his hands, she admired their size. They'd grip the cane, which would thrash her.

Her gaze rose to her friend marching down the magnificent glass stairs to her fate, bearing a slender rattan cane. Her demanding sex dampened at her friend's strict obedience.

Taking the cane, he tapped it on the dark dining table, his gaze on his girlfriend. "Bend over."

Clare obeyed, her black jersey stretching across her bent bottom. It was odd to wear her dress. She doubted her tight jersey would reduce her pain. Offering Jessica modesty was appropriate, but she wouldn't have minded stripping to her panties.

Standing near the stairs, Jessica admired her friend's bent behind. Her beautiful obedience set a high standard. Bent for the cane, her friend's presented bottom plunged fresh dampness into her throbbing wet sex.

Clare slowed her breathing. She'd shared intimate details. She'd even shown Jessica her paddled bare bum. He was right. She deserved a caning.

Fiery heat seared her skin. Burning pain erupted as the rattan rod indented her soft cheeks, transferring its momentum into burning heat, correcting her tragic disobedience. She panted, pleased her high cut black lace panties provided scant protection. She'd let Mark down. It had been a devil's choice, but she still deserved his wrath. Their relationship demanded he hold her to account.

The rattan cracked across her bottom, firing fierce heat into her cheating cheeks. She'd shared their private pleasure with her friend. Her bottom should suffer. Her sex respected her deep humility, swallowing her pain, merging it into fervent desire.

Grateful for her intense pleasure, she welcomed her bursts of acute pain. She wanted him to discipline her. Humbled in her friend's presence, her molten sex throbbed as it flooded her panties.

Breathing hard, she took her punishment in silence, proud her friend was watching each dutiful stroke as it sliced fury into her wicked bottom.

"Stand up," he ordered.

Forced to obey under her friend's humiliating gaze, she faced her boyfriend, "Thank you for caning me. I'm sorry I was indiscreet."

"You took your punishment well. Swap places."

Leaving her bottom to burn, she assumed Jessica's position, watching her friend approach the dining table under Mark's command. Jealousy flooded her, dissolving into respect. Her friend had admitted her part in their indiscretion, accepting Mark's cane in punishment.

Jessica faced the dining table, drowning in submission. Her thoughtless conversation deserved punishment. She'd elected to take Mark's offer and obey him.

"Bend over," he commanded, his cane tip tapping the table's edge.

Her short navy skirt rose as she complied, its split allowing her to spread her legs for firm support. Barefoot, her heels incompatible with the cherry wood floor, she peered at the table where she'd eaten dinner. Drum-tight on her backside, she feared the cane might bounce off her skirt.

The cane tapped her taut skirt in warning. Instant agony sliced through her Hugo Boss protection, scorching a slim line of sharp pain. She gritted her teeth as the heat soared, doubling every second until her single cane line consumed her whole bottom.

Pressing her palms into the table, she stayed dead still. Mark deserved respect. He'd hurt her. It hadn't been a token sting, he'd caned her full force. Her agony inspired reverence and her sex agreed. Only white string panties beneath his harsh strokes powered through her skirt, burning into her bare bottom.

The cane cut into her skirt, growing her hurt as she strove to take her punishment with grace. Scolding herself for her indiscretion, her sex accepted her humble dignity, sweeping her excruciating pain into respectful pleasure.

She took her caning in silence, every agonizing stroke growing her respect. His male force behind each stroke dominated her. She needed his punishment and welcomed his ruthless execution of his duty.

She wouldn't respect a boyfriend unless he punished her. It made finding a suitable one impossible. His last cruel stroke fired intense fury into her careless bottom. Her self-respect soared with her overwhelming pain as his last stroke peaked her agony.

Her sex lapped up her burning hurt as it blossomed to full, radiating intensity.

"Stand up," he commanded.

She rose and faced him, her hands by her sides, her bottom on pure fire. "Thank you for being hard on me. I deserved it. I respect you for caning me."

"You took your punishment well, Jessica. I'm glad you chose to."

His penetrating gaze touched her heart. "You're a kind man, Mark. Next time you need to cane me, I won't expect the comfort of my skirt."

He smiled. He knew they'd employ their method of punishment again. Her soft submission alongside Clare had impressed him.

Clare wrapped Jessica in her arms and whispered, "You're an honorable friend. You took your caning with finesse."

"You too," Jessica whispered, enveloping her friend. "It was very humiliating having you watch. Humiliating and hot."

Smiling, they separated, rubbing their caned bottoms. Clare waited next to the stairs. Jessica leaned on the kitchen wall.

Jessica grinned. "Mark, you've given me a fair beating, now help me approach Anya."

He smiled at her confidence. He loved well-disciplined girls. "In college I had an Indian girlfriend. Indian girls often get caned growing up. I bet Anya was. Ask her. If she denies it, she'll have friends who got it."

"We'll approach her together," Clare said. "We can't help Miss Roberts without Anya discovering our secret."

After Jessica departed sore for her office, Clare glanced at Mark, her head tilted towards their stairs. He required no prompting. Ripping her dress over her head, she revealed her skimpy black lace lingerie, walking up to bed.

Close behind, he admired his six deep red lines stamped across her bare cheeks. "Did it hurt through your dress?"

"Hell, yes. It was ferocious."

"Too hard?"

"It hurt as it must," she replied, wandering to their expansive bedroom windows. "You thrilled Jessica when you gave her equal treatment. Did you enjoy caning her? Be honest, it won't upset me."

"Her bottom filled out her gorgeous short skirt. A smart, beautiful girl bending for her caning is electric."

Touching herself through her lace, she watched him undress. "I became hot watching you cane her. Her obedience was classic."

His clothes dumped on their bedroom floor, his erect manhood proved he shared her desire.

"Thank you for thrashing us. I hated keeping a secret."

"I know," he replied, stroking his manhood.

"Allow me," she said. Kneeling on their soft white rug for his pleasure, she salivated at her submission. Taking his hardness in her mouth, she sucked him, tormenting his rock hard member with her sweet tongue. His hands guiding her head, his gentle touch commanded her as she serviced him. Bucking in her mouth, he came hard, releasing his rich stream of cum down her throat.

She swallowed, stood, and kissed him, her lips delivering her deepest respect. Laying on their bed, she thrust her hand in her black lace panties. "I almost came when you announced my punishment in front of Jessica."

He joined her.

"Watch me play with myself," she begged.

She undid her lace bra, freeing her pert breasts and excited nipples. One hand dealt with both her nipples, the other rubbed her clit as she re-lived her obedience.

"You bent me over in front of Jessica," she panted. "She watched me obey. I was bent and punished." Keeping herself in exquisite torment, she said, "Jessica bent on your command. You bent her over and caned her tight skirt."

Panting between words, she said, "You thrashed me and my friend." Breathless, her finger slicked in her juices, she muttered, "You caned me while Jessica watched." Her legs shot out, orgasms bursting over her hand as she tensed, dominated by waves of indulgent pleasure.

He enjoyed her blatant show.

She rolled towards him, her hand still in her panties, drenched in desire. "I'm going to masturbate for days, re-living tonight." She hoped he'd realize her point. "My naughty thoughts include Jessica."

Her face told him her tale. She was getting off on intense thoughts of her friend, unsure she should, powerless to prevent it.

"The heavy punishment belt in our discipline cupboard strikes fear into out-of-control girls. I'll give you several days to enjoy your wicked thoughts, before I thrash you. It's a heavy penalty you must pay for your stray, selfish dreams."

Bold passion radiated from her. "Thank you," she panted. His threat was perfect. Coming again hard, her eyes locked on his, orgasms crushed her as she panted, "I'm sorry, but not sorry."

Wrapping her in his arms, he grinned, "Enjoy it, because it's going to cost you."