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Clare, Jessica and Anya

At the Top Season 1
1. Caught
A personal assistant comes during her strict office caning
Disrespect leads a personal assistant to request six extra strokes of the cane
A personal assistant visits her strict disciplinarian and tells her boyfriend
Overstepping, an experienced personal assistant feels the power of her riding crop
A well-dressed girlfriend visits her disciplinarian after her behavior crosses the line
A girlfriend hosts a successful business dinner after her irritated boyfriend straps her
Two best friends share an unexpected sleepover and their paddled and caned bottoms
A girlfriend clears her conscience bent over her boyfriend's desk before a girls' night out
Indiscretion leads two career girls to bed over the same dining table for the cane
A college girl gets caned and strapped for lying to her parents and her future boss
11. Payment
Years after her schoolgirl crime, a principled human rights lawyer get the caning she deserves
Three best friends masturbate after sharing their worst punishments
Questioning her strapping, a girlfriend feels the punishment belt on her wet, bare bottom
A lawyer visits her disciplinarian after masturbating about her girlfriends' punishments
A lawyer escalates a first date when her potential boyfriend approves of her punishment regime
A lawyer bends over for the cane from her boyfriend on their first date to prove she'll obey him
Three girlfriends bend for the cane after an explosive argument
A girlfriend takes home a punishment letter adding a spanking to her already caned bottom
A girlfriend's caned thighs are exposed by short shorts on a forest walk
Two couples discuss their punishment regimes over dinner
21. Accused
Ignoring protocol, a junior employee demands her female boss accept the cane.
22. Respect
Rushing to judgement, a human rights lawyer is caned in front of her junior employee
A junior employee gets the ruler she deserves from the female boss she respects
Touching her toes, an honorable girlfriend is caned for sulking
Paddled for excessive phone usage, a personal assistant finds like-minded friends
Meeting like-minded friends, an out-of-work personal assistant gets the chance of her life