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19. Down Payment

Spanking Story


A girlfriend's caned thighs are exposed by short shorts on a forest walk

«Beginning Part 20»

Bright Sunday sunshine filtered around Clare's penthouse bedroom curtains. With Mark asleep, she slipped from their bed and stood watching him. Her powerful man at rest. She'd fallen asleep without him. Waking to his male warmth was divine.

Afraid her look might wake him, she tiptoed into their ensuite. She'd already laid today's lingerie on the cream cushioned stool. Noting Jessica's pretty navy panties, she'd decided she should wear special underwear for her man. A soft, detailed crimson lace bra lay on matching mini bikini panties, pure cotton over her bum and a pretty lace front.

She luxuriated in her powerful shower, shifting forward to scrutinize her naked bottom in the mirror. Her hairbrush marks had vanished. Only faint clues suggested she'd received a recent caning. Her heavy humiliation had consumed her. Forced to comply, her friends watching, she'd surrendered to him, accepting his authority, showing her friends she was an obedient girlfriend, subject to his strict command.

Memories of her intense humiliation, her friends watching her punishments, had driven her hand into her panties yesterday, reliving his masterful correction. With Mark visiting mates, she'd retired to her bed often, her memories powering her fingers. Her sensational humiliation made her horny. She'd admitted it to herself yesterday, acknowledging it must happen again.

Drying herself, she slid into her crimson underwear, premium Swiss cotton caressing her curves. Wiping the mirror with her towel, her adult underwear belied the troublesome girl sent to her room. She'd masturbated yesterday, his authoritative voice in her head ordering her to her bedroom, his tough tone driving increasing shame.

She'd loved his forceful order, but shouldn't have needed it.

Easing the bathroom door open, she peeped. He was awake. She marched to their bed in her confident crimson lingerie. Sliding beneath their quilt, she pressed against his solid, warm body.

"Gorgeous. Stunning," he whispered, drawing her into him.

"I wore it for you. I don't wear pretty underwear for you often enough."

"You're beautiful," he said, lifting their comforter to examine her crimson adorned curves.

He kissed her. His lips heated hers, his erection pressing his white boxers hard against her bare legs, undeniable proof of her effect on him.

Cupping her sex, his solid hand fed male heat through her delicate lace, pulsing potent pleasure. Breaking for breath, she said, "Getting punished in front of my friends humiliated me. I can't stop enjoying the memory. I want it again, somehow."

"They deserved to see you punished. I'm glad it also turned you on."

"Getting sent to my bedroom also did," she said. "But I shouldn't have needed it. Please treat me like an adult and punish my phenomenal immaturity."

Driving to his mates yesterday, he'd wondered if he should tackle her immaturity in their adult relationship. He loved discovering they thought alike. Hardening his tone, he said, "You're a woman. Getting sent to your bedroom to calm down deserves severe recognition."

Melting under his sternness, his massive hand thrust quivers through her dampening panties.

"Go to our discipline cupboard and fetch the senior cane."

Sliding from their bed, she smiled to herself. He'd understood she yearned for no mercy. He hadn't used the senior cane on her. Thicker, darker and heavier, it taught harsh lessons.

His crisp order sending her to her bedroom had driven orgasms and disappointment in equal measure. She was his partner. Her immaturity deserved punishment. The senior cane would deliver necessary distress, her maturity a proper, appreciative response.

When she returned, he stood near their bed, his boxers stretched by his hardness. She loved that her simple obedience turned him on.

He took the cane, flexing it with authority. Far stiffer than their regular cane, it still yielded to his pressure.

"I'll brand your immaturity on your thighs where it will embarrass you. Excruciating pain will pierce your foolishness, demanding instant maturity."

Lowering her head, she said, "Thank you. I'm sorry."

"Bend over the bed."

Soft crimson cotton tightened over her bottom as she obeyed her boyfriend, bending over their bed, submitting to his will.

The thick cane tapped her sensitive thighs. She braced herself.

"Getting sent to your bedroom to calm down isn't intelligent adult behavior."

His stern words reached her heart. Heavy rattan tore torment across her soft, girlish flesh. She yelled. The bitter blast bit into her delicate skin, driving pain deep. She stamped her feet, hissing to ease her single line of agony.

"I'm sorry, Mark," she cried out. Apologizing helped with her pain as heat soared from her seared legs.

He considered lenience. A single stroke had induced deep sorrow. His eyes soaked in his obedient girlfriend, bending in her smart crimson underwear. Her pretty panties reminded him she was a sophisticated young woman, deserving no leniency.

An inch lower, the cane lashed her tender thighs, branding a further advertisement of her transgression. Separate simultaneous bands of burn brought her close to tears. As a woman, it must hurt her. Her tears subsided as her resolve stiffened.

His cane scorched her skin, thrashing her naked thighs. He'd sent her disobedient legs to her bedroom. Whipped for her immaturity, she straightened her legs, accepting her just suffering.

The rattan struck her thighs, just below her bottom, stealing her breath. She panted at their quilt as intense heat soared in her legs, burning parallel, painful lines in perfect proportion.

"I expect better from you," he said. "You may stand."

Grateful for his harsh intolerance, she rose, her welts compressing her pain as she turned and confronted her intelligent boyfriend. "Thank you for thrashing my immaturity out of me. I respect you for giving me a severe beating."

"Get to bed." He grinned. "Your discomfort won't impede our plans today, but we can ease it."

Desperate to flee her flaming legs, she climbed onto their bed, shoved the quilt aside and laid her burning legs on the cool white sheet. Thanking him with fiery thighs had flushed liquid heat into her humble sex.

Lying beside her, he cupped her crimson sex, his authority permeating her fragile lace. "In my panties," she begged. He obliged, rubbing her wet, engorged clit, pulsing pleasure into her pained legs. The best painkiller flowed into her tender thighs as she spread them, taking her torment as her caned legs slid over the sheets.

Sliding his hand beneath her, he snapped open her bra. Ripping it off, she dropped it beside the bed. Her keen fingers went straight to her brazen nipples.

His finger buzzed her body, delivering thrilling pleasure from her clit, demanding she follow her desire. Inching off her panties, their elastic drew agony from her fresh weals as he pinned her to the bed with his strong finger.

Kneeling, he ripped down his boxers, held himself over her, and entered her soaking sex. Thrusting his manhood deep inside her, he rolled, pulling her onto her side, relieving her sore thighs as he drove her to desperation.

Engorged on his erection, she hugged him, smashing her sensitive nipples against his solid chest, driving herself insane as he exploded his desire deep inside her. Impaled on his pulsing manhood, she came hard, gripping his body with zeal as overwhelming orgasms swept her into waves of unimaginable bliss.

He parked his black Mercedes S-Class beside a silver Honda sedan. She glanced around the forest parking lot. A recreational vehicle and a Fiat joined the Honda. Good to his word, her punishment hadn't derailed their planned forest walk.

Twenty miles from their home, these hills tempted her from her bathroom window. The graveled path rose into tall dense trees, descending through five miles on its circular return.

He gave her a water bottle as they walked, leaving dark chocolate, peanuts and a light-weight surprise for her in his black backpack.

Glancing at her blue and white striped cotton summer dress, he considered her surprise. She'd asked to suffer heavy humiliation again. He hoped she'd meant it.

Ten minutes up the forest trail, he paused, slipping his backpack from his shoulders.

She watched as he burrowed into his backpack, admiring his brawny arms in full control. Shock overcame her as he offered her a black tee and her denim cutoffs.

"Get changed," he ordered.

His strict command dampened her sex. Exposed on the path, pleasure throbbed at her forced humiliation. His stern gaze held her in strict compliance. She lifted her summer dress over her head, giving it to him. Standing on the trail in only her crimson underwear, she glanced both ways.

"Other walkers will see your caned thighs. Face facts. I've punished you for immaturity. You deserve heavy humiliation."

He spotted a slight smile, suggesting she liked his idea.

"If anyone comments, you acknowledge you deserved it. If required, you must explain why."

"Yes, Mark," she said, her voice disclosing her heightened desire.

Humbled by her bared thighs, she yanked on her black tee, buttoning her shorts over her bright crimson panties. Rich red cane lines provided public evidence she'd suffered a severe punishment. Her humbled sex throbbed. She was going to be adult about her humiliating disgrace.

They resumed their pace. A fast-walking couple overtook them. Peering back, the girl beamed at her. Clare blushed. She couldn't help it. She wished they'd stopped, and she'd talked to the girl. Explaining herself would have delivered gorgeous humiliation.

Heightened fear of frequent embarrassment kept her sex agitated. She leaned into him often, conveying her satisfaction in his harsh treatment. He'd caned her bare legs, hard. Others should see her embarrassment. She deserved her tough public humiliation.

Spared further humiliation during their forest walk, she welcomed their return. Approaching their car, an older couple was returning to the silver Honda sedan parked beside them. She passed the lady, not shirking her inevitable encounter.

Proud beside her car door, she met the older lady's gaze.

"Did you deserve it?" the lady asked.

"I did," Clare admitted, beaming.

"I'm glad. You'll feel better soon, I'm sure."

"I do already. Thank you," she replied, slipping into her seat, easing her sore bare legs onto their refined nappa leather.

"Did you enjoy your humiliation?" Mark asked as he reversed from their space.

Unsnapping her denim cutoffs, she shoved them down her steaming hot legs. Plunging her hand into her crimson lace, she circled her incensed clit, pressing hard against her demanding climax as he sped through the forest towards the highway.

"She saw my marks," she panted. "They know you caned me, and approve." Powering her soaking sex, her humiliating encounter stole her mind. She relived her mortal embarrassment, discussing her obvious discipline. Panting in fury beside her dominant man, she arched her back, came hard with a desperate cry, soaking her fingers with sticky pleasure.

Grabbing a tissue from the glove compartment, she wiped her fingers. Spinning her bright crimson bottom in the air, she reached behind for his backpack.

Unable to ignore her curved crimson offering, he landed a hard spank on her panties. "Don't distract the driver," he said.

Back in her seat, his stinging spank suffusing pleasure into her willing sex, she tore into her dark chocolate. "Sorry," she said. Her tone betrayed her lie. She'd loved his strong male spank.

"Don't worry, it was a down payment. I'll finish your spanking at home."

"Why wait?" She waved ahead.

Her tease drew his attention to the forest track peeking from the trees in one hundred yards. Blasting his Brembo brakes, he decelerated his powerful saloon, swinging onto the dirt track.

The thrilling deceleration thrust power into her naughty sex. Her careless panty provocation had earned her a sound spanking. Her desperate masturbation deserved his stinging hand.

As he stopped the car, she clambered between their seats, delighted by the privacy glass. Only a direct view through the windscreen would expose their inevitable coupling. Driven by dare, she shed her shorts from her ankles.

Biting her lip in coquettish craziness, she said, "I need spanking, sir."

Taking the simple route, he slammed his door, ripping open the rear one. Sliding into the rear seat, he pulled her down over his knee.

Taken in hand, her damp sex throbbed against his jeans. His rock solid manhood pressed into her hip.

"You distracted the driver with your sexy panties and urgent masturbation."

His heavy hand spanked her skimpy panties. She groaned. His dominance had driven her entire day. Nowhere could please her more than over his knee, her panty-clad bottom getting spanked.

Her hands on the cream carpet, heavy spanks burned her deserving backside.

"I'm not sorry," she said.

"I know."

His fingers grabbed into her panty elastic. Delicious submission plunged through her core as she lifted her hips, losing her panties. Hard spanks burned her bare skin. Intense sting burst over her entire backside. She loved his kindness. He'd delivered genuine public disgrace. Desire burned heat into her desperate sex. Her vigorous self-pleasure had left her desperate for any hardness on offer.

"Six of my hardest spanks. Count them out loud," he commanded.

She adored being forced to show her obedience. His massive hand bit vicious sting into her girl flesh.

"One," she cried. "Thank you, sir."

He hadn't demanded her thanks, but it thrilled him. Her total capitulation was a sincere submission. Shifting around her reddened cheeks, he landed six solid spanks, each met with grateful thanks.

Every furious spank resonated through her soaking sex. His complete control of her bare bottom proved his exquisite command of her. She thanked him, her pride deepening with every honest utterance.

His warm palm resting on her spanked bottom, his gentle strokes on her back poured love into her heart. "Please, may I get up?"

He helped her up, her panties lost on the floor. She straddled him in the center of the rear seat. Rising on her knees, he undid his jeans, shoving them between her legs.

Pulling his erection from his white shorts, she drew him into her sex, releasing a guttural groan as he plunged further into her. Freeing her breasts beneath her tee, his heated hands consumed them, forcing her crimson lace out of his way. Her nipples poked his palms, firing rockets into her electrified sex as she rode his hardness, her hands pressed against the headrests.

"Thank you for spanking my bare bottom," she moaned.

Melting under his firm command her of sex, she cried, "Thank you for making me suffer public disgrace."

"I saw how hot it made you."

"You're a god," she said.

"Maybe," he grinned.

Her pleasure thrilled him. He thrust hard, the full force of her pleasure releasing him to revel in her deep humiliation. Coming hard, his pleasure exploded into her.

Flinging an arm over her sensitive nipples, she shattered her pleasure over his hardness, respect flooding her sex with hot liquid, clearing her pent-up pleasure in a frenetic barrage of heavy orgasms, each crashing her harder onto his knees.

Spent, she collapsed into him, exhausted. "I can't promise to behave, but I promise, with all my humble heart, to obey you."