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23. Back to School

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A junior employee gets the ruler she deserves from the female boss she respects

«Beginning Part 24»

Carly approached Anya's office at 6pm, her fate inside. She feared Anya's disdain more than her potential punishment. Her self-respect required her to get punished. Whatever its form, it beat piles of guilt, heightened by Anya's own respectful dignity.

Knocking, she heard an encouraging welcome. Entering, she closed the door.

Gesturing to her two straight-backed chairs facing her desk, Anya said, "Sit." She closed her green folder, sliding it to the edge of her desk. She'd needed today to complete its details, hence setting her meeting with Carly for 6pm.

Holding Carly's gaze, she said, "You know why I've called you in."

Thrilled by Anya's stern tone, Carly replied, "Yes, boss, for swearing at you. I'm sorry."

"You weren't arguing your case. You were just plain rude." She'd understood Carly's concerns. The younger girl needed meaningful correction.

Her scolding rippling down her spine, Carly said, "I'm sorry."

Anya paused. Imagining this conversation, she'd realized she must be direct. "We recognize corporal punishment as proper discipline."

Carly edged forward. She could sense it coming. It needed to happen. Her boss must thrash her foolish bottom.

"I plan to beat you," Anya said. "An embarrassing, painful punishment, I believe will prove effective."

"I agree," Carly said. "It sets a precedent. You're my boss. Sometimes, you must thrash me."

Anya smiled. She'd hoped Carly would agree. She'd prepared for her likely objections. Her ready agreement to this and future punishments provided a sensible framework.

Carly said, "Your gracious attitude yesterday obliges me to bend. I'll take my thrashing. I deserve it. Make it tough."

Anya nodded. She understood. Her caning still hurt through her thin skirt. Yesterday, she'd shown Carly immense respect. It didn't surprise her, Carly reflected it back.

"We'll check the office is empty and hunt for a means to punish you."

Taking separate ways around the circular corridor connecting their working space, Carly began in the kitchen. Flicking a plastic spatula into her palm, disappointment reigned. Lacking flex, the spatula delivered ineffective sting.

A worn tennis shoe wasn't likely to appear by magic. It would give her an excellent whacking. Imagining the flexible rubber sole, she opened their stationary cupboard. Packed with interesting items, she'd expected inspiration. Despite its abundance of handy tools, none would impart solid punishing smacks on her deserving bottom.

Peering into lawyers' offices, she didn't feel she could rummage through their drawers. Photos decorated desks. Certificates adorned walls. However, her gaze uncovered nothing long, flat, thin or flexible.

Halfway, she met Anya, brandishing a pale wood yardstick ruler.

"Buried beneath clutter in the boardroom cupboard," Anya said. "We used it last year to build a diagram for a court presentation. Applied hard, I bet it hurts." She knew it stung like hell. She'd smacked her palm to check. It still tingled.

Carly's stomach tightened. Her legs became jelly. "It's going to hurt tons."

Anya frowned. "Of course it is. Your bottom needs to sting. You're getting punished."

Carly recovered. "It feels strange to select a stick for my beating."

"I imagine it's embarrassing, but between us it's normal. I'm your boss and you've earned a sound beating, young lady."

"Yes, boss. Thank you. I'm sorry. I deserve it." Her attitude in order, she followed Anya back to her office.

Anya stepped behind her desk. Resting the ruler on its surface, she slid a one-page agreement towards Carly.

Scanning the headline, Carly signed without reading it. Whatever its terms, she'd sign it with her bottom. Her Employee Punishment Agreement thrilled her. Its existence guaranteed Anya wouldn't hesitate to thrash her.

Anya smiled, tucking it in her desk drawer. "I'll determine how efficient this ruler is, smacking you until I feel you're sorry."

"Yes, boss. I'm sorry I took advantage of our close relationship." Her bottom would sting to her boss's satisfaction.

Anya shifted her laptop to the sideboard. "You swore at me. You've earned your smacking fair and square. I'll apply this stick to your panties."

Carly bit her lip. She'd expected to strip. Cooperating with her punishment forced genuine humility. Under her boss's strict control, she waited.

"Drop your jeans," Anya ordered. Tapping the ruler against her palm, she watched Carly struggle to comply.

Drowning in shame, Carly's pride grew. She raised her gaze and met Anya's eye as she unsnapped the button on her black jeans. Pushing them to her knees, she revealed her black cotton bikini panties.

Stripped to her panties in her boss's office, shame washed over her. Her thin protection would allow the yardstick to hurt her. It must. "I'm sorry I swore at you."

Adopting her sternest tone, Anya said, "I'll ensure your bottom keeps you sorry." Rounding her desk, she commanded, "Bend over."

Driven by her boss's strict order, she familiarized herself with the smooth black surface. Reaching for the far side, she grasped it, her black panties taut on her offered bum.

Anya studied her yardstick ruler. Thirty-six inches long, red markings delineated inches along the pale wood. A fifth of an inch thick, it seemed strong. She'd use it hard. A tentative punishment was terrible. Better it sting like blazes.

Carly steadied her breathing as the ruler tapped her panties. Unsure if she'd even get spanked, she'd worn panties with a stylish cut, in case. Her foresight rewarded her.

"Your language was disgusting for a respectable girl," Anya scolded.

Digesting her scolding, the ruler cracked into her panties. Instant sting exploded, dispersing fast. It was bearable. She wouldn't embarrass herself.

The dull crack on soft cotton disappointed Anya. Despite her best intentions, she'd resisted applying her full strength. Remembering her employee's lamentable words, she slammed the yardstick into her cotton panties.

"You meant that," Carly said, squirming in admiration. Sharp sting suffused her cheeks as she peeped through her auburn neck-length hair. Anya's smart skirt suit fit her commanding stance.

Bent over her boss's desk, her shame weighed on her. She deserved her spanking. Memories of her dreadful words abounded. Dignified discipline would erase her terrible memory. She admired Anya for making her bend.

Gripping her ruler, Anya swung it hard, cracking it against Carly's skimpy panties.

Panting, Carly processed the ruler's burning bite. Her skin prickled as fierce sting spread.

Sharp impacts and Carly's audible response told Anya her strokes hurt.

"When you disagree, you must still show me respect," Anya scolded. She sounded harsh to herself.

Carly straightened her legs, presenting her sore bottom. Anya smiled. Her scolding had hit a nerve.

Carly appreciated her telling-off. Her rudeness hurt. Stinging her bum, the ruler returned fast, delivering three swift, solid whacks. Repeated impacts left lasting sting. Honoring her boss's efforts, she stayed still as sting stormed her bottom.

Anya repeated her three-in-a-row pattern.

Carly cried out. Rhythmic strokes laid pain inches deep across her soft cheeks. Sorrow filled her heart. She'd been a bitch to her boss. She wanted painful punishment inflicted. Her sex accepted her submission, flooding her body with liquid pleasure to soothe her pain.

Descending hard on her lower bottom, each triple smack resounded around the office. Heat burned into her rear, forcing hot compensation from her diligent sex.

"Are you learning your lesson?" Anya asked.

"Yes, boss," Carly replied, her tone vibrating with profound remorse. Rich submission enveloped her as fierce sting burned her bottom.

Anya flexed her arm, bringing the yardstick down hard, high on Carly's backside.

Carly felt her boss's renewed vigor, appreciating her pain. Working its way down her bottom, the ruler coated her bum in painful triple smacks. Where her panties narrowed, sensitive skin stung, heat-on-repeat smacked into her soft girl flesh. Rich, wet pleasure blossomed in her obedient sex.

Absorbing her pain and eradicating her guilt, she didn't notice the ruler cease.

"Stand up," Anya ordered.

Pride bursting, she obeyed. With her butt a mass of fresh sting, she faced her boss in her black cotton panties. Clasping her hands to avoid rubbing, she said, "I'm sorry you needed to beat me. I deserved it. Thank you."

"You're forgiven. Your obedience was excellent. Was stripping to your panties embarrassing?"

Carly nodded. "Very. But right." Her humble, joyous sex powered a warm smile. "Thank you for making me strip."

Swiping the green folder off her desk, Anya nodded. "Pull up your jeans."

She'd taken care to punish Carly well. The successful result satisfied her. Heading to her armchairs in the corner, she said, "Join me. We've something to discuss."

Carly joined her boss. Despite her burning backside, she sat with a smile, enjoying her unavoidable pain.

Across from her boss, her bottom ablaze, she gave Anya a radiant smile. "Thank you. I appreciate sitting here sore."

Anya returned Carly's smile. "We both know decent discipline is effective."

Anya gripped her green folder, studying her youngest employee. "Everybody has remarked on your keen attitude, but also your accurate eye. You spot research points others miss. Hearing that once pleased me. Hearing it often, I knew you'd make an excellent lawyer. Do you wish to learn?"

"I researched law school," Carly said. "It's mega expensive."

Anya opened her green folder, smoothing it still on her lap. "If you'll spend two years working for us after graduation, we'll pay your tuition, adding a generous salary to keep you focused."

Dumbstruck, Carly stared at Anya. Opening her mouth, she closed it again as her brain spun out of control.

"You won't make a brilliant lawyer if you can't speak." Anya grinned.

"Thank you," Carly burst out. "Oh, my god. Thank you."

"You won't thank me when you're falling asleep over case law. It's a hard slog."

"I will. I'm beyond grateful," Carly said. "Will you allow me to work here during my holidays?"

"Study first. If you're still free, we'd love your help."

"If I get lazy, bring my bottom into line." Carly grinned.

"A lazy law student warrants caning," Anya said, her smile firm.

"Hell, yes. Nothing less. Buy a cane. I may need it."

Anya grinned, handing the green folder to Carly. "Choose your school. I'll write a letter of recommendation for whichever you choose."

Skipping from Anya's office, Carly dropped her backpack on the elevator floor, her green future folder inside. The slow elevator ride didn't bother her.

Her passions overflowed. Her boss had thrashed her and offered her a future. Twin passions competed for her attention. She breathed in, shoving her hand down her tight jeans. Falling into the corner, she rubbed her wet clit, melding with her passions.

Her bottom hurt. Fresh burn from her boss. She'd bent over the desk, her skimpy black panties exposed. The yardstick had beaten her hard, keeping her sore as it layered burning sting into her bottom. Her boss had humbled her, ordering her to bend. Given no choice, she'd surrendered, taking her sincere thrashing, accepting her necessary pain.

Pleasure coursing through her body, she imagined Anya thrashing her in her thin panties. With her bare skin sizzling under her boss's serious assault, her sex demanded her adoration. She was heading to law school. Rules and regulations would govern her. Misbehavior would earn her the cane. Balancing on her toes, she cried out for its cruel promise.

Buried in her tight jeans, her bottom burned with fierce, sweet hurt. Pain thrust desire against her fast finger. In the corner, her finger flung flurries of orgasms down her shuddering legs as she showered passionate pleasure into her panties.

She was a schoolgirl, a law school girl. Her boss expected excellence. She'd shine. If she slacked off, she'd return to Anya or Miss Roberts to declare her failings and take her uncomfortable consequences.

Grabbing her backpack, she slung it over her shoulder. She straightened her jeans as the elevator pinged. Checking her reflection in the silver doors, she appeared rosy. They separated, releasing her.

Her confidence sky high and her bottom sizzling, she marched across the lobby, a well-spanked girl heading to law school.