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16. Encore

Spanking Story


Bare under her little black dress, a girl is caned for public disobedience

«Beginning Part 17»

Sam and Alison yelled one last time across the table, drowned out by hundreds of Friday night revelers in The Hole, "Nothing I can say. A total eclipse of the heart." It didn't matter if they could sing, only the brunette on stage had to cut it, and the deafening applause justified the smile on her face.

Famous for karaoke and packed every weekend, The Hole had been Josh's suggestion for their Friday night out. While the boys had ordered five rounds of Korean barbecue food, Sam and Alison had pored over the extensive song list.

They'd agreed if a song called to them, they would get up on stage and sing together, but the brunette had set a high standard. They debated Abba and other cliches, before Sam stabbed the page with her finger and looked at her best friend. The song had both their names written all over it.

They'd polished off three glasses of champagne when Alison leaned across to Sam, grinning, "Do you remember the story of my first date, when Adam made me remove my panties?"

"You naughty girl," Sam said. "Are you thinking of removing them again?"

"Not just mine."

"Ooh, naughty girls together, I like it," Sam said, standing up. She was wearing obedient white cotton bikini panties, despite her short black dress. Visible panty lines only enhanced her pride.

After a brief exchange of messages earlier, Alison had worn her little black Gucci dress. It was short as hell. As she stood, her hemline skimmed her legs, teasing every eye in the bar and burning hot, wet heat into her sex.

The restrooms were busy. Alison nodded to the stalls, and they each took one. Emerging to face the mirror side by side, Sam watched Alison fold her black lace string into a neat square and did the same with her white cotton. "This is going to cost me," she said with a grin.

"Disobedience should," Alison's smile was wide. "I expect Adam will consider this risky and naughty. He might tell me off and teach me a lesson in polite discretion."

Sam looked around at the other girls and lowered her voice, "He hasn't spanked me for almost a month. This will be good for me." She shivered. Good for her it would be, but it would hurt. She'd just earned six hard strokes of the cane. A thought had been gelling all week. It was time. Tonight she'd tell Josh what was on her mind. After, he'd caned her.

Back at the table, Alison handed her panties to Adam. He recognized the game and grinned, putting them in his inside suit pocket. Josh received Sam's white offering and did the same.

"Are you bare under your dress?" Josh demanded.

"Yes, Josh," Sam said.

"I ordered you to wear white panties at all times. Are you in compliance?"

"No, Josh."

It impressed Alison how obedient Sam could sound while admitting deliberate disobedience.

"Your idea, I presume?" Adam asked Alison, spotting the glint in her eye.

"Yes," she said, feeling the cool leather couch through her thin dress as she sat.

Adam leaned in and whispered, "You need belting."

His hard response delivered delicious delight into her sex. "I'm sorry," she grinned and bit her lip, showing she was anything but.

The black plastic square on the low glass table vibrated against the champagne bottle. Red lights flashed around the edge. Sam looked at Alison. It was their turn.

"No going back now, babe," Sam said, grabbing Alison by the hand.

They leaped up and collected their paging unit. The guy on stage still had most of his ballad to go as they lined up near the stage. A petite blonde in a headset took their pager unit, checked their song choice, and handed them microphones. "Wait here," she said.

"All out," Alison whispered in Sam's ear.

"No holding back," Sam confirmed.

They'd agreed there was no point in doing it unless they gave it everything. If they were going to be laughed off stage, they'd go down in flames.

The blonde returned and escorted them onto the edge of the low stage as the singer hit his last line and the gigantic ballad came to an awe-inspiring close.

There was no time for nerves or to consider the high quality act they had to follow as the host said, "Next," his voice booming through the bar, "Please welcome, Sam and Alison."

With three firm notes, Madonna's 'Hanky Panky' launched across the room, the lyrics coming to life on the gigantic screens around the bar.

"Some girls they like candy, and others, they like to grind," Sam sang as she strutted across the stage.

Parading behind her friend, infused with equal confidence, Alison picked up her line, "I'll settle for the back of your hand somewhere on my behind."

In perfect harmony, they sang the chorus together cheek to cheek, "Treat me like I'm a bad girl, even when I'm being good to you, I don't want you to thank me, you can just ...... spank me."

Arriving at the two crucial words, they turned side on to the audience, bent forward, reached behind and gave themselves an almighty spank on their thin dresses. It stung like hell and there were still four verses to go.

In front of their men, they gave themselves a public spanking, not letting up in the slightest. Each time they hit the crucial words, their spanks ricocheted around the room.

Sam would have been better off with her white panties under her little black dress, but she didn't want to be better off. Turned on to the max, she wanted blazing sting under her thin dress.

Raging hot at her raunchiness, Alison's sex screamed for her to make it harder. The crowd agreed. As the song reached its final chorus and its final furious spank, the audience rose to their feet, screaming their heads off.

Adam yelled in Josh's ear, "They're killing it."

Their audience egging them on, the girls rode it for all it was worth and left the stage to rapturous applause and deafening cries of 'More'.

Swept up by their men and escorted back to their couch, they wore the biggest grins as applause continued to ring in their ears.

Adam handed them each a full glass of champagne and sat back with Josh, basking in reflected glory as guys and girls crowded around to offer congratulations to the new stars of the night.

Josh leaned into Adam, "They've raised the bar and it was already high."

"I did not know they could sing," Adam said.

"I'm pretty sure neither did they," Josh said, clinking his glass against Adam's in a toast to their amazing girls.

Escorted by their men, the two superstars floated on a sea of wild adoration as they left the bar.

Saying goodbye to their friends on the sidewalk, Alison and Adam walked to their car. Still grinning, Alison said, "I've got no panties on, I need to be dealt with."

"I'm going to belt you, sexy girl. Your stunning performance won't get you a pass," he smiled and held her hand tighter. It would be a good-girl belting; quick justice followed by passionate sex with a stinging ass.

Josh unlocked his car and said, "Come on my bad, beautiful girl."

"You're stunning," he said, as they pulled away from the curb. "You were incredible on stage, and hell, you can sure sing."

She smiled. Compliments were flowing. The audience was still screaming in her head, but she enjoyed hearing it from him the most. She'd only ever been performing for her audience of one.

Her high was in line with how she'd been feeling all week. She'd achieved so much since meeting Josh. The strict order she'd goaded him into giving her had been only the start. He'd punished her for a litany of other offenses. She no longer needed his strict order. She could have stopped it sooner, but sometimes she still liked to feel her obedience.

He smiled across at her, "Despite your obvious brilliance, I still have to cane you. You failed to wear white panties. In fact, you wore no panties at all. If you weren't subject to my strict order, I'd consider caning you for public indecency."

His stern voice sent tingles down her spine. She loved her visceral response to his tough tone. She grinned back, thrilled to be ending her rocking night on a high note.

"Put these back on, now." He took her white panties from his suit and handed them over.

Unfolding them, she obeyed with pride. Bending forward to slip them on, she arched her back, lifted her dress and slid her obedient cotton into place. Her dress and decorum restored, she said, "I'm sorry. I deserve what's coming."

Only she knew what was coming. She was going to go out with a fanfare tonight, a deep celebration of her obedience and his commitment to enforce it.

Sam faced Josh beside the bed in only her white cotton panties, the cane in his hand, hard evidence who was in charge. She'd stripped, glad to be clad in her most honest panties.

"You chose disobedience tonight. I'm going to cane your willfulness out of you. You're a beautiful, talented girl, but you need this to hurt."

He pointed to the bed, "Bend over, Sam."

When he used her name, it always made her shudder. It meant each stroke would correct her hard. But willful and disobedient, she deserved it.

She bend forward over the bed, rested her arms on the comforter and spread her legs.

"I regret having to thrash you after such a spectacular performance, but you are subject to strict discipline. You need this, Sam."

The cane sliced a fiery line of hurt into her behind. She stamped her feet to lessen the pain. It was always worse than she ever remembered.

She thought about how she'd shimmied her dress up in the restroom and took the next strokes with ease. Deserved burn seared her skin. The cane delivered proper punishment, a fitting replacement to the teasing spanks she'd given herself on stage.

She imagined her audience seeing her now. They cheered as the cane slashed hard into her disobedient bottom. She accepted the sizzling agony. She'd challenged his authority, authority she'd given him. He was right to cane her disobedience out of her.

Sharp sting burst into penetrating pain as the last stroke roasted her. Hot pleasure burst through her sex to sweeten her punishment.

"It's over," he said.

But it wasn't over. Her finale hadn't been on stage. Tonight, she was giving an encore for one.

Caned and sore, she stood and faced him, enduring her pain with natural grace.

"Josh, please would you release me from your order to wear white panties at all times? I've been thinking about it all week. I was changing with one of my clients who was wearing red panties. They looked cute, and I wanted to be the one wearing them."

He nodded, "You may. Wear whatever you like."

He was glad the order was ending: he wanted her to be free in her choice of underwear. Punctuated by other exciting choices, her obedient panties would be even more satisfying when they appeared.

She smiled. "I've loved having your strict rule to live by, but we know each other so well now, we can always find a reason when we need one. Or even make one up. Thank you for holding me to account."

"It's been a pleasure. You're a good girl, Sam."

His words brought tears to her eyes. In this very room, in this very spot, she'd asked for his strict order and he'd given it.

"Josh, please apply six strokes with full force to my bare bottom. It's my honest commitment to continue to obey you, no matter what. Cane me because it's good for me and make it hurt." She turned and bent over the bed, reached back and lowered her panties, letting them fall to the floor.

Stunned by her proud request, he looked at the girl he loved, her sore bottom presented for more pain. He wouldn't let her down.

"Six strokes, Sam. Hard, and with love."

The cane leveled against her bare behind. She braced herself. She wanted this. It meant everything to have bent without being ordered and to be caned for no reason.

Her sex flooded with pleasure as she took his fearsome strokes. She filled her mind with all the occasions she'd worn white cotton panties. Working out in them, wearing a suit over them and her tight black dress tonight. Each stroke carried his commitment deep into her, delivered sweet pain and rewarded her obedience.

His gentle touch on her shoulder brought her standing into his arms.

"Thank you," she whispered into his neck. His desire for her was rock-solid, pushing against her sex.

He stepped back and dragged his clothes off, while she watched naked and marked. He grabbed her hips and pushed her back onto the bed. Rolling onto his back, he spun her above him.

She drew in his furious erection and took pleasure as she pleased, plunging her hips, driving him deep into her sex, lifting and holding herself while his hardness teased her beyond desperation, until she couldn't hold anymore. Falling through her orgasms, she met his pleasure as he came hard, high inside her.

Sated, she fell onto the bed.

He rolled against her and pulled her into his arms. Looking her dead in the eye, he said, "I love you, Sam."

Her heart exploded. "I love you too, Josh. I don't know when I started, but I'll never stop."

"Good," he said. "Because neither will I."