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4. A Quiet Night

Spanking Story


After reading a hidden book, a marketing executive gets hooked on spanking

«Beginning Part 5»

"It's on the top floor. The elevators are over there," the receptionist pointed the way to Hannah's room.

The cardboard folder held her keycard with 430 written on the inside flap. Her sanctuary until the morning. Exhausted, she needed it.

Team building had started with a five-mile run around the grounds of Landon Lodge as soon as they'd arrived this morning. The staff had swept her suitcase from her hand and parked her car. Her day bag packed as advised, she'd changed in the spa.

At least fifty of her co-workers had been milling in the conference suite when she'd arrived, dressed for their run. Their first day had included archery. After the run, she'd drawn back the bowstring and, even though she'd just run five miles, hit the target. A basic achievement many others had failed.

It paled into insignificance next to her group's winning glory in the sheep shearing contest. They may not think of any product marketing ideas, but they could shear a sheep in under four minutes.

She slotted her keycard in her door with no idea her life was on a precipice.

United once again with her suitcase, she tested the shower. Walled by glass, a storm of hot rain cascaded over her curves. She felt re-born. Releasing her high ponytail to spill down her back for the first time today, she washed her brunette hair. Working in the Molton Brown Volumizing Shampoo, she enjoyed the peace.

She'd opted out of dinner tonight. You could have too much of your co-workers. She needed peace and a good night's sleep. Room service was its own pleasure.

Slipping on her red cotton string bikini panties, they relaxed her. She often wore bright underwear. Her bold secret colors thrilled her. Tonight it was just for her. The thin straps around her hips caught her eye in the mirror as she turned to look out over the 270 acres of landscaped grounds in the twilight.

She slipped her long white t-shirt over her naked breasts and hung her black shift dress for tomorrow evening's dinner in the wardrobe. The burned orange book cover stood out against the dark oak shelves down the middle of the wardrobe. She hung the dress and pulled out the book. On top was a printed notecard. She took both to the bed, sat on the edge and read the notecard.

This book changed my life. There's a mention of Landon Lodge in chapter ten. Read it at your peril. Take it home. The charge will appear as room service on your bill.

Intrigued, she put the notecard on her bedside. The burned orange cover had 'Blazing Trails' in sharp white dynamic letters. Written by Alice North, it said "Based on a true story" along the bottom.

She flipped it over to read the back.

'Alice becomes a Modern Girl. She asks for punishment when she's wrong. She accepts it with grace, and her life with Harry is smooth when all around them are breaking up. Life as a Modern Girl is sexy fun, with firm discipline thrown in.'

She thought of Tom. They'd been together for just over two years. She couldn't say their life was smooth. Maybe a little boring. Alice's life sounded more exciting. She couldn't swear her life was 'sexy fun'. Well, sometimes. Not as often as it should be. She didn't have any discipline. Perhaps she could do with it sometimes.

This book had changed someone's life, doubtless the hotel owner's. She opened it. You could always tell something from the opening words.

'I asked to be caned. A painful, meaningful act of deep contrition and it hurt. Considering what I'd done to deserve it, the pain was fair and cathartic. The benefit to our relationship blew my mind. We don't argue. I don't get stressed. The sex is off the charts. We're solid as a rock. It didn't begin that way.'

She lay back on the pillows, wanting to know what Alice had done to deserve the cane. Guilty of speeding, lying and poor attitude, Alice had topped it off with a cute attempt to get out of her unacceptable behavior. She deserved her punishment.

She read how Alice had prepared her plan and asked Harry to spank her. Pleased with Alice as she recognized her offenses, when Alice decided physical discipline would be a fair punishment, she slid her hand into her red panties. Alice's contrition as she apologized in full, tested her ability to hold herself on the edge of orgasm. When Alice bent over Harry's knee, she came hard.

She'd been imagining herself as the heroine and Tom as her firm man. Alice had been gutsy to ask her man to punish her.

Grabbing the phone beside the bed, she ordered room service. If the book went on like this, she'd forget to eat. Forty-five minutes gave her plenty of time for more chapters.

She rejoined Alice as the cane arrived and slid her hand back into her panties while Alice told Harry what she'd read about using the cane. Alice's determination to receive a lasting punishment brought her hard against her orgasm. She read fast as Harry practiced against the pillow, but relaxed, annoyed with Alice for jumping up after her first cane stroke. The girl had asked for it, for god's sake. She should have taken it better.

Her annoyance with Alice made her hot. She put the book down for a moment and slid her hand under her long tee to deal with the desperation in her nipples. Alice deserved to be punished for jumping up. She grabbed the book again at the expense of her nipples. It restored her faith in her heroine when Alice admitted disgust with herself and asked to be told off and given a hard caning.

She rubbed her clit fast and fervent pleasure pulsed through her core as Alice took two real cane strokes. She came hard, liquid pleasure pouring into her sex as Harry fucked Alice on the same bed where he'd just bent her over and caned her.

Flicking between a picture of being bent over in her panties and being fucked hard by Tom, she shuddered against the soft white comforter as her body flooded with self-induced orgasms.

She had to put the book down for a moment and collect herself. It hadn't sounded like a hot sex book, but it was. Alice had warned her sex was off the charts. So was her own tonight, and she was only reading.

She'd just read the chapter 'Good to Hurt'. The title excited her. She rolled over and rubbed the soft red cotton on her bottom. She imagined what it would be like to have sore stripes there because she'd been disobedient.

Her hand slid beneath her. Bent over their bed in her imagination, Tom thrashed the cane into her red cotton panties. She was disobedient, why wasn't clear. His voice was punishing her as hard as the cane. She deserved it and needed to take it to correct her inappropriate behavior. Hard strokes bit into her panties, searing imaginary pain into her soft skin. She came, moaning into the pillow and reached for a tissue from the bedside as there was a knock on her door.

She'd forgotten room service, rushed to the bathroom, tried to undo the knotted cord around the robe, gave up and answered the door in her long white t-shirt, hoping her bright red panties weren't too obvious underneath.

Shooing the man away, she took the trolley with her steak, glad she'd ordered it now. The salmon wouldn't have given her the energy she needed.

She let Alice enjoy her punishment for a little while and ate her well-done steak. The salad was delicious with a light French dressing. She dipped a piece of steak in the bearnaise sauce and savored the taste of her evening.

'Enjoy Honesty' was the next chapter title. It hadn't taken her long to freshen up and return to her book.

Alice had annoyed herself. Distracted on a trip to the grocery store, she'd forgotten everything on the back of her list and had got home before realizing it. She could have kept her mistake to herself but, as she explained, her tension rose because she was so annoyed with herself. She'd told Harry about her inattentive trip and how she felt about it. He'd agreed to deal with her and blow her annoyance away.

He'd made her bend over in the kitchen with her hands on the edge of the work surface and her bottom pushed out. After placing her list in front of her to remind her why she was being caned, he'd given her three hard strokes. He'd allowed her to keep her jeans on, but it had still stung through them. She'd taken her strokes in silence. There had been no tears, only obedience and correction.

Hannah went to her suitcase. She took off her long tee and pulled on a short red one. She added her tight blue jeans. In the bathroom, she held the edge of the sink. Imagining it was a work surface in her kitchen, she bent and pushed her bottom out.

She could see herself in the wall mirror and imagined Tom had commanded her to assume this position. It felt good to obey. She held herself still for an entire minute, feeling his dominant instruction and her own utter obedience.

Watching herself in the mirror to her side, she unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them down enough to get her hand in. She watched her bottom in the mirror, obedience coursing through her veins as she rubbed herself and told herself off for forgetting her shopping.

In her fantasy, he was tough on her for her failure. He'd made her bend over for her carelessness. She came fast, watching her bottom and legs shake, as her orgasms swamped her.

"Silly girl," she laughed at herself. Her steak must have given her more energy than she thought. She put her clothes away, moving the long tee onto the bed for later.

Lying back on her bed, in only her red cotton string bikini panties, she picked up the book which lay arched on the bed at chapter six, 'Live by Rules.'

Alice could predict how Harry would react. They'd established rules. They both knew what was right and wrong in their relationship. In this chapter, they'd chosen to eat healthy for a month.

It appealed to Hannah; a healthy eating month would do wonders for her skin.

It was only the second day when Alice filled up on gas and bought a chocolate bar. It had been habit, not need. She'd put her trash from the car in the kitchen container. When Harry came home, he saw it on the top, picked it out and held it up. Only then had Alice realized what she'd done.

Alice had hung her head in shame and apologized. They hadn't needed a discussion. They both knew what had to happen. "Fetch the cane," he'd commanded her.

They kept it in their wardrobe. She'd returned with it. He'd met her in the hall. Disappointed in her failure, Alice had asked him to be hard on her. She'd had to lower her white jeans to her ankles and bend over in her white cotton bikini panties.

"Touch your toes," he'd commanded.

Hannah had come at this. Alice's shame had put her finger back to work, but being made to touch her toes in the hallway was too much. She'd come, her pleasure pulsing over her finger as Alice bent. Reaching for a tissue to clean herself, she imagined what it must be like to obey. Touching your toes was a punishing position. Alice had wanted to be dealt with hard and he'd been tough on her.

Picking up the book, she ran her hand over the author name on the cover. 'You're a bold girl' she thought and rejoined Alice touching her toes in the hall.

"If we were halfway through the month, I could have been lenient, but two days is a poor effort. Six strokes," As promised, Harry had been hard on her.

He caned her six times in the hallway. The cane had seared Alice's soft cheeks through her cotton panties. The picture of Alice bent in pure white cotton panties felt delicious and obedient to Hannah. She had lots of pairs of panties like that. They'd always felt young, crisp and clean. Now the word in her mind was obedient.

She put herself in her own hallway in her mind. Tom, perfect in her imagination, was strict with her and didn't let her escape justice. She felt each of the six strokes on her own bottom as Alice took her punishment.

Hannah paused, rushed to her case, kicked off her panties and pulled on a pair of white cotton bikinis. Back on the bed, she picked up. The tight white cotton stretched over the back of her hand and rammed obedience into her heart. She slid her spare hand under her bottom to feel her thin panties and came hard, her storm of orgasms matching Alice's strokes of the cane.

The chapter had ended with a reminder from Alice. She wanted to be kept in line. Being caned hurt. It continued to hurt for a day and it marked her for several. Being punished was meaningful to her. She admitted she got turned on afterwards, often with stunning ferocity, but first discipline must hurt and be tough to take.

Hannah wanted to carry marks on her own bottom. She thought about bending for Tom. It was in her female nature to obey him. Sometimes she argued, but she preferred to obey. Putting the book on the bedside, she wondered if she would have the courage to be a Modern Girl like Alice.

The idea excited her, but first she needed a quiet night.