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27. Come Here

Spanking Story


A new girlfriend is spanked over her boyfriend's knee for making life plans alone


"We need to find somewhere to live," Lucas said, stretching as he sat on the edge of Christina's bed in his white trunks.

Christina's apartment near the factory was in an old building. He liked its quaint femininity, but they were moving to the company headquarters in a few weeks. She was taking on a senior role and he would continue to work with her.

"Don't worry, I've bought an apartment," Christina said.

Lucas looked aghast.

She continued, "It's a brisk walk to headquarters in one direction and the park in the other."

"You could have mentioned it. Don't you think I might have wanted a say in where we live?"

She'd called a realtor and explained what she needed, viewed it online and bought it last week.

Her own apartment was within the family home in England. She also used their houses around the world because they were there. She was going to work at the company headquarters, so she'd bought an apartment.

"Um," she said, wondering how to word it. "It never crossed my mind."

"Come here," his kind tone had a firm edge to it.

She crossed the bedroom to where he sat on the bed in his white trunks. She stood in front of him, her pale blue bikini panties showcasing her curves, her pert breasts and rosy nipples proud and bare, and her long dark hair still damp from the shower.

They'd been together for two months. His firmness with her made her happy. He'd punished her many times and their sex was on another planet. He was a kind man. A kind man who'd already given her a stinging bottom earlier this week.

Four days after their first sensational night together, she'd been childish, arguing over what to eat for dinner. He'd brought the argument to a sudden halt. He'd said, 'Come here'. A hard caning, touching her toes, had followed. She couldn't say if she'd intended to provoke him, but he'd caned her insolence out of her.

Afterwards, in bed, she'd wondered if she'd been testing him to see if he'd do it again. Confirmation hurt. She'd gone to bed a well chastised girl.

She recognized the phrase and his tone. It made her bum tingle and her heart leap. He may not punish her, but he was thinking about it. When he said - Come here - in that tone, she always obeyed.

It wasn't like going to the headmaster. In a moment their casual atmosphere became charged with a frisson of excitement, the challenge of likely pain and the joy of required obedience. It felt just like Amy had described; a blanket of calm flung over a storm.

"You're not very used to being part of a pair, are you?" he asked.

"No. I've been responsible for myself for a long time. I don't mean to be difficult. I'm not used to having to think about another person. Now you've pointed it out, I realize it was presumptuous. We should have decided on a place together."

"Good. So we're clear about what's gone wrong here?"

Her mind screamed in frustration. He was going to let her off. "Yes. I'm sorry," she said.

"Good. Bend over my knee."

Thank god. She needed him to be strong. If she was going to lean on him, he couldn't falter. She bent over his knee, resting her arms and naked breasts on their bed. His fingers lifted her panty elastic. She raised her hips. It was pure pleasure to have her panties pulled down. Humiliating pleasure, but she loved his control because she could trust in it.

"Your bottom is bare to remind you there are no secrets between us. You didn't intend to hide where we would live or you'd be facing a serious caning right now. You were doing what you would always do, but you're part of a two now and you have to think of me as well."

She turned her head to the side. "I'm sorry, Lucas. Please give me a sound spanking, the kind a silly girl gets, the kind which will still sting and tingle this afternoon. I'm ashamed. I've been a bad girlfriend, and I didn't mean to be."

"You're a fantastic girl but, as yet, maybe not quite a proper girlfriend."

"No, I'm not. I am sorry."

His hand stung her bare bottom. She didn't know why it hurt so much to get just a spanking, but she was awash with shame. Her bottom smarted as his hand offered no respite. Heat suffused her cheeks, joining the spanks to build a fire in every inch of her behind.

"I need you to learn from this, not just take your spanking and continue," he said.

Her spanking paused. Her bum stung like fury and her mind begged her to reply.

"I understand why what I did was wrong and can see it from your point of view. I'm well off and used to being in control, but I'm not in control now. You have me over your knee and I must accept you will decide how long my spanking lasts. I love us like this and I want your firm hand on my bum, guiding me. I'm sorry. Please don't let me off because I've apologized. Be even harder on me. Punish me."

He leaned over so his head was near hers. "I trust you and I'm glad you understand. I don't want a perfect girlfriend, just one who knows when she must bend over."

She heard the grin she couldn't see. She'd been a presumptuous girlfriend and deserved a hard spanking from her man. Hot pleasure at his hard touch spread through her, flooding her mind as he landed hard hurt on her soft skin, lighting fresh fires low on her feminine curves.

"It's over," he whispered.

She hadn't noticed. She'd been deep in her space, taking her spanking with joy, feeling his hardness press against her while his hand punished her bare bottom.

He cradled her waist. She rolled on his knees to lie on her back, looking up at the authoritative face of the man she'd chosen to live with.

She whispered, "Two months is a short time, but I love you. Please never let me down."

"I won't," he said, "because I love you too."

He pulled her into him, swept her up in his arms and placed her on the bed.

Her panties were still around her thighs from her spanking. She shoved them off and rubbed her wet, willing clit, turned on with a vengeance. He'd not hesitated to put her over his knee and spank her. Her sore bum stung against the sheet. Spankings hurt. A good hurt, one she deserved and needed.

He pushed his white trunks to the floor. His manhood saluted her beauty. It gave her a girlish thrill every time she saw the visual proof of what she did to him. She wanted that hardness, now.

"Fuck me," she begged, panting with pleasure from her finger.

He climbed on the bed and held himself over her. She looked up into the kind eyes of her boyfriend. "You spanked me," she panted.

His manhood slid deep inside her, taking her with his commanding strength. Her sex seized his hardness, pushing back against his advance.

"You were a bad girlfriend."

"I was. You had to spank me." She brushed her fingertips over her hard nipples. The current shook her body, racing pleasure down her curves. Her sex warned her she couldn't keep control. She challenged her nipples not to betray her and grazed them again as he thrust deep inside her, demanding she take her place in their partnership.

"You're a powerful man," she gasped.

"Powerful enough to deal with you?" he asked, getting the question out between breaths.

She held herself against her climax. Desperate to come and desperate to never get release.

"Yes. You can handle me. You know how to deal with me."

The admission destroyed her fragile control. Orgasms erupted in an outpouring of pleasure. She arched under him as he came hard into her, delivering his joy through her. His release unlocked a deeper flood of pleasure. She pulled up her legs to keep it tight in her sex, but it gushed through her, forcing her legs out straight, releasing her pressure in a storm of synchronous energy.

A firm kiss still on her lips, she got up from the bed and put on her panties again. She wanted the smell and feel of him on her all day. Aligning her black miniskirt, she watched him getting dressed in the mirror and a secret smile blossomed. She had a solid boyfriend.

She'd kept her relationship with Lucas quiet. It had been bursting inside her, but she'd wanted to be sure before she let anyone in. She'd told Amy last week. She'd had to tell someone.

'I've found the right man. His name's Lucas.' was all she'd messaged.

'Does he treat you right?' Amy had responded hours later.

Her girl friend suspected what kind of right man she'd found.

She'd replied. 'He's caned me several times. Searing strokes of deserved discipline which make me happy as hell.'

Amy had been super busy. They had guests on board the yacht. Their sporadic messages had done the subject no justice at all, but it had still thrilled her to let Amy know how happy she was.

Lucas snapped her mind back to the present. He had the car keys in his hand. He looked her up and down in her sharp black skirt suit. "Today, like every day, you'll be a brilliant CEO," he said, "but underneath your skirt, you'll have a reminder to be a good girlfriend too."

"I love you for spanking me," she grinned, stepping forward to kiss him. "I just love you."

"Not as much as I love you," he growled, putting his arm around her waist to return her to the bed.

"Put me down!" she shrieked, laughing, "I've got to go to work."

She'd spent most of the day with the new executive who was taking over as CEO in a few weeks. They'd toured the factory, and he'd joined her in meetings with key teams.

They sat on her couches, soon to be his, with afternoon tea, a minor feminine triumph in the male environment.

She was ready to be a city girl again. Lucas would feel more at home in a financial city. But this would always be her factory. She'd given birth to a whole new Christina here. She'd met her man here, and he'd disciplined her in this very office.

Between the scones and the teapot, her phone vibrated on the low glass table.

"Excuse me," she said.

Swiping to read the private message, she gasped, burst to her feet and dropped her phone like a hot potato. It landed on the couch as she rushed out of her office and tore down the stairs to the lobby. It was unseemly for a CEO to fling herself down the stairs in her business suit, but not every CEO had just got the message she had.

The security guard lifted the automatic barrier the second he saw the boss land in the lobby. The stunning girl who'd asked for Christina must be royalty.

Amy burst under the rising barrier, straight into Christina's arms. Christina grabbed the excited girl and didn't let her go.

"I had to get you out of here," Amy cried. "I've not seen you in months." She'd crossed one sea, one country, and one security barrier to reach Christina.

Moments ago, Christina's phone had lit up with the message 'Get your ass down to your lobby right now or I will bust through your security barrier and come and find you.'

"Oh my god. I can't believe you're here in person," Christina said.

"I am," Amy said. "Now, where's Lucas?"