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23. Mother's Day

Spanking Story


Disgusted with forgetting Mothers day, two girls visit a professional disciplinarian

«Beginning Part 24»

Ella placed her sandals in Hannah's hallway and went through to the kitchen for breakfast. Last night they'd had a bottle of wine and caught up in full on recent months, a proper girls' night.

"Cinnamon toast!" Ella said, diving on it. "I love staying at your house."

"Morning," Hannah said, amused by her friend's reaction to her breakfast.

"Morning," Ella replied through a mouthful.

Hannah's black Madewell jeans and tee suited their quiet day together. She admired Ella's gorgeous black-and-white striped shift dress.

"I love your dress," she said.

"Thank you. I'm very lucky. It rolls up and falls out. It's a travel staple."

Karl had dropped Ella off yesterday morning and collected Tom. They'd gone to watch soccer with a friend of Karl's. With the inevitable drinking last night, the boys wouldn't be home until much later.

Ella started tapping on her phone, her fingers moving with ever-increasing urgency. "No way! Shit." She looking up.


"It's Mother's Day."

"What?" Hannah said, grabbing her phone. "It doesn't say so."

"I know. But I got an email from 'Le Couple Chocolat' in the city, saying they're open today for last-minute gifts. I googled it. Today is Mother's Day."

"Does your calendar say it is?" Hannah asked.

"No, it doesn't," Ella tapped fast, swiped and checked.

She subscribed to a calendar of important dates for the year. There were calendars for work meetings and social stuff, but the important dates calendar wasn't on the list.

"Check yours," she said.

Hannah looked, but hers was the same. "I bet some update removed it months ago, and we never noticed."

"It doesn't matter," Ella said. "I have to do something, now."

"And me."

Ella swiped through her flower choices for Sweden and chose an arrangement with hot pink roses, yellow lilies, carnations and lavender. They would arrive in two hours, at a cost.

Hannah chose strawberries dipped in chocolate and decorated with pink swirls. Her mom had a sweet tooth. She chose one hour delivery. Her mom at least lived in the same country, albeit on the other side.

"With the time difference, I have to call mom now," Ella said.

"Of course. I'll tidy up and then make my call."

Ella went into the lounge.

Hannah loaded the dishwasher. She was a dutiful daughter. Not today. Technology made her efficient but, on this occasion, the reliance had cost her. If not for Ella, she'd have let her mom down on an epic scale. Pleased with her fast solution, her lack of preparation, love and care disturbed her.

"I timed it well. We had a good chat," Ella said, finding Hannah at her laptop in the dining room.

"Me too," Hannah said, "The chocolate strawberries arrived as we were finishing up. It was worth the express charge. She said it felt like I was there."

"We've recovered ourselves and can be pleased about that," Ella said. "But I still feel like a worthless daughter."

"Me too. I should have spent hours over my choice of present and days reveling in it. My mom has always been wonderful."

Ella gave her friend a knowing look. "We both deserve to spend Mother's Day sore. It would be fitting. We could go to that lady you visited when you slapped the girl at work."

Pumped with guilt by her busy morning, the idea relaxed Hannah. A stiff penance while her mom enjoyed her day felt so suitable.

"It will be twice as shameful for us both. We've never seen each other punished," she said.

"Stiff embarrassment and humiliation is the least I deserve for my performance as a daughter today."

Hannah pulled up Miss Abbott's website. Her friend was right. On the top right corner of the page was a red button. 'Emergencies.' That was new.

"Push that," Ella said, looking over her shoulder. "I can run a sales team, but I can't remember to send my mom flowers. It's a total emergency."

Hannah clicked on the red button and the website offered an appointment in two hours' time, at double the price. All she had to do was enter their names and phone numbers to accept. She turned and glanced at Ella.

"It's going to be an expensive Mother's Day," Ella said, "and embarrassing."

Hannah hit the confirm button.

Hannah had parked her Mini with ease outside the town house. The white door was as imposing as before.

Miss Abbott welcomed them and showed them into the spartan waiting room with its old wooden floor. They each took one of the dark green leather couches while Miss Abbott sat in the chair, smoothed her black miniskirt and crossed her legs. "I apologize for my short skirt," she said, "but I'm taking my mom to lunch after I've dealt with you two."

Ella waved away the issue, "We're very grateful to be seen on Mother's Day. We've both been terrible daughters."

She took the lead in describing how they'd relied on technology and had to run around fixing things all morning.

"Both our moms are happy and unaware of our crisis," Hannah added, looking at Ella for confirmation.

"But that doesn't excuse it, does it?" Miss Abbott said.

"No, Miss," Hannah said.

"No, Miss," Ella agreed.

"You won't forget Mother's Day again when I've finished with you. I'm going to cane you. Six strokes. I've caned Hannah before, but what about you, Ella?"

"Regular punishment is familiar to me, miss. I need it very hard."

"Okay, understood. I'll follow it with two hard swats with my heavy paddle. You'll burn all afternoon. You both deserve a sore day."

"Thank you," Ella said.

"Hannah?" Miss Abbott asked.

Tom had never paddled her. It would be a shock, but one she needed and deserved.

"Yes, miss, sorry, miss. Thank you."

"Come on, Let's get you both punished. Ella, you'll go first."

Hannah remembered the bright study and the large polished desk. She stood at the back of the room to await her turn.

"Ella," Miss Abbott said, "I don't want to crease your dress or have it fall down. Take it off."

Being ordered out of her dress made her panties damp. She pulled the tight black-and-white fabric over her head and hung it over the back of a chair. Stood before Miss Abbott in her white lace bra and boy shorts, she felt every inch the daughter in disgrace.

Miss Abbott said, "Your lack of preparation was thoughtless. You must honor your mother, not forget her."

"I'm sorry, miss," she said. She looked down, riven with shame and turned on with a vengeance by the heavy scolding.

"Bend over," Miss Abbott commanded.

Ella bent over the desk, her thin lace underwear rising to bare her lower bottom. She was ashamed to be in this position on Mother's Day. The cane tapped her bare cheeks. She pressed her arms against the desk. It must hurt. She had no choice.

The cane slashed across her bareness, scorching fire in its wake. The intense sting and embarrassment was humbling. She accepted the pain and let it teach its lesson. Heat thrust through her as the cane cut a line of fire lower on her bum.

Hannah had to stand still. Her hand begged to be thrust down her panties. The sight of Ella accepting her punishment melted her sex. Her friend had submitted. She was beautiful. The vision sent electricity to her nipples and savaged her sex, but she had to remain still. It would be her bottom in pain next. She reminded her sex to calm it, but the thought only inflamed her more.

The cane thrashed hard into Ella's soft bum, searing its lasting message. A lazy, not dutiful daughter, she accepted her pain. It was just and fair. She imagined her mom had ordered her here. It felt dutiful to obey and accept her discipline. The last stroke ripped punishing pain into her behind. It coursed through her bum and lit up her avid sex. Proud of her punishment and drenched in humiliation and shame, it was what she needed.

Miss Abbott swapped the cane for her heavy paddle.

Hannah saw the dark polished Maplewood and quivered.

The paddle rested against Ella's white lace.

"Think about how your mother would have felt if you'd forgotten her."

Shame washed over her. The paddle baked her bottom. The heat burned every inch. Deep pain delivered a wall of hostile heat into her sex. The paddle crashed into her lower bottom, burning vengeful pain deep into her disobedient behind. Her sex swept up her suffering into heartfelt acceptance.

"Stand up, Ella. Don't get dressed. The embarrassment is good for you," Miss Abbott said.

"Thank you for caning and paddling me. I'm sorry I've been so disobedient on this special day."

"I had to be hard on you. You took it well, Ella," Miss Abbott said.

"Right Hannah. It's your turn," she commanded.

Ella retreated in pain to stand against the wall and watch as Hannah faced the desk.

Hannah unbuttoned her black jeans. She pushed them right down to her ankles, to share the same exposure as her friend.

"Bend over," Miss Abbott commanded.

She bent over the desk. Her tight navy bikini panties curved across her bottom.

"Hannah. You've disrespected your mother. This has to hurt."

"Yes, miss. I'm sorry," she said.

The cane seared a fiery line of punishment into her panties. She pressed her hands flat against the desk and held her bum still. Pain rushed through her cheeks as the rattan struck, firing ridges of red-hot heat into her flesh and agony through her bum. The pain met her shame. She was a disappointing daughter.

Ella watched her obedient friend. The cut of Hannah's navy panties matched the beautiful curve of her friend's bum to perfection. She'd never seen another girl bend over for punishment. The shame and surrender radiating from her friend set her sex on fire.

Hannah panted over the desk. As the pain of the cane pulsed through her. She pictured her mom in her armchair at home chatting with her. The agony in her bottom felt correct.

Miss Abbott rested the heavy paddle against her panties. She'd seen and heard it crash into her friend. Now she was going to be paddled herself.

The deep thud reached her ears as an inferno erupted in her bottom. Her panties melted into her bum as intense heat roasted her skin. The paddle scalded her bare bottom below her panties as the agonizing pain dealt a tough blow to her guilt.

Bad daughters got paddled. She was, and she had.

"Stand up," Miss Abbott said.

"Thank you, miss. I'm sorry. Thank you for thrashing me, today of all days."

"You're good girls. Your mothers would be proud of you, if they knew. It's good they don't. Taking punishment you deserve, when nobody will ever know, is the hallmark of a strong-minded girl. You should both be proud of yourselves. You've held yourselves to account, taken your punishment and suffered."

"Thank you, miss," Ella said, beaming.

"You're good girls."

"Thank you," Hannah said.

They arrived at Ella's condo, sore. They needed privacy to recover, and it was the nearest place to go. Ella had lifted her butt off the car seat often, but in the driver's seat Hannah hadn't had the same luxury.

"We can hold our heads high," Ella said, closing the front door. "We did the right thing and are good girls. I feel good now."

"Me too, but fuck the paddle hurts," Hannah said, giving her jeans a good rub.

Ella got Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Therapy Ice Cream from the freezer and two spoons. Placing the tub on the coffee table with some kitchen towel, she said, "We need chocolate therapy."

"These jeans are burning my butt," Hannah said.

"Take them off. You deserve some relief. My dress has a good air flow, but I'm still taking it off."

She pulled her dress over her head for the second time today as she watched her friend push off her jeans and sandals.

Seeing Ella in her beautiful white underwear, Hannah removed her black tee as well. In only bras and panties, they rubbed fire from their backsides. Ella sat with care in the far corner of the couch and dug into the ice cream.

Hannah took the other corner and the tub of ice cream. Spooning a healthy share, she grinned, "Plenty of therapy."

Ella looked her in the eye. "Watching you bend, turned me on. I'm still turned on now."

"Me too," Hannah said.

Laying her spoon on the kitchen towel, Ella kept Hannah's gaze. She slid her hand into her white lace a few inches, not quite touching herself.

Fueled by her friend's firm gaze, Hannah was desperate too. She slid her hand into her panties and went the whole way, circling her clit, losing Ella's gaze as righteous pleasure ravaged her.

Ella's firm finger met her wet, desperate clit. "Your navy panties are gorgeous on your fit butt. God, you looked good," Ella panted, rubbing herself hard.

"I bent over and took my punishment," Hannah said, bringing herself hard against her peak. "It was shameful to be seen by you. Shame I deserved and had to take."

"You got a severe caning," Ella forced a hand into her bra and toyed with her nipples.

"And she paddled me," Hannah gasped. "Two brutal swats. She beat me for complacency."

She ripped off her bra, desperate to release her brazen nipples. Skimming them with fury, she drove desperation into her stormy sex and came hard on her hand, soaking her panties with pleasure.

Leaning back, she watched Ella's hand in her boy shorts. The white lace was gorgeous on her friend's lithe curves. She locked eyes with Ella and smiled as her friend drew deep pleasure from her panties.

Ella flung her head back and hammered her body hard against her finger. Pure love and lust launched a torrent of release into her panties.

"I needed that! I couldn't wait," She exclaimed.

"Neither could I," Hannah whispered.

She got up and washed her hands at the kitchen sink. It had been a natural and intimate moment, but she wanted a minute to process it. Ella went to the bathroom to do the same.

When she returned, she walked up to Hannah and gripped her friend's bare waist with both hands, "You're a beautiful friend. I need to kiss you. Do you mind?"

"Not in the slightest," Hannah smiled, leaning towards her friend.

Ella's soft lips grazed her own and forced firm passion into them. Hannah returned the pleasure, enjoying their new intimacy as her rosy nipples hardened in response.

When their soft lips parted, Hannah said, "That was unexpected."

"Playing with ourselves or the kiss?" Ella asked, smiling.

"Both. I needed to come, and that was a gorgeous kiss."

"I'm not into girl sex, at least I don't think so," Ella said, "but playing with ourselves like that was intense and intimate."

Hannah cocked her head and looked her friend in the eye. "I need another go."

She returned to her corner of the couch, put her hand in her panties and teased her glistening nipples.

Ella had felt Hannah's nipples betray her pleasure during their kiss. At least neither her desperate need to come nor her desire to give her friend an intimate kiss had caused any embarrassment. Returning to her corner of the couch, she slid her hand into her white lace again, bringing herself off hard to thoughts of her own shameful punishment.

Hannah exploded into a slew of heated orgasms as furious pleasure plunged through her panties, flooding hot liquid into her soft cotton. Replaying her embarrassment at receiving her shameful beating in front of her friend had delivered delicious indignity.

They sat together in peace, calm and sore.

Hannah dug her spoon into the chocolate therapy and smiled, "I won't forget next year."

Ella gave a wicked grin. "I might."