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1. Hard Work

Spanking Story


Two disobedient customer service girls take the gym shoe to keep their jobs

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Alison used the tiniest portion of her psychology degree to calm the irate customer with a soothing email and full refund. Working for Zang would improve her resume but required little imagination. They dressed the world, selling clothes online in almost every country on earth. Escalated customer service problems ended up in front of her and her teammates.

Grabbing a slice of pepperoni pizza, she swiveled her chair, kicked back and put her legs up on the boy with his feet on the desk beside her. His low jeans revealed white boxers, tight hips and a rock-hard body. A pleasant view.

Mary was having her skinny blue jeans and soft lips explored by Hard-bod's mate. Having exhausted their supply of ideas to make the job interesting, they'd collected the guys in a bar before their shift. Alone in the office from 10pm until 4am, male company eased some boredom.

Her understanding of the human mind had been worthless in gaining employment. She'd lowered her sights early and snagged this job. She could respond to disgruntled customers with one brain cell, and Hard-bod occupied a few more. He passed her a fresh beer. It was a good sign. Muscles and manners.

She heard Mary laugh at something her guy had said, turned to look and dropped her pizza on the floor. Standing in the doorway was Adam.

Five years older and one of the two founders, he often stopped to speak with her when she was on days.

"You can pick that up for starters," he said, "and who are these people?"

"Just friends of ours."

"Well, they can leave in a friendly fashion," he said, standing aside and holding the door open.

Detecting the atmosphere, Hard-bod scribbled his number on the corner of her pad and joined his mate near the door. Adam pointed them to the main exit downstairs.

While he listened for the sound of the main doors closing below, he looked between the girls. Zang's customer escalation team was twenty strong during the day, but only two at night.

"How many complaints have you resolved since you came on duty?"

"Four," Mary said.

"Three" replied Alison, not looking at him.


The single word chilled Alison to the bone. She knew he could be tough, but she'd never been on the receiving end before.

"Unauthorized people in the office, drinking alcohol, working impaired," He ticked off their offenses on his fingers. "The only acceptable thing here is the pizza."

Contrition crossed both their faces. But they'd put him in an untenable position. "I'll inform your manager in the morning. She's likely to fire you. I'm disappointed in you both. You should have known better."

There was a clear line, and they'd crossed it. Alison's blood ran cold. Without her job, she couldn't pay her share of the rent. She'd have to face her housemates, embarrassed. Her parents might bail her out, but she'd have to admit she couldn't even keep a customer service job. And how long before she found a new job? Getting this one had taken forever.

"Right, I'm here for my spare laptop," he said. His laptop hadn't powered up an hour ago. Responsible for all the company's technology, he could never be without a working laptop. "I suggest you tidy up and get on with your work."

Alison put her head in her hands and said, "We're stuffed."

"I know," Mary ran her fingers through her long blond hair. "Maybe our boss won't fire us?"

"Coming from Adam, I don't see how she could ignore this."

"Fuck," Mary said, letting her head fall on the desk. "Why did we do it?"

"Boredom," Alison said, collecting the beer bottles. "Grab the pizza boxes. We should get to work. It might be pointless, but it's even more pointless not to try."

Adam grabbed the spare laptop from his cupboard and slid it into its bag. As he stuffed the power adapter on top, he saw it had a foreign plug. He'd last used the laptop abroad. Leaving the bag on his couch, he went to the store cupboard to swap it out.

Switching on the light, he moved several boxes from the low shelf to reach the power adapters, grabbed one and put the boxes back. As he stood, he came face to face with a clear plastic box of shoes. They'd used them for a team building event a couple of years ago. His team had won. Stacking with skill, they'd built the tallest tower of shoes. Crushed against the side of the box was the old man-sized gym shoe which had formed their firm foundation.

He left the light on, went back to his office, stored the power adapter in the laptop bag and returned. He lifted the box down and pulled out the gym shoe. The canvas upper was still a grimy off-white color, the matching rubber sole flexible and worn. He didn't know where the shoes had come from, but their presence offered a solution.

The girls had disappointed him. Bright, intelligent and faced with the worst customer experiences, they often had valuable insights into the business. He liked them both, Alison in particular. But this was how disrespect began in a company. He couldn't let such blatant misbehavior go unpunished. They had to pay a price, but did it have to be so high?  

He rotated the shoe in his hands. Alison's skinny black jeans and tight white tee disturbed him. He'd undressed her in his mind many times. The safe choice would be to inform their manager in the morning and let it play out, but he hadn't built Zang by making safe choices. He took the shoe and turned out the light.

Alison had resolved two customer issues and was onto the third when Adam returned. She hadn't expected him back, so looked up, but didn't smile. There was nothing to smile about. She looked away again in shame.

Holding the gym shoe by his side, he closed the door and stood looking at them. "I'm pleased to see you working. It doesn't please me to report you to your manager, but I must. I can't allow contempt for the rules like you've shown this evening to proliferate. I built this company on hard work and attention to detail, not lazy disrespect."

Alison cringed at his description of her. His scolding couldn't go unacknowledged. "I'm sorry, Adam," she said.

"So am I," Mary added.

"You both sound sincere, but are you?" He raised the gym shoe and smacked it hard against his hand.

The fierce crack snapped both girls' attention to the shoe.

"I'm not inclined to want to see you go. Both of you add value to the company," he said. "You must pay a high price for your behavior tonight, but maybe not as high as losing your jobs."

Alison's heart raced. His meaning was obvious. But she'd keep her job, her room in the house and her dignity. She glanced at Mary. But her co-worker was staring at the gym shoe.

"I'm offering you the thrashing you both deserve."

His gaze switched between them, tormenting Alison's sex. Her sudden reprieve and the promise of hard punishment had turned her on with a vengeance.  

"So you're not in doubt, it won't be a few token spanks. You've earned a hard punishment. You'll be sore and embarrassed, but you'll survive and you'll get to keep your jobs."

He couldn't be sure he'd done the right thing as he watched both girls, but it was out there now. He'd deny it, if they tried to turn it against him. Resolving issues with fair reason was their job. He hoped they'd apply their skill now and make the painful choice.

Hiding her face in her dirty blond layers, Alison whispered, "I deserve it."

"Speak up," he barked.

Heat blossomed in her sex and poured into her panties. "I deserve it, Adam. I'm very sorry."

Mary said, "I'll take it, if it means I can keep my job."

"Discuss it together. You must both agree. I'll be in my office. Come and find me." He hoped both girls would bend over in their panties, but was prepared to report them if they didn't.

The moment he left, Mary said, "I can't afford to lose my job. I can't pay my rent this month if I'm fired."

"Me either, and we deserve to be punished." Alison's admission heated her sex.

"Has anyone ever spanked you?" Mary asked.

"I had my hands strapped in college. My roommate and I kept order between us with a thick leather strap. She lashed my palms many times." She couldn't admit her recent punishment without admitting the one-night stand which went with it. "How about you?" she asked.

"I got belted growing up," Mary replied, her sex shifting into overdrive at the thought. "It's been a few years, but I can take it." Intense shame and a sore bottom had always punished her well and turned her on. It hurt, but afterwards, the shame drove her hand into her panties all night.

"Will we have to drop our jeans?" Alison asked, embarrassed.

"Whatever he decides. Consider the alternative."

Standing in the middle of his office, Adam opened proceedings. Alison studied the gym shoe in his hands. Her gaze strayed to his strong jawline and back down.

"You'll take turns to drop your jeans, bend over my desk and get the gym shoe hard on your underwear until I'm satisfied you're the sorest you can be. Is that clear?"

They nodded their acceptance. Alison glanced at the desk. A thrill twisted down her spine. She wanted him to admire her obedience, and her bottom.

"Mary, stand over there," he pointed to towards the window. "Alison, in front of the desk."

Wet at his command, she obeyed and stared at the empty desktop.

"Drop your jeans."

His eyes on her bottom, she unsnapped her jeans and shoved them to her knees. It was not enough, not for her self-respect. She bent further, pushing them right down to her ankles as hot shivers of shame and remorse shot pleasure through her core.

With her mint-green and white striped bikini briefs now revealed, she was the only one in the room in her panties. Holding out her hand for the strap had always made her humble, but stripping to be spanked was complete capitulation. She kept her hands by her sides and accepted her humiliation as hot, wet pleasure dripped into her cotton.

"Bend over," Adam commanded.

She bent over the desk, placed her hands on the top and lowered herself onto her arms. Her panties stretched tight, exposing her bare curves. Humble heat swamped her sex. She hoped Adam liked the view. She'd seen the way he looked at her sometimes.

The gym shoe rested against her taut cotton and focused her mind.

The rubber sole crashed into her right cheek. She yelled in shock, but pressed her arms down hard to hold position, all thoughts of pleasure eviscerated by the fierce sting in her right cheek. The rubber returned and evened up her pain.

Sharp, powerful smacks landed against each cheek, burning fire into her disobedient behind. Brief cries escaped her lips as she managed her pain. It was worse than she'd imagined.

"You let unauthorized people into the office, you drank on the job and you let me down."

The gym shoe slammed into her cheeks, adding fresh fire to stinging flesh. He was right. She'd let him down. She'd let herself down. It didn't hurt enough yet.

Solid smacks echoed around the room as the gym shoe stung her disobedience out of her. Desperate to show her respect, she held her bottom still and accepted the hurt. She panted as he built an inferno in her behind, her skin suffused with fire, her heart heavy with contrition.

"Stand up, Alison. Swap places."

Jeans around her ankles, she shuffled past Mary to the window. Turning her blazing bottom to the glass, she cupped it in her palms and stroked it.

"Let it hurt," Adam said, his eyes boring into her.

His sharp tone ripped through her. She planted her arms at her sides, determined to show respect for her punishment and the man who'd applied it.

"Mary, drop your jeans," he commanded.

Alison admired her friend as she also pushed her skin tight blue jeans right to her ankles. It was the honorable thing to do. They both deserved to be humbled.

"Bend over."

His command to her friend ripped down Alison's spine. She watched Mary bend over the desk, her pale pink cotton bikini panties presented for punishment. She imagined the view she'd given Adam and fought to quell her jealousy.

The gym shoe slammed into Mary's backside, leaving its red imprint on each cheek. She made no sound as he applied subtle contrasts to the color scheme around her pink panties. He told her off as the flexible sole scorched her backside. With impressive fortitude, she took it in total silence.

"Stand up, Mary." He turned to Alison, "Come here."

Shuffling from her position by the window, she joined her friend. They stood in their panties under the hard gaze of the man who'd disciplined them.

"I respect you both. You took your punishment well. Get dressed and see how many messages you can answer by morning."

"Thank you, Adam," they both said.

Their shift over at 4am, the taxi dropped Alison home first. On fire at their desks, they'd quashed as many issues as they could.

Making it to her room and waking no one, she kicked off her jeans and bent in front of her mirror. Red and bruised, her pride drove her hand under her tight elastic. She spread her legs and held her humble position, soaking up the green and white striped view she'd given Adam.

His voice in her head, she rubbed her clit with fury. Every hard smack crashed through her mind as she replayed her punishment. Swamped in delicious obedience, she came hard and fast, shuddering on her weak legs.

He'd punished her at work. It had been devastating and effective. He'd driven remorse into her and guilt out. She felt better.

In only her panties, she slipped into bed and under the covers. In her mind, she bent under his masterful control time and time again. Each time she came, he ordered her back over the desk and spanked her harder until she came again.

He had beaten her in her underwear in front of her co-worker. Heavy humiliation pulsed through her sex. She felt the heat of Mary's gaze and burst pleasure into her panties. A cascade of orgasms thrust through her sex as pleasure fused with shame.

She rested her hand in her panties and relaxed until his voice consumed her mind again.

She circled her clit, imagining he'd made her touch her toes for ten more hard ones at the end. Her legs dead-straight, her butt high and her fingers locked on her toes, she took all ten demanding smacks in utter silence. Self-respect launched an outpouring of orgasms. Exhausted, she fell asleep.

When she awoke at 11am, her mind hadn't moved. Her finger caressing her wet clit, she brought herself off, reveling in his hard handling of her.

In the shower, she gave herself a tough talking to. The strap on her hands had got her through college. Her roommate, Nina, had been a staunch friend and had introduced her to the benefits of strict discipline. Last night, Adam had taken it to a whole new level.

Their connection had strengthened. She liked it when he treated her as an equal and loved it when he didn't.

Returning to her room, she tucked her, now cherished, spanked panties in the corner of her drawer. She would need them in bed tonight.

Fresh from the shower, in only crisp white cotton panties, she grasped her phone with both hands and sent him a casual message. 'Dinner Friday night? Ask me. Alison xxx'