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6. Duty

Spanking Story


A willful girl receives a sound hand strapping from her older sister

«Beginning Part 7»

"Fuck off! You're not my mother," Tatiana stormed out of the farmhouse living room and up to her bedroom, stomping out her fury on each wooden stair. "At least I have a life, I don't live in front of my computer," she yelled, seconds before slamming her bedroom door.

Flinging herself on her bed, she knew she was wrong. She shouldn't have stayed out past 11pm on a Sunday. The rules were clear. Nina had laid them down months ago, but she'd been with her friends, drinking and talking in the firelight by the river, surrounded by boys. It was all right if her sister wanted to stay holed up with her laptop for weeks at a time, but she had a life.

Nina sat in the lounge. Waiting up for her sister had exhausted her, and she wished her mom was here. She was too young to play parent to her sister. She hadn't asked for the job, and her father hadn't made her return to Romania.

After college, she'd been all set to take a programming job with a global bank when her mom had passed away. She'd rushed home for what had turned out to be her last week with her mom.

Nobody had asked her to give up her life, but she'd felt obliged to stay, look after her sister and give her all the love she would miss. Her father had buried himself in work, running their vast family farm. Wheat was big business. Her dad needed her gentle presence and her sister needed female influence. With five years between them, it was a crucial age for her sister, so she'd stepped up.

One night, after they'd drunk plenty, her father had thanked her. His quiet praise and appreciation told her she'd done the right thing. The three of them had pulled together over the last two years. Her father had supported her authority over her sister and clear lines of responsibility had emerged. She'd been fair with Tatiana, but 1am was not 11pm.

She couldn't let her sister get away with direct disobedience. Her command to fetch the strap had sent Tatiana into a fit. She felt for her sister. She'd had her own hands strapped by their mom when she'd been late home. Her palms had stung all night, but she'd felt loved and it had been a proper punishment for her disobedience.

She couldn't let Tatiana off. She'd have to deal with her in the morning.

Tatiana lay wide awake in bed. She'd drunk very little tonight, already drunk on power. She only had to bat her eyelids to get any of the guys to pass her a drink or chat with her. They'd made a fire down by the river and sat and talked. She had kissed none of them yet. She still couldn't decide who it should be, or if any of them made the grade. But it had been fun pushing their buttons. She had school tomorrow. Determined to do well for her mom, she was nearing her final exams.

Her mom would never have let her get away with being late by two hours, nor would she have yelled at her mom. She'd have taken her punishment and gone to bed. It had been willful to break her curfew by two whole hours. She loved her sister, but it was hard to accept her authority when she wasn't her mother.

Her mother should be the one to punish her. She wrestled with the stupidity of anger at her mom and anger at her sister. Appealing to her father was pointless, he would agree with Nina. She knew the rules, and she'd chosen to disobey them.

Nina rinsed her glass and placed it on the drainer. The house was quiet and, with Tatiana now safe in her room, she could head off to bed.

"I'm sorry," Tatiana said.

Nina turned, surprised. She hadn't heard her sister come back down. Respect blossomed in her heart and she smiled. "It's hard. Hard for both of us. Neither of us asked for this."

Tatiana leaned against the doorjamb in her white cotton bikini panties and vest top. "I know. I'm sorry I yelled at you and was a bitch."

"You know I can't let you off, don't you?" Nina said.

"I do."

"Let's get this over with," Nina said. "Fetch the strap."

Tatiana went to the living room without a word, Nina followed. Tatiana pulled the strap from the top drawer of the side table. The weight of the thick black leather in her hands removed a heavy burden, just by being in her hands. She handed it to her sister in silence.

The middle of the lounge room was the appointed place. It always had been. Nina took the strap, lifted it back over her right shoulder and looked Tatiana in the eye.

"Six strokes for breaking your curfew. Hold out your hand."

Tatiana held out her right palm. It didn't matter, they would each be on fire in the next few minutes. She held her arm out straight and proud. She'd disobeyed the rules given to her. There were consequences. There must be. She looked straight ahead at her white palm and scrunched her eyes. She didn't want to see the strap land, but couldn't look away either.

The strap cracked across her virgin skin and echoed off the walls. Fire tore into her and tears rose in her eyes, but she kept her burning palm still. Her mom had drilled respect for discipline into both of them.

Fresh fury ignited her tender palm as the strap landed again. Pulsating pain throbbed under the skin. Each stroke delivered deserved agony. Showing courage as best she could, inside she was struggling to keep her hand still. She begged herself to hold still and take it.

"Swap hands," Nina instructed. It was her duty to punish her younger sister. It wasn't easy. She knew what it did to her and suspected it must have the same effect on Tatiana, but it didn't stop it being necessary. Her mom had brought them both up to expect strict punishment for crossing the line. Her confident mom had shown her the way and had never hesitated to punish her.

Tatiana's punished palm burned as it wrapped under her fresh arm in support. The strap seared heat into her tender skin. She clenched her teeth to deal with the pain, sorry she'd taken liberties with the rules and sorry to have disrespected her sister. She glanced up at Nina.

"You deserve this," Nina said.

"I know, and I'm sorry," Tatiana said, determined not to cry.

Nina didn't give her a break. The strap slammed twice more against Tatiana's palm, blazing pain into her soft skin and heating her bare hand.

"Keep your hands by your sides," Nina ordered.

Forbidden from rubbing her hands, Tatiana obeyed. Her sister decided how much she had to hurt, and she must endure it for as long as it took for the pain to subside.

"Your punishment would have been over if you'd been a good girl. Your behavior has been appalling and your attitude out of order. I didn't ask for the responsibility of looking after you, but I won't shirk it either. Mom cared for us both, and if she was here, she'd have burned your palms for trying to escape your punishment and yelling like that."

It was true. Once, when she'd been disobedient during her punishment, her mom had thrashed her every morning for a week to teach her to obey.

"I would have given you another six strokes for your attitude and you'd have deserved it, but I respect your mature decision to come back down and apologize. You're getting two strokes, but they will be the hardest I've ever given you. You will never disobey me again when I tell you to fetch the strap. Do you understand?"

Nina's respect meant everything to her. She was proud of herself for doing the right thing. "Yes, Nina. I'm sorry," she said. She'd misbehaved and disrespected her sister. Now she faced the consequences of both.

"Hold out your right hand."

There was no escape. She presented her sore palm. The formidable leather was going to teach her a severe lesson. She watched as Nina drove the strap through her painful palm. Monumental agony exploded across her sensitive skin, but she endured it and held her hand still.

"Other hand," Nina commanded.

Tatiana swapped hands, bearing the pain, as her hurt palm wrapped around her arm to support her still sore left hand. The strap crashed down on her soft skin. Pain blasted through her palm. She gritted her teeth but held her hand true as tears sparkled in her eyes.

Nina observed Tatiana's respect. She'd held her palm still each time, respecting and accepting her punishment with immense grace. "It's over," she said, handing the strap to Tatiana to put away.

Rough on Tatiana's sensitive hands, she returned it to the drawer. As she turned, Nina took her in her arms and hugged her tight.

"You took that with huge maturity," Nina whispered in her sister's ear.

Tatiana took comfort and pleasure from the kind words and the warm embrace. Without her sister, she'd have been alone on the farm. She must not take her for granted.

Standing back, she faced Nina.

"Thank you for punishing me and thank you for only two extra. They were tough."

"I love you, sis," Nina said, and pulled her tight again.

"I don't think you're married to your computer," Tatiana whispered. "Well maybe you are, but your game is cool."

Nina appreciated the vote of confidence. Her sister had been the inspiration for the game she was writing. Her purpose had been a long time coming. She had a vague hope it might amount to something. Something which could catch up her career and propel her forward into a different future.

Tatiana lay in bed, calm. She'd taken her punishment, and her sister loved her. Her burning palms stretched out her strict lesson. Forbidden from putting cream on them or doing anything to relieve the pain, she must endure a sore night. Her sister has been hard on her. She'd needed it. Her throbbing hands heated her sex and soaked her clit.

She imagined her strict obedience, holding out her hand as one of her guy friends replaced her sister. In her mind she stood in front of him in the firelight by the river and obeyed his command. She met his steely gaze as he landed the furious strap on her disobedient palm, her friends watching.

The vision swapped to one of the other guys holding the strap. He was tougher on her, lashing the heavy leather in her mind, as she circled her soaking clit. His strength and commitment made her sex throb. She came with fast fury as orgasms cannoned into each other.

In bed, Nina imagined it was her. She shoved her fingers into her black cotton boy shorts and teased her clit. Wet already, it was her who had been late home. She held out each hand for the strap and burning heat lit up her palms.

She remembered Alison dealing with her in college. Her roommate had been a wonderful friend. They'd established rules and, rather than argue, had strapped each other's hands, hard. They'd referred to it as 'usual rules', their method of punishment had become so routine, but no less effective. Many times she'd held out her soft palm and taken stiff pain as penance for her poor behavior.

In her mind, Alison thrashed her disobedience out of her as pure pleasure poured into her hot, wet sex. She came with a vengeance. Thrusting her hips hard against her hand, she wrapped herself into a ball as a slew of desperate pleasure burst through her until she was replete.

Her sister had done her a favor, releasing her pent up angst and putting Alison back in her mind. Alison was a world away, a world she'd had to leave behind. She'd been incapable of calling anyone for the first six months, now it had been two years too long.