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21. Usual Rules

Spanking Story


A bad friend is hand strapped by her ex-college roommate

«Beginning Part 22»

The black Rolls Royce crept up Alison's driveway. She was out the front door, impatient for it to reach her. As it came to a halt, she opened the rear door to the familiar warm smile she'd missed for so long.

For anyone else, she'd have sent a car service to collect them from the airport but, as she'd pointed out to Adam last night, Nina was not just someone.

"Babe, this is style," Nina exclaimed, one sneaker already on the ground, the other following with an enormous hug.

Leaving her wheelie bag behind for the driver, Nina followed Alison inside.

In the kitchen, Alison stood back and said, "Let me look at you. I still can't believe you're here, in the flesh."

In a black blouse and skinny jeans, Nina's sensational smooth skin shone back at her.

"I know," Nina said. "This feels a world away, and like yesterday."

Alison gave her a fresh hug. "I'm ridiculously excited to see you."

"Me too," Nina murmured into her friend's shoulder.

Standing back and leaning against the island, Nina said, "Girl, you're a long way from college."

"It doesn't feel like it, today," Alison smiled. "How does your time shape up over the next few days?"

"My first meeting is Monday. I'm ready. All I want to do is catch up with you."

"That'll take some time."

"Not an awful place to be doing it," Nina grinned, sweeping her arm around. "This is lovely. Thank you so much for letting me stay."

"It's a pleasure. Stay as long as you like," Alison smiled. "Are you hungry?"

"No. I had lunch on the plane. It's so long since I've been anywhere that airplane food tasted wonderful. I'm fine until dinner."

Adam strode in.

Nina didn't need to guess who he was. He looked like he owned the place and, she was pretty sure, her friend could only handle one gorgeous guy at a time. Tall and clean shaven, his hard abs under a white shirt matched his muscular legs. No wonder Alison had kept him.

He stepped forward and shook her hand, his firm grip the kind every man should have and no surprise. Alison was always going to end up with a powerful man.

"How was your journey?" he asked.

"I was just telling Alison I even found the plane food good."

"That lowers the bar for dinner," he grinned. "I should be able to beat that."

He cooked too. Her friend had nailed it.

Adam studied the golden-skinned Romanian girl. She was gorgeous. Having her around would be no trouble. "There's a desk in the office upstairs you can have or you can work in your room. Just do as you please."

"Thank you."

"Let's get you settled," Alison said, leading the way upstairs.

Alison knocked on the guest room door. Fresh from the shower, Nina opened it in sweatpants and a tee, long golden brown damp hair hanging loose around her shoulders.

"Perfect," Nina said, spotting the glasses and white wine in Alison's hand.

Placing everything on the table between the armchairs, Alison said, "You open it. I'm going back for pretzels and corn chips."

"Like old times, but better," Nina said, already opening the bottle of wine.

Alison returned with their snacks and closed the door. "I thought we could squirrel ourselves away up here."

The largest guest room in the modern house had a sitting area and a small desk. Decorated in blue and white, it looked out over the rear garden.

Nina curled into an armchair and sipped her wine. "Is anyone else around?"

Alison sat sideways on her chair to face her friend and took a handful of corn chips. "No, only Adam and I. The driver has an apartment over the garage, but he doesn't live there. The cleaners come on Tuesdays and gardening happens on Thursdays."

Making a start on the pretzels, Nina recapped their phone call and described her life since college.

Alison asked about her mom, but didn't dwell on it.

"After college I was ready for a new life," Nina said.

"Didn't you interview with a bank?"

"Yes. It would have been a fantastic job, programming investment algorithm logic, but I had to forego it. Neither mom nor dad made any demands on me. But he threw himself into work, and my sister was alone. I could never have left her, or him."

"You're a dutiful daughter. Your mom would be proud of you."

"On good days I know it, but being in charge was hard. I didn't want the responsibility."

"Of course not," Alison smiled, "but I imagine you rose to the challenge."

Nina smiled. Her friend's tone suggested a clear understanding of the sort of challenge responsibility for her sister had meant. "I did. Tatiana's a wonderful sister. We reached a firm understanding."

"How did it happen?"

"She lied to me and I caught her. I realized if I let her escape, I'd lose any hope of control. I talked to her about what she'd done and why I couldn't allow her to get away with it. It went well. I gave her the day to think about it and raise any objections. She came to me after dinner, apologized and asked to get her punishment over quick."

"Did you strap her hands?" Alison asked, her palms tingling at the thought.

"Yes. I didn't let her down. She went to bed in tears. When I went up thirty minutes later, she jumped out of bed and gave me the hugest hug."

Alison smiled, "That must have made things easier between you."

"It did. We have a clear regime. She gets punished every few months. She has never complained and never asked to be let off." The one time Tatiana had lost it, her apology had been so exemplary it deserved to be forgotten.

"It sounds like she's wise enough to know it's good for her," Alison said.

"She is, and so am I. I've missed having someone hold me to account. When we spoke on the phone and you said 'usual rules apply' my hands sizzled. I've had to carry the burden of myself for far too long."

"Would you like me to keep you in check?" Alison asked.

"Yes, please. Without favor."

It had always been this easy between them. In college Nina had asked for the strap after an argument, insisting that Alison also take it when it was her turn. The formal agreement had kept them tight, fair and kind while sharing their room.

"Now," Nina said, "you have a hunk of a man. How have things been with you?"

Alison smiled across as her friend, "I'm very lucky and kept well in check."

Nina's eyebrows shot up, "Tell!"

This time, Alison replaced the sanitized version of how she'd met Adam with the truth. She told Nina about the night shift and how Adam had bent her over his desk and spanked her hard with the gym shoe.

Nina smiled, "How did you spin that into this?" She put her hands up at the surrounding house.

"I messaged him, got a date and agonized for two days about how to ask him to punish me again. In the end, he gave me the perfect opening. I told him I'd accept, and things escalated right away."

"Go, you," Nina said, tucking her legs under her.

Alison explained the rapid progress of their relationship.

"When you know, you know," Nina said. "You're one lucky girl. Is there anything wrong with him?"

"Not a thing, but for god's sake don't tell him that."

Nina grinned. "He doesn't seem to mind me staying."

"Who would? You're easy on the eye and kind of nice," Alison grinned.

"I've missed you, roommate," Nina said.

Alison frowned. "You should have called before now. I get how devastated you were, and I get you needing to handle it alone. But I didn't know what had happened to you. You cut off your local phone and disappeared. I even tried contacting that bank, so I knew you'd never taken the job."

"I'm sorry," Nina said. She put down her glass, leaned forward and took Alison's hands. "You're right, of course. I burst into tears the moment I got off the phone to you last week. Alone on the edge of a vast wheat field, I just sat on the path and cried and cried. You'd been so lovely to me and I didn't deserve it."

"You're the strongest girl I know."

"I used to be."

"You still are. You've built an entire mega game by yourself."

"Wait until you try it," Nina said, sitting back, "I think it may be brilliant. In my investment presentation, I've said it is."

"First," Alison said. "Let's take care of matters."

If the words hadn't been so familiar to Nina, her friend's tone would have made it clear. A shiver ran down her spine, bursting into love for her old roommate. She put down her glass, straightened in her chair and stood.

Alison got up too. "Stand there and think about how many times you could have called, while I get the strap."

Giving up control, Nina faced the door. She was so far out of order with her friend, words weren't enough. They must recognize her friendship failure in their time honored way.

Alison returned, the brown leather strap in hand. She closed the door and said, "We've been good friends for a long time. You neglected our friendship. Ten strokes, five on each hand."

It was a fair escalation. Three on each hand had been their usual count for almost anything.

"When we sit down for dinner tonight, you'll have blazing palms. I think it's fitting."

"I'll be proud to be sore," Nina said.

"Good. Choose a hand," Alison commanded.

Nina presented her right hand, palm up and arm straight.

Alison stood to the side, measured the strap against its destination and laid it back over her shoulder.

Nina held still. Nobody had punished her for over three years. Even if her offense hadn't been so deserving, she needed burning palms for good measure.

The strap slammed down onto her palm. Fierce fire ripped through her flesh and she yelled. She wasn't proud of herself. In college, she'd been able to take her strokes in silence. The leather landed again, layering in the heat.

She held her hand in place. She wouldn't disrespect herself by yanking it away, however much she wanted to. Remembering how weak she'd been in not calling, she steeled herself to take it with supreme strength.

"Even after a year, a call would have been nice," Alison said.

Nina winced. The scolding cut deep. "I was afraid to disturb you with my problems."

"I'd have loved being disturbed by you. Friends aren't only for good times."

The strap burned the message into her right hand, boosting the fire in her palm to a raging burn. Pain piled on top of shame. She should have had the guts to pick up the phone.

"I hope you feel guilty."

"Yes," Nina said. "Guilty. Stupid. Weak, and useless."

"You weren't useless to your sister," Alison said.

"That's true." Nina was proud of how she'd handled things at home.

"Or your dad."

"Also true."

Alison looked her friend in the eye, and said, "or your mom."

Tears trickled down Nina's cheeks. Her friend had hit home hard. She was a first-rate girl who'd let down her friend. "Oh god, Alison, thrash me."

Through tears of pain and relief, she held her palm in the line of fire while the strap stung her skin twice more.

"Swap hands," Alison ordered.

With pride, Nina obeyed, relieving her burning hand of its duty and presenting a fresh one for its turn. The leather lashed her skin. Five furious blows burned hot pain into her palm to finish her punishment. Released from her burden, tears flowed without limit.

Alison dropped the strap and opened her arms. Nina stepped into them, her sore hands pressed tight against her sides.

"You're a loyal friend," Nina whispered through her tears.

Alison squeezed her tighter in response.

As Nina calmed in her arms, Alison said, "Dinner will be in a couple of hours. Rest and recover. Explore, open doors and look about. I'll find you when dinner's ready if you haven't appeared."

Nina sunk into the comfortable mattress and studied her red hands. Swollen and crazy sore, the hurt went as deep as her neglect of their friendship. She'd deserved it. Her sex fluttered at her admission. She'd dreamed for so long about being strapped again. It was suitable that it had been Alison who'd punished her.

Slipping her fingers into her gray sweatpants, she eased under the elastic of her black cotton boy shorts and stroked herself, the hurt in her hand increasing her pleasure. As she circled her damp clit with her finger, the pain in her palm soared and the justice of it electrified her.

Staring at where she'd stood, she drowned in pleasure. Her friend hadn't wavered. Respect ripped through her heart. Her sex flushed pleasure through her curves and delivered another swathe of delicious orgasms as she rode her wave.

Nina walked into the kitchen as Adam walked out with an enormous dish of nachos. "Can I help carry anything?"

"No, everything's ready. Perfect timing," he smiled.

She followed him through to the dining table. "I love nachos," she said, as she took her place opposite Alison.

"I admit to a little inside information," Adam smiled. "These are with ground beef, Italian turkey sausage, mozzarella, salami and plenty of jalapeno peppers."

"You'll never get me to leave," she grinned.

Alison smiled. Concerned that she might have been too hard on Nina, it thrilled her to see her feisty friend on form. It had been a long time for both of them.

Adam tilted the dish towards Nina, "Help yourself."

She used the huge spoon and her fingers to transition a healthy corner of nachos from the dish to her plate, spilling a few on the table. Collecting the strays, she dropped them on her plate and held up her reddened hands to Adam. "Sorry, I'm sore. Alison thrashed me for being a crap friend."

He smiled. He'd already been told, but Nina's openness was welcome. "Did she tell you that while you're staying here, you're also subject to my discipline?"

Her face lit up. "No, she didn't, yet," giving her forgetful friend a pointed look. "But I'm thrilled to be. I respond well to a firm hand."

"If I have to deal with you, it will be your bottom which stings, not your hands."

Testing a piece of Italian turkey sausage melted into the mozzarella between two nachos, she said, "I imagine that will be a little more embarrassing."

Alison looked at Nina, "Unless you're disobedient while you're being punished, you'll keep your panties on, but yes, it's humbling to be made to strip and bend over in front of him." She glanced at him, "It hurts and the cane marks you for days."

Nina's sex twinged. The idea of bending over to be punished on her bottom had a formal feel to it. She packaged the image in her mind to enjoy tonight, the thought of being caned almost more delicious than the nachos.