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19. Close

Spanking Story


Poor friendship leads two girls to share a strict uncomfortable punishment

«Beginning Part 20»

Hannah leaned against Ella's kitchen island and said. "Alison and Sam have such a close friendship."  

"So do we," Ella said, feeling a challenge in Hannah's words.

"Sorry, of course we do," Hannah said. "All from your gutsy raised eyebrow at breakfast, in the hotel."

"It was bold," Ella grinned. "Amazing what a caned bottom does for your confidence."

They'd been discussing the two outrageous and fabulous girls in the book 'Clear Lines'. They couldn't get enough of Alice North's prolific series. 'Blazing Trails' had started a sensation. Every new book went to number one and sold hundreds of millions. None ever quite eclipsed 'Blazing Trails'.

It was the friendship between the two girls, in the latest true story, which had drawn them both in. 

"I want to find some punishment panties," Hannah said. "Alison had an inspired idea."

In the book, Alison had found a subtle way to punish herself, when she deserved private discipline. An online retailer had delivered the wrong bright red panties. They were polyester and a size too small. The elastic bit into her bum and chaffed her sensitive areas. She'd kept them and chosen to wear them to punish herself.

"Mmm. I want some too," Ella said. "A day of discomfort would be meaningful. Imagine it at work."

"I'd feel virtuous," Hannah said. "Imagine a guy getting a bright red glimpse with a short skirt. He'd never guess it was a punishment."

"I can imagine making myself wear them under a tight skirt in a meeting. They'd pinch when I sat and the panty lines would show. I'd sure remember to be a good girl."

"Let's look now," Hannah suggested.

"Told you we were close," Ella grinned, heading to the home office and missing Hannah's frown.

Hannah sat at the dining table. She'd left her car at the office and walked to Ella's condo. Looking out the seventh floor window, she admired the view to the park on the corner. Ella plonked down her MacBook Air and sat beside her.

Searching for panties wasn't as much fun as it should be. They were on a specific mission. Every website popped up a demand for their email. The constant irritation didn't help their moods. When Hannah said, "Try those," for the millionth time, it made up for all the hassle. They checked the sizing of the bright red cheeky polyester bikini panties. The size on the model was small, but there was an extra small. 

They looked at each other.

"Go on," Hannah said. "I feel naughty just looking at them."

"Tell me something you'd do to deserve it," Ella challenged, holding her finger over the touch pad, the cursor on the buy button.

"Checking my hair more than once in the mirror, before going out. If I catch myself doing that again, I'll march to the bedroom and give myself a day of discomfort. I annoy myself," Hannah declared.

Ella added the panties to her basket.

"I want a three pack for myself," Hannah said.

"How bad do you intend to be?"

"I might have to wear them for several days, and I still want to be clean."

Ella saw her logic. "Right then, a three pack each," she increased the quantity and completed the purchase.

Ella met Hannah after work in the cafe below her office. It was a convenient meeting place. She slipped her the pack of panties in a plastic bag.

Hannah glanced inside, seeing only a flash of bright red, before wrapping the package into her black nylon tote. "Thanks," she whispered.

Ella's sharp black skirt suit fitted the cafe. It was all office types. Hannah brushed white fluff from the sleeve of her own black suit, savoring the flat white latte with hazelnut syrup her friend had bought her. The punishment panties had been on her mind for the past few days. Having them in her bag was exciting. She couldn't wait to try them on. The power to punish herself felt good.

"Have you tried them?" she asked.

"Not yet, they only arrived this morning."

Hannah took another sip and looked across her coffee at her best friend. In the book Alison had given the panties to Sam as a punishment. The wonderful and kind gesture had sorted a private matter between them. She'd been mulling it over since they'd ordered the panties.

"You said we're close the other day."

"Yes," Ella said. "I hope you think we are, because I do."

"I do," Hannah said. "It's why I can ask you for something very personal. I want you to wear your punishment panties on Saturday when you come for the barbecue with my friends. While you're meeting new people, you'll be uncomfortable and have to suck it up. It's a punishment. There's no greater proof of how close I feel we are."

"Of course I will," Ella said, shock all over her face. "But what did I do? Whatever it is, I'm so sorry. Dead, mega sorry."

"You had a dinner party a couple of weeks ago with, and I quote, 'all my friends'. You posted it on Facebook for all the world to see, including me."

"Oh god," Ella exclaimed, looking horrified. "I'm so used to that group. It never occurred to me. God, that was thoughtless. I was drunk when I posted it. What an idiot. I never thought to invite you. I'm a total idiot. That was hurtful." She paused, looked down at the table and gathered her thoughts.

Looking up, she held Hannah's gaze. "I'm so sorry. I'll take my punishment. Thank you for doing this. It's a kind way to clear the air. On Saturday, I'll be proud because my best friend is punishing me. It's fitting it should be in front of all your friends. Thank you for calling me out. You're a loyal friend. I only hope it hurts the most it can."

Hannah smiled. It had hurt at the time and rankled afterwards, but Ella's apology had been genuine and she'd forgiven her. But she'd still enjoy knowing her friend was paying a fair price for her thoughtlessness on Saturday.

Ella's jersey body-con dress was a fanfare of red, white and blue stripes down to mid-thigh. The three-quarter length sleeves highlighted her animated arms as she talked.

Hannah glanced across the lawn at her friend. She fitted right in. Her stunning Swedish blonde hair marked her out as different, but her humble attitude and convivial nature fitted right in. A few introductions had set Ella on the right path.

They'd been friends for a while, and Hannah had looked forward to introducing Ella to her wider social circle. She'd had Ella in mind when she'd first planned the barbecue. The unfortunate dinner party had hurt, but their resolution to the matter had in the end drawn them closer.

Ella appeared not to notice her panty lines. They outlined tight and skimpy panties for all to see. Her apparent ignorance made them irrelevant. Nobody seemed to notice, or they were too polite to comment. But Hannah's eye returned to her friend's bottom at every opportunity. The sharp cut of her panties would be uncomfortable. The knowledge thrust respect and love into her heart. Ella was a genuine friend and seemed to take her punishment with exceptional grace.

Ella smiled across at her, put her glass down, excused herself from the group she was talking to, and walked towards her.

Hannah smiled. Her navy stretch-cotton miniskirt was barbecue casual. With flat white sandals, a tied white blouse and a bare midriff, she'd kept Tom's eye. He and Karl were debating burger cooking techniques with several other guys on the deck.

"Your friends are all lovely," Ella said. "Can we go to the bathroom?"

Hannah led the way to her bedroom and through to the ensuite. The enormous bathroom with double sinks had plenty of room for two. Ella hitched her jersey cotton dress to her waist, "The shame has done me as much good as the discomfort. This whole barbecue is putting me to shame, as it should." She turned and offered her bottom for inspection. The tight elastic had made deep red marks on both her cheeks.

Turning back to face Hannah, she said, "Thank you for making me wear them. It's been a struggle all day and sitting in the car was tough. Like you said, I sucked it up, and it has made me feel so much better. Thank you for my punishment."

"Does Karl know about them?"

"He's going to see tonight. I earned myself two tough strokes of the senior cane on the drive over. I'll explain about the panties then."

"What did you do?"

"Kept giving him directions he didn't need. When I'm caned tonight, I'll think of my behavior towards you, as I'm getting it. I think I acted out on purpose so he'd punish me in my punishment panties because it will hurt like hell and I deserve it."

"I forgive you, I did the second you agreed. But it's nice to see you go through your punishment with such a commitment."

"It's easy to accept because I'm beyond sorry for my thoughtlessness," she said, pulling down her dress.

Fiddling with the tails of her tied white blouse, Hannah looked at her friend. "I checked my hair twice in the mirror this morning," she said.

"Did you follow through on your commitment?" Ella asked.

"Yes," she said.

Grabbing the waist of her navy stretch cotton miniskirt, she wriggled it down to display her tight red punishment panties and turned to evidence her bottom.

Ella saw the marks from the elastic on Hannah's butt cheeks.

"They hurt between my legs," Hannah said. "It's not unbearable, but you know about it," she said. "I've been proud of myself, ridiculously so, since I put them on this morning."

"It's the tightness everywhere which is worst," Ella smiled. "It feels good to be punished, doesn't it?"

As Hannah shifted her skirt back into place, Ella wrapped her arms around her. "We're close. There's no debate. If I ever hurt you, you know what to do. Even if I didn't agree, I'd wear my punishment with pride because I never want to hurt you."

Hannah wrapped her arms around her friend, wanting their embrace beyond words.

The party ebbed around 6pm. Hannah and Tom were soon tidying up the disposable cups, plates and cutlery.

She nipped to the bathroom and changed her panties to white cotton bikini ones, choosing the largest ones she owned, which weren't that large so they'd cover the deep red marks made by her punishment panties. She wanted to keep her punishment panties her own private secret, for now. Disciplining herself in public had been an intimate pleasure. She'd remember next time she checked her hair in the mirror.

Ella messaged around 9pm. She was half expecting it.

'I'm sorry for my careless disregard for your feelings. The punishment panties were so tight, the cane bounced, making it sting twice as bad. I'm very sore and sorry. The panties impressed Karl. He promised to never ask me why, or let me off because I'm wearing them. I love him. I love you too. Thank you for my punishment. You're my absolute closest friend, xxx'

Alison and Sam's stories are told in Clear Lines