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5. No Ticket

Spanking Story


A girl is switched in the woods by a female police officer for driving too fast

«Beginning Part 6»


Returning to the city, Rebecca reached the final straight and sped up through the forest. On either side of her rental car, handsome trees with afternoon sunlight skimming their tops bordered the road. Their proud prowess put her new boss back in her mind. It wasn't hard. Abroad, when she started her role, the first time she'd met Damien, he'd been going straight to a dinner. A man in a tuxedo was hot. It didn't matter where or why. The confidence oozing from a tux transmitted right into a girl's sex and screamed power.

Her sex dripped damp pleasure as she drove, her mind on his solid torso. In a suit, he hadn't been a letdown. But the tux occupied her dreams. She'd considered seeing Miss Roberts and confessing that she masturbated about her boss all the time. The trouble was, she always imagined Miss Roberts would say, 'Well done, keep going, girl. There's nothing wrong with that.'

There was nothing wrong with it, as her noble nipples confirmed. Her foot delivered more power to the wheels and more fire between her legs. She imagined making mistakes at work. Ignoring the glass office walls, he bent her over his desk and delivered a sound belting. His tux didn't need his usual black belt, but in her mind it didn't matter, and he lashed her exposed butt.

Foot flat, she unbuckled her own thin leather belt and undid her black jeans. Easing her fingers into her fuchsia cotton panties, she circled her clit as best she could in the tight driving seat. The trip to see her parents had been long overdue. She'd be back in her apartment in an hour, but her sex couldn't wait.

The sharp siren blew a storm up the rear of her sedan and suppressed her sex. Glancing in her rearview mirror, she saw the police car, blue lights broadcasting a fantasia of her guilt. Making a hasty job of it with one hand, she zipped and buttoned her jeans and did up her belt while looking for somewhere to stop. The hard surface decayed into the forest on either side of the road. She slowed. With care, she placed one set of wheels off the road and came to a halt.

She lowered her window as a female cop in a tight blue uniform came up the side of the sedan.

"License and registration, please," the officer said.

Rebecca handed over the required documents. As she did, her iPhone chimed between the seats. She glanced at it. An attractive photo of a girl was on the screen. Below it said 'Melody' in bold and the words she recognized, 'You're in the presence of an Angel'.

Stunned, she turned to the police girl standing beside the car. Melody was inspecting her own phone.

"Rebecca?" she asked.

Rebecca nodded.

Melody liked the look of the girl. She'd been both respectful and compliant so far. "Listen, you were driving thirty over the speed limit. Did you realize?"

"No. I was in my head," Rebecca said. "Sorry."

Melody crouched down beside the car. "For a modest mistake, I may have let it go with a warning. But for thirty above the limit I'm not inclined to do so."

"I'm so sorry," Rebecca said.

"Are you?" Melody asked. "I've seen what speeding does in accidents."

"Yes," Rebecca said. She was. It hadn't been her intention to drive fast. Her passion had got away from her. She wasn't a perfect driver, but she'd never have driven so fast if her mind hadn't been on Damien.

"I'll give you three options, since we both know you haven't been the Angel it states here," Melody said, showing her phone. "One, I can write you the ticket you deserve. Two, you can see Miss Roberts and show me your punished bottom afterwards. Or three, we can take a walk in the woods and I'll give you a severe whipping. There are plenty of branches to make a fresh, flexible switch."

Pleased to have options, Rebecca dismissed number one. Option two was a known quantity, but she'd still have to see Melody and display her punished bottom. She didn't mind the embarrassment, but she didn't want her mistake hanging over her.

"How many strokes would I get?"

"I can't be certain how much the switch will sting. It's lighter and thinner than the cane. So I reckon fifty strokes, some of them down on your thighs were they'll hurt while you drive."

Rebecca gasped and struggled to calm her breathing. It was still the best option. But fifty was an awful lot of strokes. She thought about a trimmed switch and pictured it next to the cane. Melody was right. It was much slimmer. Maybe fifty was what she deserved. She stared into the eyes of the dark-haired girl and concluded she could trust her.

Undoing her seat belt, she opened the door. Melody stood up and moved backward as she climbed from the driver's seat.

"Option three will solve this for us both, thank you," Rebecca said.

"Okay," Melody said, "but I'll whip you hard and leave you marked and sore."

Ashamed to deserve such a serious punishment, Rebecca stared down at her feet as her sex welcomed Melody's tough words. "I'm sorry. I deserve it."

Returning her documents, Melody said, "Put these back in the car, and lock it."

Rebecca obeyed, and Melody pointed her remote at her own vehicle.

"Right, Let's go," she said, stepping towards the trees.

Following Melody into the woods, Rebecca's sex lit up. The shame of being caught and disciplined for something she deserved thrust heat through her core. The police officer's solution had a dignity to it if she could handle fifty strokes. She didn't deserve to be let off, and was glad Melody hadn't allowed her that choice. It would have been dishonest. In time, she'd have felt guilty about using their connection to escape justice. This way, her punishment was daunting, but it would also be swift. She'd much rather the justice coming her way than the prolonged pain of receiving a ticket and a record for speeding.

"Are you still sure?" Melody asked. "I don't wish to do something which you don't accept."

Rebecca looked across at the officer beside her. "It feels right. If you'd given me an easy option, I might have chosen it. But I'd have succumbed to guilt and had to visit Miss Roberts in the end."

"Do you see her often?"

"Maybe once a month. Sometimes I go a few months without deserving punishment."

"I'm married, but I can't ask my husband to discipline me. I just can't. He travels for work and whenever he's away, I take myself to Miss Roberts and tick things off my mental list."

"Do your marks clear in time?"

"Yes. But it can be touch and go."

"When I meet the perfect man, he'd better just deal with me."

"That would be lovely. But when my husband and I met, I didn't know how much regular punishment helped me. Miss Roberts gave me a chance to discover, but it's too late to introduce the idea to my husband now."

Melody stopped and snapped a narrow, low branch from a tree and started stripping it of leaves and twigs.

"I appreciate your offer to do this," Rebecca said. "It sounds odd to say that, given you're about to whip my bottom, but it will be more effective than writing me a ticket. I promise."

Melody smiled. "I'm going to make sure I hurt you. But you deserve it, and it's delivered with respect and kindness. Miss Roberts has taught us all that you can deliver a blistering thrashing and still be kind and lovely to someone."

Rebecca smiled. "She is wonderful, isn't she?"

"The best," Melody said. "Right, are you ready to take your punishment?"

"Yes," Rebecca said.

"Take your jeans down."

Rebecca shivered. Melody's official uniform and the abrupt change in tone thrust respect down her spine. She was undergoing an official punishment for her speed, and she'd earned it. Being ordered down to her panties by the uniformed officer powered her sex and her mind.

She loosened her thin belt and undid the top button of her jeans. Sliding the zip down, she pushed the black denim to her ankles, displaying her fuchsia pink bikini panties and long bare legs. She could have been wearing gray panties, but the sun had shone at her family home this morning, and she'd picked the brightest underwear from her weekend bag. Now she was glad. Exposed in front of the policewoman, she wanted to look her best.

"Thirty over the speed limit is far too fast. I hope you realize that."

"I do," Rebecca nodded. "And I'm sorry. Not just because you're about to whip me, I'm sorry, anyway."

"Turn around and lean against that tree." Melody pointed at the dark-brown bark of the broad tree beside her.

Touching the cool trunk, the reality of her situation struck her. She was in her panties in the woods, being thrashed by a police officer for gross misconduct. She dropped her hands down the trunk, bent, and pushed her bottom right out. The cut of her pink panties showed plenty of bare cheek. Bent over in the wood, the cool air teased her sensitive skin as her panties offered scant protection.

The flexible stick tapped her tail and whipped across her panties. Sting cut into her cheeks and burst into radiant pain.

Gasping, she said, "God, that stung."

"Did you think we were here for entertainment?" Melody asked.

"No, Officer. Sorry."

Chastened, Rebecca straightened her arms and stayed still. The switch bit into her soft skin, pulsing pain towards her sex as her skin burned. A steady application of sincere strokes burned intense heat into her behind as her sex worked to accept it. Unlike the cane, each stroke was less severe, but together the heat never ceased and the pain kept multiplying.

She thought of the speed she'd been driving and let the agony of the next ten strokes match the anger she felt at herself. Taking the harsh blows to heart, she let them punish her.

"That's thirty," Melody said.

Wondering how she could ever take another twenty, she said, "I'm sorry."

"I'm pleased to hear that. You should be, that's the point. But I won't go any easier on you."

Suffering with grace, Rebecca concentrated on Damien. Thoughts of him had got her into this trouble.

As the switch whipped into her exposed bottom and slashed into her legs, she commanded herself to forget him. He was her boss. She needed her job more than she needed him. The switch sliced into her tender thighs as she reined in her sex and decided that her boss, even though he was single, was off limits.

The pain paused. She panted, hard, letting it consume her.

"I hope your legs are on fire," Melody said.

"They are."

"Good. These last five strokes are going on your bottom. I want you to ask me for each one and thank me after I've given it."

The tough instruction bore down on Rebecca. She hurt, but she had to ask for more. Failure to comply was inconceivable. If she didn't obey the officer, she'd have to accept any escalation, the policewoman decided. Maybe a full, fresh whipping or her panties removed.

"Yes, Officer," she gasped.

Her obedient words pulsed heat into her sex. Forbidden further dreams of Damien, she'd lust after her public punishment from the police officer instead.

"I'm waiting," Melody warned.

"Please, Officer, whip me."

The switch slashed into her bottom, right across her panties, like they weren't even there. She panted as fierce pain poured into her.

"Thank you, Officer. Please, may I have another stroke?"

The air sliced apart as the switch cracked against her flimsy cotton. Sting flared from the fresh line of punishment. She clenched her teeth and let it teach her the lesson she deserved. As the pain eased, she said, "Thank you, Officer."

Breathing against the bark, she summoned the courage to ask again, "Please, Officer, whip me."

The intense impact low on her cheeks stung her mind, and she gripped the bark for all she was worth as agony overtook her behind.

Her voice strained, she requested the last three strokes, showing deference and gratitude to the police officer willing to whip her.

The last stroke landed where she knew it had to, right in the crease where her bottom met her legs. The bitter strike was a worthy ending to her ordeal, and she took her anguish, swearing blind respect in her heart to the honest officer.

"You may stand," Melody directed.

Shaking her tense arms, she turned to face the policewoman. Standing in front of the officer in her fuchsia panties, she held out her hand to the other girl. "You're a professional officer and a credit to the police force. Thank you for whipping me. And thank you for scolding me hard. I needed that too."

Melody took her hand and shook it. "You took your punishment with the grace I'd expect of an Angel. Well done."

Rebecca lay on her bed, in nothing but her fuchsia underwear, images of Damien absent. In his place, she pictured herself bent in the forest, the uniformed officer whipping her with ever-increasing intensity. The scene replayed in her mind as she circled her clit, panting at the shocking pleasure. Twisting onto her front, she pressed her hips against her finger and traced the fifty tiny welts on her whipped bottom and thighs.

The severe strokes at the end in her mind, she asked the police officer for more and thanked her with utter humility. Proud of her obedience in the face of awe-inspiring pain, she came hard, pulsing heavy pleasure into her panties as her whipped skin stung.

Checking her well-marked legs in the bathroom mirror for the millionth time, she smiled. No skirts or shorts for a punished girl. Her pantsuits would cover her shame at the office and brush against her welts, giving suitable discomfort. She admired her fuchsia panties and matching bra. She would wear them anytime she needed to relive her formal punishment, and enjoy the deep humility of addressing the police officer with the respect she deserved.

Snatching her phone from the bed, she opened Virtue, and sent a message to Melody. 'Thank you for your fairness and generosity.'

A reply came straight away. 'Fancy a drink?'