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13. Tonight, Tomorrow or Never

Spanking Story


Two girls celebrate their intimate friendship and agree a painful price for their pleasure

«Beginning Part 14»

Christina stepped off her family's Gulfstream 450 into a storm of pleasure. It took an hour to reach the epicenter of the storm, but the epicenter hugged her tight in the marble hotel foyer suspended high over the sea below.

Anchored in the bay below was Serena. The super yacht and an expanse of coastline filled the wall of windows behind her as Amy rushed to greet Christina. A luxury weekend was a world away from her summer so far.

The boss had delayed his arrival, freeing up her weekend. She'd messaged Christina the moment she'd seen the luxury hotel carved high into the cliffs above their anchorage.

'Are you anywhere useful?' she'd messaged, only a glimmer of hope her idiot idea would ever, even begin.

Christina's reply had come fast. 'Wet and gray at home. 5.30am.' They often stated their time to each other. They led unpredictable global lives. It was 6.30am on board super yacht Serena.

Spurred on, Amy had shot a picture of the hotel above, catching the blue waters of the bay and sent it.

She'd typed the name and address of the hotel and the words, 'Tonight, tomorrow or never'.

Her boss had declared shore leave, warning the boat must be shipshape for Tuesday morning.

'Standby' Christina's answer had been almost instant. She'd worried that her friend might not want to traipse around the world for only a day or so together.

For two hours, she'd stood by. It wasn't Christina's first rodeo, or hers. Booking hotels at no notice, let alone flights, was always a tall order.

Not for Christina. The hotel had handed over their last room to her credit card.

'Get your ass up there. The room's in both our names. Hope you don't mind sharing a bed.' had come first. The next message had contained a picture of Christina's suitcase along with the words, 'ETA noon'.

She'd told Dan. He could see she was ecstatic. He was going out with the deckhands and maintaining watch. Unlike the interior staff, he didn't have the entire weekend free.

She'd wound down the window of the taxi and taken in the smells and the noise on the way to the hotel. Christina's next message had pinged while she'd been in the taxi. 'Bring a cocktail dress, we're going dancing!'

She'd been way ahead, her red one in her suitcase, just in case. The noise and bustle had enlightened her senses, as the coast road had risen to the hotel. She'd followed the blue and white striped carpet into the hotel suite and straight out to the small balcony she'd seen early this morning.

Her tight blue jeans had felt sexy as she'd spun to look through the sliding doors to the bedroom. A crisp, perfect white bed, not made by her. That's what made this special. She would not lift a finger and feel not an ounce of guilt.

Following the mirrored corridor of wardrobes to the bathroom, the blue and white nautical theme had continued. She'd stood on the heated marble floor and spun to see herself in every mirror. Christina's idea of a hotel room suited. As did her tight Levis, hippy white blouse and flat sandals.

She'd positioned herself in a bright Aqua blue armchair with a view of the sea and the mountains beyond while she finished the end of her book in tranquility. Solitude being a frequent partner to life afloat, she'd moved to the lobby to watch people.

The glass doors opened out to the terrace and sea beyond. The fresh air had wafted over the white sofa where she sat, bringing with it the smell of wild roses, rosemary and thyme.

Her tight jeans had attracted a waiter, coffee and a croissant. 12.15pm was not late, if you'd crossed three countries in three hours with no warning. The black Mercedes could have been carrying anyone, but the timing alerted her before the air parted like waves around Christina.

"God, I've missed you," Christina said, throwing her arms around Amy.

"Me too," Amy said, not letting go.

She admired her friend's Citizen of Humanity skinny jeans. The low rise tight sexiness sat over honey beige suede heels with a tight white tee.

Christina waved the doorman away and pulled her wheelie behind them down the corridor. "I'm famished," she said, "Lunch first?"

Amy agreed. "Then the pool, I hope you have a suitable bikini," she smirked.

Christina grinned back. "Yes, more coverage than on the beach," she laughed at the memory of her almost non-existent bikini. The skimpiness of her attire had helped to cement their friendship. In the morning rain, she'd packed with joy for the sun. She was going to make the most of it, and the most of Amy.

They caught up over salad on the shaded terrace.

"With those lovely jeans, you can't have got the cane in the last week," Amy said.

"No, it's been a while. Let's be naughty and earn a good dose of discipline while we're together. I'm due some correction," she smiled as she sipped her water. "How about you?"

"I've had plenty. I got a big one. It's a long story, I'll save it for later," Amy grinned.

Amy's black triangle bikini was skimpy and stunning in its simplicity. She felt frisky as she tightened the side ties.

"Eres," Christina's said, seeing Amy studying her red, scanty bikini.

"Appropriate. You look like a goddess."

"Let's go turn some heads," Christina declared, smiling at her friend, delighted by the compliment.

They lay along the shallow edge of the pool, looking out over the sea. High on the cliff, the sea looked a long way down. Amy accepted the Mojitos Christina had ordered. It felt good to receive, not give.

They talked, like no time had passed at all.

"No-one else I know would have lit up my life like this, for a weekend at no notice." Christina said.

"You're the star. I only had to get from down there," Amy pointed into the bay, "although it feels a world away."

"So, tell me about how naughty you were," Christina prompted.

Amy checked to see nobody was near and told of her laundry debacle, her push-ups and five long days in formal uniform.

"I'd have preferred a swift, brutal caning," Christina said.

"Me too. I got belted by Dan. A warm up and a good hard two minutes of pain."

"The last time I got it was a few months back. I got a good, motivating, six of the best from the headmaster," Christina countered, "but yours sounds like a comprehensive punishment."

The afternoon turned to an early dinner, the conversation never ceasing. Christina had been learning press relations. Her father had seconded her to the PR area of his empire for the last month.

The steps to the boat pier weaved down the hillside, lit by torches. The boatman looked up. His heart soared as two of the most beautiful girls in the world floated down the ancient stone steps.

Christina's Herve Leger black bandage mini dress sculpted her figure and displayed her bare back. It only just reached her legs, to the pleasure of all.

Amy's red ruched body-con dress hung from spaghetti straps it didn't need as it gripped every curve. It achieved no greater success in reaching her legs, offering another dose of pleasure to everyone they passed.

Neither girl made the stone steps look difficult in their silver high-heeled sandals, Christina's covered in sparkling diamonds, Amy's understated. Her subtle silver clutch and Christina's black leather one completed the stunning aura of the dark-haired duo.

Their water limousine swept them down the coast through the warm night air. The beat of the night met them across the bay. The Rock Club was famous for its location and DJs. Nobody had climbed the charts without playing there first, and most returned often.

Cut into the rock face high above them, the club's gracious pier-greeters took their hands and helped them ashore, feeling like a million dollars a piece.

Two million dollars rose in the glass fronted elevator, losing their stomachs as their silver toes soared over the bay. Amy leaned in to Christina, feeling cared for and sexy as hell. Christina put her arm around her friend, loving the girl who'd invited her to such a special weekend.

The glass doors slid back and launched them into the club. Warned of their arrival from the pier below, their VIP host was waiting for them. People looked up from the sunken dance floor as Amy and Christina stepped down to their VIP table just above the dance floor in its own cave, honed from the rocks of the cliff.

"Cristal, please," Christina said, responding to their host's question.

"Did this cost a fortune?" Amy asked.

"It was the only way to get in at no notice," Christina said. "I get an allowance and we have such a short time together. Let's agree never to discuss money. I love you and me."

Amy knew this mattered. "I love you. Deal. Let's hit it."

Two steps to the dance floor took them a world away. They rocked to the beat, throwing their hair back as the DJ turned up the tempo. Amy's hips moved to their own beat as a web of guys centered on them. The glass circles cut into the floor let her heels dance over raging waves, crashing into the cliffs below her butt.

Waves of pleasure flicked Christina's hair one way, while her hips flicked the other. Rain had left her life the moment she'd met Amy, and again this very morning. She grinned at her friend as she sweated in the cave of sound.

Amy spun to dance with a guy who'd approached. He wanted her. It was always nice. But the force field of Christina drew her in again. She felt deep love for her friend. This was the girl who had bent in front of her for a severe caning and now threw her curves around the floor with the same powerful control.

She moved in close to Christina with a mega-watt grin. Christina grabbed her hips and held her. They gave the boys the show of a lifetime. But it wasn't a show. Christina realized it as her hands, now on Amy's bum, released a thrill through her sex. Amy held Christina's bum as they flung their heads back and twisted to the beat, staying tight and turning each other on.

Amy kissed Christina on the lips. She didn't pretend. She adored her friend. Christina deepened the kiss. She'd felt close all day. She loved Amy. It was girl love, but love. Giving Amy's bum a firm squeeze, her tongue declared the truth. She wanted to feel all of Amy.

Amy's sex flooded her tiny red g-string. She pushed her breasts tight against Christina's and whispered, "I'm so turned on and I haven't even had the cane."

"Same," Christina murmured, her black g-string soaked through.

"I'm going to sleep with you tonight," Amy confessed. "I'm desperate and I've never felt like this." She kissed her girlfriend, holding nothing back as the music erupted into a furious fire. Christina's kiss returned pure heat and so did her words. "I want to touch you and bring you deep, intimate pleasure."

They floated back up the steps to the hotel, their water limousine having arrived at Christina's command. Amy floated high on the force between her legs, Christina powered by the same.

Falling back against the wall inside their suite, Amy landed under a kiss and felt those loving hands back on her tight red-ruched bottom. Turned on from the moment Christina had grabbed her bum on the dance floor, her sex liquified her legs.

"I have no doubts. Do you?" Christina asked.

"No doubts. Touch me," Amy breathed, desperate.

Her girlfriend unzipped the back of her red dress, pulled it away from her shoulders and skimmed her nipples with an instant intense promise. Amy pushed her dress down. Christina undid her own above her bum, pushing the shoulder straps aside and shimmying the black bandage down to her ankles.

Stepping from their dresses and kicking off their heels, they appraised each other. Hot with her nakedness and displayed to her best friend, Amy's sex burned. Christina offered herself to her best friend, her nakedness honoring how she felt.

"I admired you so much when you bent for the cane," Amy said. "You turned me on."

"It was the same for me. Watching such a powerful girl submit to painful punishment, drove me wild. I thought of you over the desk when I was playing with myself that night," Christina confessed.

"It looks like we have a lot of mutual admiration to get over. Come here." Amy led her friend to the white sheets. Laying on top of the made bed, she pulled Christina on top of her. Squeezing Christina's bare bottom, she rubbed herself against her friend and kissed her, naked against her for the first time.

Her sex burned in pleasure as Christina slid down the bed. Soft exploring fingers slid into her red g-string and tugged it down. She raised her hips, welcoming Christina's tongue and lost control as her friend controlled her clit with expert skill.

She spread her hands wide on the bed, nothing to grip as her sex flooded her with soaring pleasure. Her brain flooded with admiration and love for her friend. Christina's tongue brought her to the edge. She returned liquid pleasure.

The delicate perfection of Christina's control held her on the edge of orgasm, pausing when she was about to get release.

"Don't stop," she yelled, but she had to submit to her friend's control. Rubbing her nipples, she lifted her sex, begging to climax. Christina took her up again and held her against a world of loving pleasure.

"Please," escaped her lips.

Waves crashed over her cliff and poured orgasms down the other side. Her body convulsed on the white sheets, suffused with love for the private kindness she'd received.

Christina rolled onto her back and kissed Amy, giving her a taste of herself. The intimacy of tasting her own sex made Amy desperate to give Christina any portion of the pleasure she'd felt.

Christina felt her black g-string coming down her hips and raised them to accept the loss of control. She wanted to feel her friend's honesty given only to her.

Amy's deft tongue controlled her clit.

Flicking her own nipples with rough abandon, Christina accepted Amy would choose the speed of their pleasure. Fast for a moment, she felt her orgasm rising. Amy didn't let her get that far, holding her at the peak with an occasional flick of her tongue.

"Please," she begged. She'd been desperate since their dance in the club, over the ocean waves.

With a flick of the tip of Amy's tongue, orgasms lifted her over the top. The first rush of pleasure swamped her sex in liquid desperation. The next saturated her in intense pleasure and love for her friend. A cascade followed and honored the expert loving tongue of her girl friend as she pulsed on the bed.

"I've never been so controlled by anyone," Christina said. Her voice betrayed the truth of her words.

"Nor have I," Amy admitted.

She held Christina, high as a kite on love and forbidden sex, in their nest, high above the sea.

"This much pleasure cannot be free," Christina said. "I'm going to ask my headmaster for four of the hardest with the senior cane. I deserve it, if only for corrupting you."

"You do," Amy smiled. "We both do. I'm going to ask Dan for four of the most painful strokes and I'll tell him why."

"Is it a price worth paying?"

Amy leaned in and kissed her girl friend, her lips grazing Christina's with the most gentle of touches. "Yes, you're worth it."