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14. Tomorrow

Spanking Story


Two girls celebrate their intimate friendship and their shared school punishment

«Beginning Part 15»

"Who would punish us?" Amy asked with a wry smile, floating in the shallow pool next to Christina, looking out over the sea, as they had yesterday.

With a lazy morning and breakfast in bed, it had been lunchtime before they'd made it into the sun. Light salads served by the pool had thrilled Amy. Any service she didn't have to do herself was a total luxury.

"That's the problem in a world without men," Christina said.

Agreeing on the obvious flaw in their imaginary world, Christina's Fendi bikini-clad bottom caught the waiter's eye. She ordered more Mojitos as he admired the brown bikini with coffee straps, imprinted with black F's over her curves.

Amy's white Sea Folly bikini was her most delicate. As her girlfriend's eyes ran over her bikini, her body fizzed with pleasure as she remembered what Christina had done to her last night.

"I don't know what this is," Amy said. "But I like how it feels. Can we do it again tonight?"

"There's a price," Christina warned, with a grin.

"I'll pay."

Without missing a beat, she'd committed both their bottoms to eight punishing strokes of the senior cane for two nights of intense, forbidden pleasure.

"I don't feel guilty, knowing we'll get punished for it," Christina said. "But how will Dan be, when you tell him?"

"I reckon he'll be okay. He's never tried to control me. I'll admit I've cheated, because I sort of have. I'll ask him to cane me and then ask him to understand."

"Will he?" Christina pressed. She didn't want to harm her friend's relationship. Their girl pleasure was something else. A private moment, separate, but alongside their normal lives.

"I'll need to explain how I feel," Amy said, "but first I need to figure it out myself. Did you know this was going to happen?"

"No, but I'd imagined it," Christina said.

Amy smiled. "That night at your house, I played with myself while picturing you getting caned over the headmaster's desk."

"Can we agree, we each had an equal role in choosing to make love?" Christina asked.

"I accept my role, and I want to do it again."

"So do I," Christina said.

"Whatever we do today, tomorrow or never," Amy declared, grinning at her unintended pun, "I'm foremost your friend. If we get into a mess together, we take ourselves to your headmaster and ask him to sort us out."

"Agreed. This must never break us. If we fuck up, we throw ourselves on his mercy and get caned until we both remember why we're friends."

"Deal," Amy said.

With solemn honor, they shook on it.

Christina leaned in close, and said, "I felt incredible love for you, the morning I woke you up in my spare room. I thought I was the only girl crazy enough to sleep in my blouse and tie after the headmaster had caned me. Seeing you, filled my heart with a passion I won't deny. I'm into boys, but hell, I'm into you."

"That night, I played with myself for hours," Amy grinned. "I wanted to feel the way he made me feel, over and over. Your headmaster is a wonderful man, and you're a wonderful friend."

"He is very kind," Christina agreed.

"Will you tell him why he has to cane you eight times so hard?"

"I think that's best kept between us," Christina smiled.

There was a new, even fresher, honesty between them today. Amy felt it and loved her friend more.

Christina thought about last night's sex. The control Amy had taken over her had been the most exquisite of her life. Her own hand couldn't do it like that. In the cool pool and warm sun, her sex heated at the memory.

"Let's have dinner on the rose terrace tonight and toast each other," Christina suggested. "The menu looked fabulous. I can't remember being this happy in a lifetime."

They talked again of normal things, Christina's corporate learning, Amy's increasing experience and places they would still like to visit, while the sun baked their near naked bodies and the staff kept them supplied with chilled cucumber water.

"Let's wear our jeans with white panties," Amy said as Christina came out of the shower before dinner.

"Knickers," Christina corrected with a grin. "Okay. I'll enjoy knowing we're both in white knickers, while a hot Mediterranean waiter dreams about us."

"I'll just enjoy being served," Amy smiled. "And knowing we're both in cute underwear."

There was a stir among the staff and diners as their attractive waiter seated them on the rose terrace. Enjoying their combined effect and lost in the evening's pleasure, the up-lit tree beside their table allowed Amy to study the mosaic tiling depicting coastal scenes from older times on the wall between them and the sea below.

They dined on the finest pasta, the delicate infusion of garden herbs and spices lifting it to a delicious lightness which was new, even to Christina's experienced palate. The 1981 Petrus Pomerol was the finest red wine to have ever touched Amy's lips. She ignored the four-figure price. She understood how to be with Christina.

The bathroom had twin sinks. They brushed their teeth and stripped to their white cotton bikini panties, already knowing how the night would go.

Climbing on top of the covers, Amy reached for her girlfriend. Her gentle hands brought their faces together. She stroked Christina's cheek and placed her lips against her friend's. Christina couldn't handle the gentle touch and kissed her hard. They held their position until Amy broke for breath.

"Let's stay on top of the bed. I want to watch you touch yourself," Christina said.

"I like you watching me," Amy admitted, rubbing herself through her white cotton.

Christina rubbed her thin panties and set their minds along a path. "I bent over, watched by my friend. The headmaster tucked my school skirt out of the way. You saw me having my knickers revealed. It was a punishment. I deserved it."

"He caned you hard on your knickers," Amy said, sliding her hand into her own white cotton panties.

"I had to accept the hurt and submit to him while you watched," Christina plunged her hand into her knickers.

Lying next to Christina, Amy looked her in the eyes. "I wanted it to hurt you. I wanted him to give you a thrashing."

"It was painful, and I deserved it. I'd spoken out of turn when I shouldn't have. I got the cane for it. It was fair. I had to suffer pain and embarrassment," she panted and rolled onto her back, reaching to touch her own rosy pert nipples.

"The headmaster gave you a ferocious caning on your knickers," Amy contributed to their flow, copying her girlfriend's maneuver.

"He beat me in front of my friend, for my behavior. I deserved it. It hurt. It had to," Christina panted as her hand brought her to her peak.

"You deserved it. It was a lesson you needed to learn," Amy panted as she touched the edge of her pleasure.

"I was a disobedient girl, shamed and caned in front of you," Christina moaned.

"My disobedient girlfriend got caned in front of me," Amy murmured.

"He had to deal with me," Christina groaned as her orgasm tore through her hand.

"You had to take the cane." Amy lost control of her orgasm and kicked her legs out, watching Christina push her toes to the limit, to accommodate her flood of pleasure.

Relaxing, they grinned at each other. "I guess we understand each other," Christina said.

"We do," Amy grinned. "I was proud when it was my turn to bend."

"You were," Christina said. "You felt honorable being caned hard, albeit far too late, for skipping your classes in college."

"He made me bend over his desk and he lifted my skirt," Amy said, plunging her hand back into her white cotton panties for another round of pleasure. "I was in uniform."

"You didn't deserve privacy," Christina muttered. "You had your punishment witnessed by me."

"I did. I deserved your gaze over my white panties as much as the pain from the cane. He made me show my honest contrition in front of my girlfriend and beat me hard," Amy gasped.

Christina pictured her friend's white cotton panties bent over the desk, not for the first time, and her hand circled her clit, feeling her knickers tighten as she rubbed herself in front of Amy.

"He caned my disobedience out of me. Six of the best. I'm in my twenties and I got caned over the headmaster's desk in my panties," Amy stated, holding herself hard against her edge.

She watched Christina touching herself in her white cotton knickers.

"You get caned often. You deserve it," Christina said, her voice firm.

"I'm disciplined for my behavior, caned, thrashed, punished," Amy's voice faltered as she came hard over her hand, rocking on the bed as her orgasms washed her clean of guilt, all over again.

Christina came hard, watching her girlfriend pleasuring herself.

Amy stretched out on her back. "I'm glad I found you."

"I found you," Christina corrected her, "when I made you drop your shorts on the beach."

"You were kind beyond all belief," Amy said.

"I love you, Amy. It's a friendship love, but deep, beyond anything I've ever known."

"I love you too. It's friendship, but I pray I never know another like it, and it lasts a lifetime," Amy said.

The kiss was a seal of trust. In their white cotton panties, their bodies touching, they declared their intimacy.

Christina rolled onto her back and grinned. "I'm going to get eight strokes of the senior cane for our guilty disobedience together. It's going to hurt and mark me. I need to get my money's worth. Will you control me like you did last night?"

Amy burst into a smile at the clear compliment and reached for her girlfriend's white cotton panties.

Christina lifted her hips to Amy's touch as her panties skimmed down her legs.

Amy buried her face in Christina's wetness, tonguing her girlfriend's firm clit and feeling her own sexy state rise.

Christina let her arms fall away, leaving her nipples alone. They hurt too much to put any more demands on them. Her sex controlled her. Lifted to her personal edge by Amy's expertise, she wanted to come, but Amy held her on the edge for as long as she wanted, teasing Christina with the promise of pleasure and making her wait and beg.

Climbing up the wall of pleasure for the fourth time, she begged, "Please."

Amy granted her wish and flung her down a slide of colliding orgasms.

As she relaxed, Christina felt Amy's lips on hers with a taste of her own juices. It was the most intimate taste she'd ever shared. To hold it on her tongue and taste it from her girlfriend was more than she could handle. She cried. Tears of intimacy, tears of pleasure and tears of joy.

Amy said nothing, not a word, just held Christina while she cried.

"Sorry," Christina apologized after a little while. "I've never felt so intimate. Those were tears of joy."

"I know," Amy said, squeezing her friend.

Christina took Amy on her own journey. She took control until Amy begged. It was a beautiful moment, her girlfriend in utter and honest submission to her. Amy's tears fell too as Christina held her.

Teary eyed, Amy turned to her friend, "This is not the last time we'll do this."

Christina agreed. "You can have anything, if you pay the price."