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15. Worth It

Spanking Story


A naughty girl's pleasure is forgiven after ten severe strokes of her boyfriend's cane

«Beginning Part 16»

"How many is she getting?" Dan asked.

"Four strokes of the senior cane for each night we spent together," Amy replied.

She peered over the port side of super yacht Serena at the still blue waters below them. She'd led them to the foredeck where nobody would disturb their conversation. They were leaning over the side together. It was easier not to look at him while she admitted her deceit.

"You'll get the same tonight. The family arrives tomorrow. You're going to be sore." His voice carried no sympathy. She expected none.

"It's what I deserve for cheating on you," she said.

"Yes, you deserve it. I'm going to ensure each stroke is as painful as possible," he warned.

"Thank you," she said.

It meant he still loved her. She'd worried about her relationship after the weekend with Christina. She didn't regret what she'd done, and she didn't want him to make her regret it. All she wanted was for him to love her, understand her, and make her pay for it.

She turned to look at him for the first time. "This is a formal caning between us for something serious," she said. "You must repeat a stroke and punish me further if I don't take each stroke with deep respect. You must be severe and hurt me."

"I will," he said. "I'm going to beat you and it will be unpleasant, but you've earned it fair and square for deceit in our relationship. Do you understand?"

"More than understand. I expect it. I want it, and the more it hurts, the more I will respect you."

"Christina is beautiful," he said, relaxing. "I can understand anyone - guy or girl - fancying her."

"It's more than that.," Amy told him. "She's so kind and lovely and, yes, I find her beautiful, but it's more than skin deep. We both wanted to show how we felt about each other. There was no greater way to show our love and admiration for each other than to have honest sex. It felt right, loving, kind and generous."

"And it's just friends? You're not going over to the other side?" he asked.

He wanted clarity. Her revelation about the weekend had thrown him, but he wasn't mad or even upset. He'd heard enough about their friendship to know it was close. She'd hid nothing from him, telling him right away.

"No. I could never give you up. I'm turned on by men. Well, men and Christina, not women," she confirmed.

"Will it happen again?" he asked.

He was sure this wasn't a one-off event. The way she'd described it was deep and intimate. He couldn't explain it, even to himself, but he didn't want her to let Christina down.

"Yes. I feel deep love for my friend and I'll want to express it again. It won't be often, but it will happen," she admitted. "We're friends with intensity."

"It will cost you a painful session with the senior cane, every time," he warned.

"I expect you to make me bend for a formal caning, every time. Never forgive me until you have given me a sound beating. I want you to see the marks of apology on my bare bottom for at least a week."

"Okay. Always tell me, hide nothing. Be open with me and this passionate need you have inside you won't destroy us."

She stood and grabbed hold of him, pulling him into her. "I love you Dan. Thank you for accepting me as I am."

He kissed her. He couldn't avoid a public display of affection this one time. She needed to feel how much he loved her right now, even though he would hold her to account tonight.

"This time my punishment will be different," she said, holding him tight.

"It will be my job to make you sorry," he said, "and your job not to apologize. Take the pain you've earned and never regret being passionate about your girlfriend."

A wry smile spread over his face. "I'm glad you both felt the need to pay a fair price for your passion. It's so like you both to just be honest."

"Christina suggested it first. She felt bad about stealing me away from you, if only for a few hours," She told him.

"Did you lick her?" he asked, feeling the need to know details about what he'd accepted.

"Yes. I pleasured her clit with my tongue. I tasted her as she submitted to me and gave her incredible pleasure and release. You know there's no greater passion than honest submission."

She was straight with him. She knew she must be. Whatever he wanted to know, she would share.

"Did she return the favor?"

It was the question she'd been expecting.

"Yes, and I surrendered to her. It was beautiful to show her my trust," she said. "But it wasn't all like that. We also played with ourselves together while talking about how much we enjoyed getting caned."

"You may not enjoy it as much tonight," he warned.

"I will. I'm going to submit to you and be grateful you love me enough to cane my disobedient backside."

The lights came up in the onboard cinema. The intimate screening room was for guests, not the crew's pleasure, but it was soundproof. For her first lesson from Dan with the senior cane, he'd made a wise choice.

They'd picked 1am as a quiet time. Remaining in their crew kit had given them reasonable justification for being up and about, and the slim cardboard tube in which he'd bought the cane, provided cover to carry it through the boat.

He placed the cane on one of the deep lounger chairs, which matched the carpet. The cinema seated twelve in extreme comfort. He was the only audience for tonight's movie and he wouldn't be taking a seat. Neither would the star of tonight's movie after she'd taken the punishment she was due.

"Face the screen," he ordered.

Her feet sank into the plush purple carpet.

She stood in her crew skirt and polo, with her hair tied back in a high ponytail. She wouldn't hide her face from him tonight. He must see the honesty of her suffering.

"Bend over and touch your toes," he commanded.

She hitched her crew skirt to her waist, bent over and touched her toes, her fingers planted on her white canvas deck shoes. Her white cotton string bikini panties provided narrow coverage. She'd considered wearing her uniform bikini panties for more cover, but it was her duty to receive every ounce of pain from him.

"You've earned severe strokes, and I will cane you hard. We've both accepted what you did, but it was deceitful, and for that I'm going to punish you. If I'm dissatisfied with your demeanor or actions, I'll thrash you until I'm satisfied. Is that clear?"

"Yes. I deserve a severe thrashing and I'll obey you, no matter what you ask of me."

He appeared beside her, his warmth welcome. His firm fingers slid into the strings of her panties and whisked them to her ankles.

"There'll be nothing between us, not even your panties. I want you bare."

His control felt rich and demanding as it wrapped around her. He was punishing her for pleasure with her girlfriend. It felt right. She'd disobeyed him and must pay the price. She was sorry for her disobedience, but not for what she'd done.

The thick cane, which she'd only ever felt from the headmaster, tapped against her bare bottom.

"Count each stroke out loud, and thank me," he commanded.

The rattan whipped into her bare cheeks, penetrating pain and scorching her skin. Without a desk to hold, the force pushed her forward, but she held still as deep pain consumed her.

He waited while she assimilated the stunning force of the pain he'd applied.

"One. Thank you," she panted.

She straightened her legs and burned in her position. It would hurt to hold still against the arriving cane, but hurt was what she deserved. It was her duty to assist him, to make her punishment as excruciating as possible.

The cane tested her resolve as it sliced into her bum. Fierce burn tore into her as she stood her ground.

"Two. Thank you."

"Are you regretting your actions?" he asked.

He didn't want her to regret anything. He wanted her to be proud of the decision she'd made and accept the consequences with pride.

"No. I wanted to play with Christina. This is the price I must pay. I will bear the pain," she said.

"Good girl." Her defiance pleased him. He brought the cane down a little harder to make it tougher on her.

The searing stroke cut stinging agony through her bottom. She remembered how Christina's lips had felt on hers, the way her touch had sensitized her bottom on the dance floor and again in their room.

The cane punished her. Each stroke branded a burning line on her skin and ferocious pain burrowed into her bottom. She imagined her long legs. Christina had made them feel so sexy. She straightened them and stayed statue-still. Her girlfriend would take the same punishment, and she must not debase their pleasure by failing to pay for it with pride.

Blistering heat burned into her softness. Each time, she thanked him, her voice clear and packed with pride.

"Are you going to apologize for your actions?" he asked, after the seventh stroke.

He hoped she wouldn't weaken. The future of their relationship relied on her strength. She'd taken a bold step and must accept the effect on him.

"No. I won't apologize. I'm sorry I was deceitful and took pleasure from my girlfriend without your knowledge, but I'm not sorry to love her so much. It's a love of friendship. I know it and so does she. I love you, Dan, never more than at this moment. Thrash me, as you see fit."

It was what he wanted to hear. It would take clarity and honesty to navigate the tricky waters ahead of them. Her honesty this afternoon had satisfied him. Her continued honesty under the pain of the senior cane drove deep respect into him.

He didn't relent. He lashed the rattan into her bottom, watching the white line it produced, flash into a red ridge of agony.

She breathed through the agony, her trust in him intact. He'd made every stroke count, and she'd feel each of them for days. She pressed her fingertips against her shoes, panting as her pain rose to a sharp peak, abating into punishing hurt.

"Eight. Thank you."

"Don't count now. Stay in position. I'm going to remind you what it means to obey."

The thick cane rested against the lowest, softest area of her bottom, right where she would sit. Respect for him burst deep inside her. He was not giving an inch.

Merciless pain fired across her softest skin. With no pause, another stroke extended the band of hurt. She gasped, trying to push enough air down her throat to ease the pain in her bottom. It was a vain effort to stem the atrocious pain inundating her. She wouldn't sit down for days.

"Stand up," he commanded.

She stood, the movement shifting pain between muscles, and turned into his open arms.

"It hurts so much." The admission helped the pain.

"It's meant to," he said, his voice still hard.

She stepped back and said, "Thank you for dealing with me. I deserved every hard stroke."

"Was it worth the price?"

"Yes. I'm sorry, but it was. Thank you for letting me have my cake and eat it too. You're an incredible boyfriend, the very best."

The proof was burning her entire bottom. Ten painful bands branded on her by his senior cane. She was a punished girlfriend, and she wanted to be. Tonight was formal discipline between them, and she was proud he'd held her to account. There wouldn't be sex for her tonight, only pain. She would sleep beside him, beaten for disobedience, radiating her respect with unrelieved discomfort.

He looked her in the eye and pulled her tight into him. He loved her and knew she needed his permission to enjoy her girl love. Squeezing her tight, he said, "As long as you pay, you can play."