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11. In Common

Spanking Story


Unaware of the full consequences, a superyacht stewardess asks for a belting

«Beginning Part 12»

Under her boss's sharp eye, perfect push-ups began Amy's last day of punishment. Her flawless uniform ended it early.

"I couldn't be more proud of the attitude you've shown during your period of punishment," her boss sad. "I've overheard several people comment on how well you were taking it." She paused a beat. "It's over. Take a few hours off and check in with me at lunchtime. Get changed," she ordered with a broad smile.

"Thank you ma'am," Amy spoke from her heart. "I'm sorry it was necessary. Thank you for punishing me hard and in front of everyone."

She didn't head to her cabin to change. Her punishment wasn't over. Taking the external stairs down from the sky deck, she found Dan training a new deckhand.

"Do you have thirty minutes?" she asked.

Dan glanced up. His girlfriend looked amazing in her formal uniform. He hadn't minded seeing her in it for five days straight. She was beautiful.

"Keep cleaning the teak, like I showed you, and see how much you can get done. I'll be back in an hour," he advised the deckhand, with a confidence-inducing smile.

He turned. "Come on."

He'd seen her face and heard her tone. With five days to think about it, he already knew what she needed. On the way to his cabin, she explained her punishment was now over and the compliment her boss had given her.

"Your attitude to punishment is always exemplary."

Her heart lifted. The honest declaration, from the man who punished her often, meant everything.

He closed the door of his cabin behind them. "I'm going to deal with you," he said. "You messed up. Although your boss has punished you, until your bottom is as sore as hell, you're not due forgiveness, are you?"

It was why she loved him. He could read her like a book. "I felt I had to clear my debt to my boss and the crew before I could clear it with myself and you. Please impose a punishment on me. Give me no choice."

He sat on the bed. "How long did the washing machine run before you noticed the problem?"

"About six or seven minutes."

He pulled his regular black belt from his shorts. "Five minutes of stinging warm up, followed by two meaningful minutes under the belt. Take off your skirt and bend over my knee."

She gave no reaction to her sentence. It would hurt. The belt was harder to take than it looked. He'd belted her before and his biceps could impart a tortuous beating.

She placed her bottom over his knee, resting her top half on the bed.

He angled himself to make it easier for her. "Are you comfortable?" he asked.

"Yes, thank you."

"Good," he smoothed her crisp white panties across her behind and doubled over the belt.

The sharp, crisp smacks landed across different parts of her bottom. They felt almost gentle as they stung her flesh. Not knowing which bit of her bottom was about to get belted turned her on. Smacks faded as fresh ones arrived.

"It may feel refreshing right now, but it won't last."

He was right, it was. Refreshing to be here at last and refreshing to have her bottom sparking all over with spurts of stinging pain.

The belt paused, and she felt his fingers in the waistband of her white cotton bikini panties. Obedient to his unspoken command, she lifted her hips so he could lower her panties.

Shame stormed through her. She'd have preferred to lower her own panties, but that was the point. She wasn't over his knee for what she preferred, but for what she deserved.

"You got a formal reprimand from the captain and punished by your boss. Now it's time for it to hurt."

He was right. She'd received official discipline, but it was his discipline she craved, even though it would hurt all day. She relaxed, ready for the pain.

The belt snapped across her cheeks, imparting blazing pain. She panted as he laid the leather on with harsh strokes down each bare cheek. She thought of everything that had happened and welcomed the increase in pain.

The strokes were quiet, but stung with an intensity only a man could deliver. They landed without a break across her bare skin. The consistent application of fair pain drove her sex to pump heat through her body, sweeping up the pain, spreading it and turning it to excitement en route.

The last minute was the toughest. Her butt already on fire, she had to pace her breathing to match his strokes as the burning pain across her skin soared. She took her punishment with pride, as she had all week. The pain rose in a hard crescendo. She relished the vicious force of his last strokes as they burst fiery sting on the peaks of her cheeks.

He laid the belt on the bed and stroked her sore bottom, soothing the heat and calming her heart with every kind caress.

She wriggled, forcing him to lean back, and got herself up and sat on his lap, looping her arms around his neck and her lips firm against his. She thanked him with her body, taking the stinging pain from her bum and funneling the pleasure through her lips.

Pushing him back to lie on his bunk, she stayed on top, undid his shorts and lifted herself to let him push them off, taking his underwear on the way.

She stroked his rock hard manhood, letting her glistening sex take over from her hand. Sliding onto his solid manliness, her burning butt blazed in the open air as she rode her boyfriend, using his strength to turn her heat into pleasure and release it around her body.

She unbuttoned her blouse with one hand and released the front catch on her bra. His hands reached for her pert breasts, honing in on her hard nipples, grazing and teasing them with his thumbs.

The current flowing from her nipples galvanized her sex. It was a one-way power surge as her sex shattered its grip on him. She rocked down his shaft, breaking free of his hands and landing her soft breasts on his hard chest, panting.

He had to get back on deck. He left her with a firm kiss. Sore and sated, she dressed in her formal uniform and returned to her cabin to change.

Bianca was reading on her bunk and rolled to face her friend.

"Are you on break?" Amy asked, praying it was a short one.

"I've done all the guest staterooms. I began early, now I've got a couple of hours," she replied, dashing Amy's hope for privacy. "The boss said your punishment is over. Everyone has good things to say about you,"

Bianca had confirmed what her boss had told her. It looked like she'd earned back the crew's respect.

"You made those push-ups look easy," Bianca said.

"They weren't. Each time I had to push myself up, I thought of how I'd let everyone down. It was a tough punishment in the heat, but nothing less than I deserved."

They talked about the rota and Bianca mentioned 'Death by Chocolate' cake was in the crew mess.

"Aren't you going to change out of your uniform?" Bianca asked. "You must itch to do so by now?"

The startled look which crossed Amy's face, gave her away before she could stop it.

"Is it because Dan's spanked you?" Bianca asked. "You think I haven't noticed your marks? You're not as careful when they've worn off a bit. I presume you want it, like you wanted some punishment that day you wore your red panties under your formals. I knew what you were doing because I did it first, for the same reason."

Amy listened in stunned silence.

Bianca said, "I had a desperate need for a bit of punishment to remind me of the ordered world I live in and the choice I make every day to obey the rules. A little reminder helps sometimes, and I didn't have a hulking man to beat me."

"You're right about all of it," Amy admitted. "I wore my red panties to get some punishment, for much the same reasons. I got the idea from you. And yes, I'm desperate to take my uniform off." She stepped out of her uniform skirt and placed it on her bunk. "And yes, he's belted me for my laziness in the laundry." She stripped off her white panties and turned to display her bare, belted bottom.

"That must hurt," Bianca said.

"It does and it should for a while."

"If I had a boyfriend who dealt with me, I'd keep him very busy," Bianca smiled, climbing down to hug her friend. "Now you know I know, don't get embarrassed or hide it. Tell me about it, if you want to. I'll be glad to hear, but I'll never ask."

"Thanks," Amy said, squeezing her friend tight. "I thought you might think I was crazy."

Bianca whispered back. "You're not."

After Amy left to go back to work, Bianca grabbed her iPad. She used it to watch movies, but the larger screen was also comfortable for googling spanking. She didn't indulge her curiosity often, but Amy's bottom had thrust it to the center of her mind.

The message 'There is no internet connection' wasn't exciting. She checked the Wi-Fi password. However many times she entered the code, the message came back the same. Rolling over, she leaned down from her bunk, picked up the phone handset and dialed the tech room.

Scot answered. The Electrical Technical Officer was a senior crew member, but the only person on board who could fix anything. She explained her problem.

"Do you mind if I come and look?" he asked.

She didn't mind, not at all. Good looking and single, he was welcome in her cabin, not only to fix the internet.

She climbed down, replaced the phone handset and pulled on her soft white cotton shorts. Her thin white tee could stay. He could enjoy her soft curves in soft cotton if he fixed her Wi-Fi. There was a gentle knock on the door and she opened it. To make room in the small cabin, she climbed back up onto her bunk.

He tapped his own iPad. "As you say, it's broken in here. It's fine in the rest of the boat. We hide the transmitter in the ceiling. I'll have to look at it."

Putting down his iPad, he reached up. The ceiling was low, and he was tall. His short-cut blond hair neat and attractive, she watched his crew shorts tighten over his butt as he stretched up and pressed the ceiling in the corner. A small panel came away in his hand. She regretted it coming away without a hitch. The sight of his arms stretched high and his bottom tight in his shorts had been a pleasant distraction for an excited girl.

He fiddled in the gap for a few moments and turned around to reach something. His rock hard abs under his tight crew polo were all hers to enjoy as he focused on the ceiling above. She cast her gaze over his body and the gap which had appeared above his shorts, revealing a taste of his hard stomach.

Lowering his arms and removing the view, he tapped on his iPad for a few moments. "There you go," he said.

She picked up her iPad. The stored credentials now working, it launched Google without a hitch.

"Thanks," she said, beaming him a hundred-watt smile.

He slotted the ceiling panel back into place. "No problem," he grinned. "I only had to pull out the power wire and put it back. Sometimes it happens."

"Well, I'm mega grateful. Thank you so much."

He smiled and left her cabin. She rolled onto her front to watch him go. Putting down her iPad, she pictured his muscular arms, not up in the ceiling, but holding her down over his knee. Rolling onto her back, she shoved her hand into her soft cotton shorts, her imagination on fire.

His hot, hard thighs supported her as she lay over his lap. She pictured him sat on the edge of Amy's bunk below, holding her over his knee. In her tight white panties, her finger worked her clit with a fury as, in her mind, his hard hand slammed into her bare butt. He'd ripped down her shorts and panties while he scolded her before putting her bare over his knee for a strict spanking.

In her mind, she pretended she'd locked up the Wi-Fi to get his attention, and he was punishing her for her selfishness. He was a busy man and being called to fix Wi-Fi for her pleasure was unbecoming behavior for a beautiful girl. Hard spanks rained down on her bare cheeks, littering her skin with hot imprints. She shoved her shorts and panties down to feel exposed. Her finger held her on the edge of pleasure as his hard hand taught her to behave. Picturing his chest again, she came hard, orgasms flooding her with waves of delicious pleasure, disappointed to find her bare bottom unblemished and without the slightest sting.