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12. Kindness

Spanking Story


A girl bends over her old headmaster's desk for neglecting her boyfriend

«Beginning Part 13»

Five days of being dutiful had taken its toll on Amy. The push-ups every morning had not been as easy as she'd made them look. Her reflection in her cabin mirror screamed exhausted, but her crew respected her and they were stronger than ever.

Bianca's revelation this morning had consumed every drop of emotion she'd had left. Tomorrow she would be a world class stewardess on super yacht Serena, but tonight she was tired and at peace with herself.

Dan was on duty. She and her First Officer had tomorrow afternoon to themselves. The captain would be in command of the yacht and her boyfriend in command of her.

She slid between her sheets on the lower bunk wearing her white cotton string bikini panties. She was home.

Her belting this morning came to mind as her bottom ached. She'd deserved it. Leaving Dan's cabin with a stinging and sore backside, she'd felt her punishment complete.

Her hand slid into her panties to keep her gentle company. Her sex poured pride over her fingers as she circled her clit, giving her much needed relief. She imagined her bare red bottom and slipped her finger inside herself.

It had been a punishing and pleasing end to five strenuous days. Sliding her other hand under her bum, she rubbed harder. She was sore. He'd done her justice. The soreness, encouraged by her hand, radiated to her sex, linking with the deep sense of pride which flowed from her mind. She came hard and cried out as deep, pulsing pleasure reached every corner of her body.

It was a good job Bianca was on duty tonight and she had the cabin to herself. She needed privacy after her public shame.

Calm and sore in her bunk, her hand kept her company. She thought of her boyfriend. She'd neglected him during her tough five days. Snatched moments and exhausted sleep were not a relationship. Tomorrow afternoon she wanted him to hold her.

She touched herself as she imagined his brawny arms around her, his hands spreading to cover as much of her as he could hold. Those same hands wielded a cane against her bottom when she needed it.

Her thoughts jumped to her five day punishment. She could have achieved the same outcome in a few minutes, if the captain had caned her in front of the crew.

The yoga mat was still on the sky deck in her mind. In her head, she took off her formal skirt and handed it to Bianca before bending to touch her toes. The entire crew made a semicircle audience, watching her as she accepted her punishment.

Everyone watched as the captain gave her six hard strokes across her white cotton uniform panties. The bite of the cane sliced through her mind as she rubbed her clit, fast and firm. When she stood, she saw the admiring gaze of everyone, impressed with how well she'd taken her punishing strokes.

She imagined traveling around the semi circle audience apologizing to each of them in her panties with her cane marks on display. Before she'd even retrieved her skirt again, she came hard, shuddering in her bunk, pleasure pouring through her mind and assaulting her sex.

She extracted her hand. "Silly girl," she murmured with a smile, and was out like a light.

After an early shift, she went to Dan's cabin for their afternoon together. There was only one thing on her mind. His arms opened wide at the sight of her and she slid into his hold.

Lying on his bunk, her crew skirt felt neat. It was light and comfortable. Her polo was comfy too. She'd missed them. She liked her crew uniform, but he didn't when it was between them. He pulled her polo up, and she lifted her arms. She unzipped her skirt and flung it away, followed by the rest.

He took less time to lose his shorts and polo. His white micro briefs were being breached already. He'd missed her. She'd missed him.

Feeling her soft mood, he slid himself into her naked wetness. His slow rhythm tormented her as his expert skill probed her need. She received his lips and gave him her truest self. Held tight, their kiss lengthened and deepened in intensity as the sensations rushing through her body threatened to overpower her. His solid chest against her raucous nipples was too much. She came in an unstoppable cascade of pleasure, her body rocking under his.

Shuddering in his arms, she fell still.

"You're the loveliest girl in the world," he said, squeezing her even tighter.

It reminded her how strong he could be.

"I bought you a present while I was ashore."

"Mmm, just what a girl likes to hear," she smiled, squeezing him back.

"Wait until you see it," he warned.

He climbed over her and reached above his bunk to the back of his long cupboard. As he brought his hand down, in it was a dark rattan senior cane, just like the headmaster's.

"Just what every girl wants!" She grinned up at him, her eyes bright as he placed the serious cane down the middle of the bed.

The dark, thick rattan took her straight back to the headmaster's study. She tested its flex and replaced it. She already knew what it could do.

"I thought you might need it this week, but you didn't deserve such a painful punishment. A good belting took good care of you."

"It did. Thank you for being tough, kind and fair with me. I love you," she said, "and I appreciate the present because there will be a time when you must make me pay the ultimate price and this will be a harsh, but fair, punishment."

"I love you too," he said. "The way you talked about your experience with Christina, I could imagine you wanting a hard caning again."

"How did you feel about another man punishing me?" she asked.

"I was jealous for a moment, but I don't think I'd have wanted to stop you. You were sharing something special with your friend, and what you did was right. It's your bottom."

They communicated. It was why they stayed strong in the complex environment in which they lived. She'd opened up to him and he'd rewarded her with insights into himself. Some people's relationships had difficulties, theirs had clarity. He'd asked for it on their first afternoon together. She respected him and honored him with her heart, her bottom and her rational mind.

"Do you want to talk about it?" she asked.

"No. To know you and Christina were both thrilled and happy is enough for me. It didn't concern me when you told me your plans, and I'm not worried now. I love you. You're my adorable girlfriend."

The gentle sex had left her feeling calm and their conversation had relaxed her. So much had happened, she'd wanted to make sure they were solid. They fell asleep together for two blissful, loving hours. The best present he could give her.

In the crew mess, at dinner time, heat came off them. There were no public displays of affection, but their crew knew they were solid as a rock.

Chef fed them filet steak and salad. Her world was so charmed. She squeezed Dan's hand under the table.

After dinner, he had to train a deckhand on night watch duties. She went to his cabin. The privacy treasured. The sleep and her steak had reinvigorated her.

She got down the senior cane, flexed it and stroked it. Placing it in the bed beside her, she lay one hand on it, the other busy. She was back in the headmaster's study, but in this version she was alone in guilt. Her offense was neglecting her boyfriend for five days, and it was being dealt with. The senior cane blazed her white cotton panties with its punishing message. Bent over the desk, her jeans around her ankles, her boyfriend's senior cane scorched a thick line of punishing pain into her panties. They were white panties, right for an obedient girl. She deserved the cane hard, a reminder to look after him.

The second stroke fell as her clit pulsed against her finger. She circled herself hard. Two more strokes of the cane thrashed her cotton bottom. She caressed the cane beside her as the pain sizzled across her mind. The last stroke was the hardest of all. Her five days of neglect dealt with in five hard strokes of the senior cane. The last and hardest scorched her lowest cheeks, a message from her man straight to her heart. She came in a burst of orgasms, shuddering her hand down the full length of the senior cane. Her sex gripped her heart and mind. She loved the man who'd bought her a heavy, punishing and painful cane.

Snapping her elastic back into place, she got up and put it away in the cupboard above. She trusted him to know when she needed it. When it became necessary, and it would, she'd touch her toes. When commanded to bend, she would obey. She was an obedient girl, but sometimes - and there would always be a sometimes - she needed her wings clipped a little.