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25. A Bit More

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A girl challenges her new boyfriend to keep her in line

«Beginning Part 26»

Alone on the sun bed on the foredeck of super yacht Serena, Scot lay back in the sunshine and closed his eyes. He was always somewhat available because he was the only person on board who could fix electronics. As the Electrical Technical Officer, he reported to the captain. The yacht relied on high-tech gear for navigation, air, water systems, and guest entertainment. He could help guests enter the Wi-Fi password or take apart the navigation computers. Every piece of electronics came under the responsibility of the ETO.

He'd just finished upgrading the TV system. He couldn't do it with guests on board. Downloading large updates relied on a perfect internet connection. The tracking domes on the mast had kept the connection strong, and he'd done it in an hour.

Sweat soaked into his short blond hair, but he didn't mind. There were many places in the world to fix computers. Serena was a hell of a glamorous one. But unlike the office he used to frequent, he couldn't go home and pick up a girl on the way. There were beautiful girls on board and in every marina, but most were unattainable.

"Do you mind?"

He opened his eyes at Dan's voice. They both reported to the captain, but Dan outranked him in the command structure.

"Not at all. I'd like the company."

Dan climbed on the other side, leaving room for a bunch of pretty stewardesses in between them, Scot thought. Although Dan had Amy, the prettiest of them all.

"How are you?" Dan asked.

"I'm good. Finished the TV upgrade."

Dan liked Scot. He was straightforward and dependable. Sometimes he seemed withdrawn, but everyone handled life afloat in their own way.

"Are you good?" Scot asked.

"Had a lovely day in Milan with Amy. I thought window shopping for dresses would bore me, but she was so excited."

"And you liked it?" Scot sat up in the corner and looked at Dan.

"Yes. I could imagine her in every one of them. Mind you, we'd need a vast house, an immense wardrobe, and somewhere to go every night."

"How have you and Amy made it work for so long?"

Dan's relationship with Amy had already lasted an eternity by yachting standards. It made him the go-to authority on relationships, not just for their crew.

"We're honest with each other. In such close confines, it's the only way. We have structure to our relationship."

"But you're still above her," Scot said.

"Sure, but it's distant, she reports to the Chief Stew. It doesn't affect us."

"If I screwed up a relationship," Scot said, "I would have to see her every day."

"So don't screw it up."

Dan's emphatic answer suggested no reason he couldn't have a relationship. So why had he kept his distance from the stews?

"You have someone in mind, don't you?" Dan asked.


"She's gorgeous. You could do a lot worse."

"How did you two get started?" Scot asked.

'By bending her over the chart table and spanking her with a ruler' was Dan's first thought, but he said, "We talked. Ask Bianca to join you out here and listen. Most girls just want someone to listen to them. Their thoughts can appear random, but they're not. Listen, and you'll get to know her."

"What did you and Amy talk about?"

Dan couldn't answer that either. He said, "We'd disagreed about something, so we sat and talked about it. She was interesting. I had firm opinions, and she respected me."

"Yeah, I don't want a girl who's a pushover," Scot said. "Last week, a stew from another boat flirted with me in the marina bar, but she was so desperate it turned me off."

"Well, Bianca isn't a pushover," Dan grinned.

"The stronger girls are, the harder they are to talk to," Scot said.

"Every girl wants you to talk to her. Just don't agree with everything she says. Stand your ground. She'll respect you. Girls like you to be firm and therefore dependable. You've got the dependable bit all wrapped up. Just be firm with her."

"So toughen up a bit, you mean?"

"Yes. If you want to put it that way. Would you take a firm approach with Bianca, if she deserved it?"

"I don't imagine she would even look at me," Scot said.

"Offer a girl a firm hand and she'll be putty in yours."

"I don't want a girl who's compliant," Scot said.

"No you don't, and no girl wants to be good all the time," Dan said. "She just wants to know you'll rein her in when she needs it, or wants it. She'll test your limits because she wants to find them. Be firm when it's reasonable."

"I almost feel like I should ask her out straight away, while I have the courage," Scot said, getting up from the sun bed.

"You should. You don't need courage. Just a good ear and a firm touch."

It took courage, no matter what Dan said. But Dan hadn't laughed at the idea of him and Bianca. Indeed, he'd entertained the idea. If Dan thought he stood a chance, he'd be a fool not to try. But he'd also have to live with her every day, if he failed.

There were no guests on board, so outside his official working hours, he could walk around the yacht in only his shorts if he liked. He found Bianca in the main lounge, polishing the stair rail.

Keep it cool but firm, he reminded himself. He went straight in. "I'm off all afternoon. How about you?"

"You look off," she grinned. "Have you been getting a tan?"

He grinned back. "I started early. Do I look buff?"

"Maybe," she hid her smile by turning towards the rail she was polishing, but he caught it.

Oh-my-god. She liked him. Keep cool. Cool, man. Cool. "Would you like to spend the afternoon on the sun bed together?" He'd got the words out, and they hadn't sounded too weird.

She knew she was being asked out. It was subtle and flattering as hell. He was buff. She hadn't liked blond boys before, but she liked Scot. Just by asking her out, he'd doubled his attractiveness. She'd be crazy not to try it.

"Okay, I'll meet you there around two," she said.

"Cool," he retreated down the stairs.

'Cool' - He could have done better than that. But he had a date with Bianca, and she hadn't laughed at him. He'd often wondered about the pretty stewardess. She sometimes tied her brunette tresses out of the way, but he liked it when they flew free.

He wasn't as calm at 2pm as he sat on the sun bed. Now he had to talk. In fact, he had to listen. He remembered Dan's advice. Listen. Okay. Listening was easier. He'd prepared three questions to ask, in case there were embarrassing silences. He'd written them down and memorized them.

Bianca turned up at ten after two. It was on-time for a girl who didn't want to look too keen. She climbed up beside him on the sun bed in her short olive shorts. He'd seen them before. They displayed her bare legs to complete perfection. It was distracting. Her aqua bikini top didn't aid his concentration.

"So, I'm here. What are we going to talk about?" she asked.

It put him on the spot. But he was ready.

"Did you move around growing up?" he asked.

She told him about her family. Where they'd grown up and the friends she used to play with.

He thanked Dan a thousand times. All he had to do was listen. He asked the occasional question. It felt natural. The only thing unnatural was how beautiful the girl speaking was. Her curves and the fact they were lying close beside him was still distracting.

"So how about you? You must have learned your talents somewhere?" she asked.

It felt good to talk to Bianca; she listened and asked gentle questions. He loved telling her about his life and his jobs.

"So you had plenty of girls?" she teased him. He'd just compared working in an office to living on Serena.

"Well, I've had a few girlfriends." In fact, he'd only had two long-term ones, if the long-term was over six months.

She'd enjoyed talking to Scot. He was a good listener. She should have tried harder to talk to him before. She'd missed out. It was clear he couldn't keep his eyes off her.

"Am I about to become another notch on your belt," she asked, grinning at him.

"Oh, no. Nothing like that," he said, flustered. "But I do like you and I asked you here to find out if you might like me too."

"I do," she said.

"Oh, wow. That's a direct answer."

"You asked a direct question."

"I'd like to spend more time with you."

"Are you asking me out?"

"Yes. I am."

"It's difficult on board. Let's talk about it," Bianca said.

His heart missed a beat. He'd just asked her out. It had happened. It was real, very real.

She watched his reaction. He wanted her. It wasn't just sex. This mattered to him. A flood of pleasure rushed through her. A hot guy had asked her out.

"It's hard to find alone time like this," he said.

"Yes. This is lovely," she smiled at him, "I wouldn't give up this life for anything."

"Me neither, but it would be nice to share it with you."

He sounded good, even to himself. How had he become so smooth? Had she done this to him?

"I'd like that too," she said, moving closer to him.

The heat of her soft bare legs against his was more than he could take. He rolled towards her and stroked her face.

"We have to live with each other," he said, "There's nowhere to run."

"I know," she said. "I promise to be decent to you."

"Me too," he grazed her lips.

This was her last chance to escape. She didn't take it. His lips planted on hers. The rich taste of man was heady for her sex. It had been a long time. Today her world had changed, and she hadn't seen it coming.

His tongue darted into her mouth. She tasted so damned good.

Bianca pulled back, "I have to breathe, or this won't last long."

"Sorry," he said.

"Don't be. That was the hottest kiss of my life and I don't know why. But I'd sure like to find out."

He grinned. She was the best girl in the world. How had he not acted sooner?

"Let's make ground rules," she said.


"No touching or affection when on duty. Strict, proper behavior. We have important jobs to do. But when work is over, there are no rules."

"Agreed," he said.

"You must stick to it. I'm serious. My job is important to me."

"I will. I enjoy being professional on board. We'll keep a hard line between work and play."

"A hard line," she repeated, "I like the sound of that. Will you also take a hard line with me if I break our rules?"

Dan had said she'd test his limits. Was she already testing him?  

"Yes," he said.

"Life on board is hard enough without making it harder," Bianca said. "This should make us both happy. I don't want to argue, whatever the reason."

"But if we do?" he asked.

"I'd want you to give me a bit of a punishment. Maybe a bit of a spanking. Just enough to remind me we agreed not to argue."

He looked her in the eye, and could see she was serious. If spanking her gorgeous bottom wasn't being firm, he didn't know what was. "I'll spank you hard enough to remind you, and then a bit more."

Her soft smile confirmed it was the right answer. "Prove it," she said. She would not let this opportunity go to waste.

"It will hurt," he warned.

"I'm counting on it. If you want to be my boyfriend, put me over your knee and show me."

He leaned in and whispered in her ear, "Be in my cabin in five minutes," and climbed off the sun bed.

He glanced back. She was watching him, a grin on her face. Wow. What a little firmness could achieve. He should have taken this approach with girls years ago.

She knocked on his cabin door. She'd considered being late, but they'd had a very mature conversation. It was enough that a stinging bottom awaited her on the other side of the door.

He welcomed her in. As ETO, he had a cabin to himself. On the same deck as the engine room, it was soundproof. She stepped into the quiet and he sat down on the bunk. There was nowhere else to be. She slid alongside him and waited, saying nothing.

"You challenged me," he said, "Now, it's your duty to obey. Stand up and drop your shorts."

She obeyed. Unbuttoning her olive shorts, she let them fall to her ankles, and stood before her boyfriend in her aqua triangle bikini, rich obedience swamping her in intimate pleasure.

"Bend over," he commanded.

She stepped forward, leaving her shorts behind and placed herself over his knee, her hands on the floor, her legs straight and her toes touching the floor behind her.

"You may not like this," he said, "but once you're over my knee, you don't get a choice."

He put his fingers in the strings of her bikini bottoms and tugged them down. She lifted her hips to assist him, reveling in his ruthless command of her.

He rubbed her bare bum. It wasn't the way he'd expected to see it for the first time, but it was perfect. He brought his hand down hard on her right cheek and followed with another on her left.

She gave no reaction and waited. The sting was impressive, but pinpoint. Twice more the pattern of spanks blossomed heat through her behind.

"If you'd argued, I'd be telling you off right now," he said. "As it is, you had the nerve to question if I would spank you. Let this be a lesson."

A rain of pain followed, lighting her cheeks with a fiery sting. She scolded herself for doubting him, sincere in her guilt and grateful she'd put him to the test. It was decent discipline, not the tough kind she would need, but a serious lesson.

As if he'd heard her thoughts, a series of solid smacks landed across her lower cheeks, spreading sting where she'd feel it longest. She'd underestimated him. Heat built where she was softest, stinging her silliness out of her.

"I'm sorry," she said. "I had no right to doubt you."

"Let's make sure."

Ten severe strikes from his broad palm stung her bare bottom, proving who would decide when she was sorry. He rubbed her tender bottom. His warm touch soothed her glowing cheeks. Her sex, already clenched tight, pulsed hot wet pleasure.

"You're done," he said.

Using his bunk to help her, she stood up. Hot as hell, and naked from the waist down, she stood her ground. "Thank you for spanking me. I deserved it. I trust you, Scot."

He reached for her. She pulled the string on her bikini top, let it slip away, and gave herself to him. He pulled her onto him, shucking his shorts and underpants as she straddled him. Uninhibited, she drew his rock-hard manhood into her. His firm fingers flicked her nipples, sparking fire through her as she rode his erection hard, gripping him and forcing him to challenge her for his pleasure. He thrust deep inside, proving the strength of his desire.

"You bared my bottom," she panted, holding herself on the ultimate verge.

"I bared you and spanked you," he gasped, plunging his manhood to the hilt again.

"And you will again," she declared

"Yes, I will."

She came. A fierce flood of pleasure released months of pent up frustration. Orgasms gushed through her, a never-ending rush of bliss. She bucked and rode his hardness, as every drop of pleasure exhausted every inch of her.

She flopped onto his chest, her ear close to his lips. His arms closed around her and he said, "I trust you too, Bianca."