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18. One Boss

Spanking Story


Overdue for discipline, an experienced stewardess oversteps her authority

«Beginning Part 19»

"Yes. Order ten," Amy said, walking past the chef, hunched over a laptop in the crew mess.

The chef was just checking on their need for champagne. Provisions were arriving tomorrow and both the Chef and the Chief Stewardess had vital requirements.

Answering for her boss without a thought, she smiled at the chef as she passed. She was back and on top of everything. She'd been away from super yacht Serena for three weeks.

Without warning, the owner had flown her to the Arctic Circle to stand in for the Chief Stewardess aboard super yacht Vista, his adventure yacht. A serious family emergency had occurred leaving the yacht without a Chief Stewardess days before a very expensive charter through the Arctic.

Amy was proud of her performance as Chief Stewardess. She'd taken a respectful light touch with the experienced crew and enjoyed her freezing cold adventure.

She couldn't say who the primary charter guest had been, her non-disclosure agreement was strict. Every crew member in the industry understood how important privacy was to their livelihoods, so nobody asked her. She wished they could. She had a story to tell which would blow their minds. But it would also blow her own privacy.

She'd resolved to not even tell Dan until circumstances forced her. At some point they would. She'd made a new friend, someone who had already changed the world and would do so again, with her help.

For now, she repeated the mantra she'd given herself on the plane home. 'What happens in the Arctic, stays in the Arctic.'

She went up to the dining room. Bianca was laying the table with one of the junior stews.

Amy sent the other stew to join their boss preparing the staterooms for the evening and helped Bianca finish laying the table. She used a ruler to ensure perfect placement, glad to be back among her team, although she now saw things she hadn't before - lots of things.

"Amy, can you come to my cabin, please?" The Chief Stew said, in quite a firm tone.

They'd just finished breakfast after stowing all the provisions which had arrived early this morning on the dock.

"Yes, ma'am," Amy replied. She respected authority. It pleased her to address her boss in the formal manner and it felt like she should.

She knocked and entered. The small space was unsuitable for a meeting, but they were used to it. She sat beside her boss on the bunk.

"Yesterday, you ordered ten cases of champagne. I checked with the chef. He said you okayed it."

"Yes, that's right. I was there, and he asked," Amy said.

"It should only have been ten bottles, to top us up."

"Oh, shit. Sorry."

"It's okay. I caught it last night and fixed it, but it wasn't your place to decide. You should have referred him to me."

"I'm sorry," Amy said.

She had meant no harm. Used to decision making, it hadn't crossed her mind when the chef had asked. It was odd not to be in charge again.

"Last night you reorganized who was on turn down service with me and who laid the table. I'd assigned the jobs, so you had less to do. I wanted to give you a few simple days after your busy adventure."

"Ma'am, I'm sorry," Amy said, ashamed. "I've overstepped. I'm embarrassed. It wasn't my place to do either of those things, and I know it." A good spanking from her boss wouldn't be out-of-order given her arrogance. She glanced across at the older girl's knees and pictured herself bared and bent over them. It wasn't what she wanted from her boss, but she would have accepted it.

"I accept your apology," her boss said. "You have an excellent attitude. I spoke with the owner while you were flying back. According to Vista's captain, you were a first class Chief Stew and he would welcome you to command his team anytime. The owner told me to pass on his gratitude. He made a specific point about it. You're a credit to yourself and a good reflection on me too."

"Thank you. That's nice to hear. I got used to seeing things and acting. Your job is harder than I expected and more rewarding than I thought. I'm so sorry I overstepped."

"It's okay. It's an odd situation. I'm not planning on retiring, but if you want to step up, I'll give you the highest recommendation and help you find a position as Chief Stew on another boat."

"I don't want to leave Serena," Amy said. The idea had never crossed her mind, and her instant reaction had been to never leave her family.

"You don't have to and thank you for making me look good with such a stellar performance."

"That's okay, I enjoyed the Arctic. It was the most amazing time of my life."

Her boss gave her a quick hug. It was nice after the scolding. "Now, run along. There's work to do."

Amy replayed the conversation in her mind as she cleaned bathrooms. She leaned right in to check the perfect reflection of a mirror. It pleased her to make it flawless. She wouldn't let herself off. She's been told off by her boss. A girl who needed a telling-off also needed a spanking.

She passed Dan between decks. They'd already had outrageous sex at every opportunity since she'd been back. He'd asked her if she'd done anything during her trip he needed to address with the cane, but she hadn't. She'd been laser focused on her job. In hushed tones, she filled him in on her scolding.

"I'll take a break in fifteen minutes. How about you?"

"I can swing it," she said. It would be a painful break, but she intended to respect her boss's scolding with the soreness she deserved. She'd keep her boss in mind and take her punishment with the utmost respect.

She knocked on his cabin door and went in. He'd got her a fresh coffee. That was why she loved him. Simple little kindnesses and the difficult big ones too.

"Well, you've been a naughty girl, at last," he said. "It has been a month since I've punished you because you've been gallivanting around the world."

"I have," she grinned. "I apologized to my boss, and it was a profound apology."

"Good. I'd expect nothing less, you're a good girl. What punishment do you feel is fair?"

"I'd have suggested a spanking, bare, over your knee and as embarrassing as possible. But it's too noisy. We just can't. Anyway, I had good intent."

"I agree," he said. "I have a plan. Take off your skirt and bend over the bunk."

She unzipped her khaki crew skirt and stepped out of it. Her perfect blue polo hugged her figure and her crisp white cotton string bikini panties followed her smooth curves.

Pride burst from her. Bent over his bunk in her panties for punishment, she was home for real. It had been way too long.

Out of the corner of her eye, she watched him lift the cane from the wardrobe. Pleasant anticipation pulsed through her. The cane was about to deliver excruciating pain, and she couldn't want it more.

It tapped against her panties. "One serious stroke," he said.

"Thank you," she replied.

Whatever his sentence had been, she'd have taken it. But one stroke showed he respected her enough to cane her, but also accepted her error had been with good intent. Breathless with respect and pleasure, she lowered her head to study his comforter and waited for her serious stroke.

She should have asked for a brisk caning as soon as she arrived back. Maybe then she wouldn't have overstepped her position. The cane whipped into her soft bottom. Scorching heat burned a line of pure pain across both cheeks. She'd forgotten just how much it hurt when he caned her.

Panting through the unexpected pain, she let it wash through her bottom and her sex lit up in approval. If her boss could see her now, it wouldn't embarrass her, well maybe a bit, but she'd have respected the older girl's right to see her receive her cruel stroke.

"Stand up and face the door."

He watched as she obeyed.

"Put your hands on your head and think about your role and responsibilities."

Being ordered to stand in her white cotton panties facing the door with her hands on her head, soaked her mind in rich humility. With nothing but wood to look at, she let her mind range over her experiences as her bottom burned. She wasn't sure being the boss was all that much fun. There was a lot of extra work and responsibility. Not much time to relax. She would see her boss in the morning and explain her thoughts to clear the air forever.

"Come here," he said.

His voice surprised her. "I thought I'd get at least five minutes facing the door."

"You did," he said, showing her the timer on his phone.

"Wow, I needed that. Thank you for punishing me. You were kind with the cane. I'm a lucky girl to have you and I've fucking missed you."

She flung herself on the bed, pushing up against his hard body.

"You've caned me, mister. Now you have to fuck me and only one stroke of your manliness will not do," she grinned, stroking his hardness through his crew shorts.

He rolled into her and kissed her. She returned his kiss, teasing his tongue while her hands undid his shorts. She got her hand into his briefs and around his manhood. Stroking him, she kept her tongue chasing his.

He ran his hand under her tight polo but couldn't get to her bra. She released him long enough to strip her top half. He ripped off his matching polo and kicked off his shorts and tight briefs. He pulled her under him, moved her white panties aside and slid his length deep inside her.

Lying on his bunk in her white cotton panties, caned and pinned in place by his hard erection, she was home for sure. She wanted his control. A spanking would have been nice and embarrassing. She'd store that up for when a long stinging session with her bare bum over his knee suited their circumstances.

His strokes drove his pleasure deep as he took his own need. She locked her legs around him and pulled him ever deeper.

"Thank you for caning me. I needed it. I'm going to need a spanking soon. It's been too long since you put me over your knee and tanned my bottom," she panted.

"I know. When we're both ashore for a few hours, we'll get a hotel. It won't be a punishment. I'll order you over my knee and give you a long spanking because it's good for you," he plunged deep inside her.

His promise of a spanking just for good measure drove her wild. "I'll obey you. I'll take whatever you feel is good for me." She gripped his manhood with all her strength, trying to keep her orgasm at bay.

"Spank me hard just to show that you can," she gasped.

"I'll put you over my knee, bare your bottom and make it sting like fury, and expect your obedience."

She wanted to submit and suffer, to show him how much she appreciated his control. The harder he spanked her, the better. The thought was more than she could take. She came. A deluge of pleasure washed through her, pulsing orgasm after orgasm as she shook with pleasure beneath his hard body.

He came hard. She felt his seed burst inside her. Utter relief stormed across his face as his hardness rocked her in pleasure.

"That's what I wanted," she said, refreshed and relaxed. "I'll look forward to my spanking."

She washed in his bathroom and straightened her crew skirt in the mirror. She'd overstepped and had received her punishment. With time to think about it and a good solid fucking from her man, she was ready to work. Her fifteen minutes were up.

Next morning she took her boss aside, and they chatted on the bow. She explained she didn't wish to leave Serena. If the time was ever right, she'd know it and it wasn't now. She wanted to remain a valuable stewardess.

Her boss smiled. "Thank you, Amy. I didn't enjoy having to tell you off."

Amy leaned in. "Never hesitate. I appreciated it, and I deserved it. Thank you for telling me off. You're a great boss. And there can only be one boss."