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A girl accepts her boyfriend's belting for deliberate disobedience

«Beginning Part 7»

The radar swept round, taking Amy's focus. The blip, five nautical miles northeast of her, was Dan.

Stewardesses were all trained to stand watch. Tonight she would monitor the ship's position, the lay of the anchor, and listen out for any radio traffic and ships nearby. She glanced over the array of screens in front of her every few minutes, logging their position and the weather every thirty minutes.

The First Officer had taken their Axopar, a fast cabin boat, to a quiet spot off a remote island for night fishing with a couple of guests who were keen anglers.

Super yacht Serena had to stand off five miles away.

She could monitor his position via GPS and the radar. With the Automated Information System, the radar could also confirm the blip was indeed 'Tender to M/Y Serena.'

Staring out into the darkness, she couldn't see him, and her screens only made her feel more lonely. She could see him, but she couldn't reach him.

He could call her, but it would take an emergency for her to start comms. Their aim was to fish in peace.

Bianca, her cabin mate, brought her a coffee and a piece of the chef's sensational white chocolate cheesecake. Life on board a floating palace had many perks.

"Can you stand watch for four minutes, while I grab something?" Amy asked.

"Sure, I have control."

In her cabin, Amy whipped off her crew skirt and polo. She took off her white cotton panties and bra. She knew how to feel close to Dan. In her drawer she found the bright vibrant underwear she wanted and re-dressed, feeling loved and close to him.

Bianca had called it 'cute'. Her boss, the Chief Stew, had said 'sweet'. She couldn't hide her underwear or his. Every stewardess did the laundry at some point. Vibrant colors stood out, so now all the stewardesses knew Amy and her boyfriend had matching underwear.

She was proud of their cute fun. His tight trunks matched her bikini panties and bra, each emblazoned with mini red, purple and pink hearts on a white background.

Thanking Bianca, she returned to the captain's chair and assumed control.

Alone on the bridge again, she watched Dan's blip not moving and felt in touch with him.

Her present of the boxer shorts had amused him. She'd been searching for pictures of napkin designs to make new and interesting table settings. How Google had decided the picture of the panties and bra suited her search would forever remain a mystery.

They were eye catching, so vibrant she couldn't resist looking. When she discovered they came with matching men's trunks, the idea wouldn't leave her playful mind.

She was soft on him, because he was hard on her. It was the relationship she wanted. Their tender moments together - lying in the sunshine, days ashore, a kiss in the corridor - were special to her. He was special to her. She was glad of the close company on board.

She'd ordered the underwear for delivery to the management company, knowing they would reach her on the boat on some unpredictable day.

On him, the trunks were tight. She'd enjoyed their soft togetherness as they'd stood right beside each other in their matching underwear, studying themselves in his bathroom mirror.

They'd agreed to only ever wear them at the same time. When they knew what each other was wearing, they would pass in the corridor with an extra shared smile.

By wearing hers alone tonight, she'd broken their rule. He would punish her disobedience, and she'd be proud to bend for him. But right now she needed him close to her.

She cued love music to fill the bridge at a low volume. Her underwear comfortable, she felt close to her man as the next three hours of her watch duty stretched ahead.

She completed the checklist again, reading each item on the list and making a visual check before she dared to record its status, even though it hadn't changed. She could feel in love, but it wouldn't stop her from doing her duty. Until 4am, she was in command of the $450 million yacht.

A few hours later, she handed over to an alert deckhand and retired to her cabin. Dropping her clothes on the end of her bunk, she slipped into bed in her matching underwear.

She eased her hand into her panties and touched herself. She was wet. Being in her love underwear in bed was pure pleasure. She could change out of it and he'd never know, but she wouldn't. She'd wear it and let him see her disobedience.

The tight elastic over the back of her hand reminded her what she was wearing. She imagined bending over his bunk for the cane. A few hard strokes were fair for a disobedient girl. She pictured the painful stripes and rubbed herself harder.

Her vision switched to his hard, muscled legs. She imagined bending over them for a spanking. Too noisy for the close confines of the yacht, she didn't get spanked often, but in her silent fantasies, she got it until her bottom was red all over.

She came and muffled her cries in the dark night.

He was back when she got up at 9am. He'd had some sleep and could handle his girlfriend in need.

They met in his cabin to catch up. After a few minutes, she stripped to her underwear and told him why she'd worn it.

"I love you wanting to be close to me and I love how you did it. Did it work?" he asked.

"Yes, it felt lovely."

"Lovely and disobedient," he said, undoing his black leather belt and ripping it from his shorts with one hand. "If you'd suggested it. I'd have worn mine too while we were apart."

"I didn't think of it."

He sat on his bunk. "Bend over my knee."

She put one hand on his knees and lowered herself into position, placing her bottom where he could spank her.

He folded his belt in two. "This isn't too noisy, and it's more gentle than being caned, but you'll still feel the effects for a few hours."

The leather landed across her red, purple and pink hearts. It stung for a moment and faded. He belted her for several minutes. It stung her flesh and abated, but the compound effect of his smacks built up and they hurt.

"About now, it's hurting a lot more. I love you wearing our matching underwear, but you were disobedient and now it must hurt," he warned.

"Thank you. I expected it. Don't go easy on me. I disobeyed. I want you to punish me. We made the rule together, you must honor it by belting me hard."

Stinging fire lit up her butt as he spread pain across her cheeks, layering it onto her sore skin. It was a tough minute across his knee under the belt.

Love for him and their strict relationship burst through her heart as pain pulsed through her behind. She knew where she stood. He did what they'd agreed and didn't hesitate to hurt her. She needed her disobedience brought to her attention.

He stopped and rubbed her bottom through her sexy panties. The gentle rubbing burst heat into her sex, the sudden switch from hard to kind a desperate pleasure.

He rolled her over and into his arms. She pressed herself against him. He had to make her stand while he stripped. His hardness stood to attention as he sat back on the bunk and leaned back on his arms. She push her panties aside and climbed onto him. Her knees on the bunk beside him and her sex engorged on his manhood.

His dominance stung through her as her spanked bottom banged into his hard thighs. She rode him and loved him. He'd belted her for her disobedience. No argument. No choice but a hard belting. She loved him. She knew it and wanted him to.

His pleasure spurted deep into her as wave after wave of orgasms rained down on her. It was all she could do to hold on to him as she shook with the force of her love.

Collapsing together onto his bunk, he said, "I love you, Amy."

No seconds elapsed.

She said, "I love you too."