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9. Subtle

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Horny from her headmaster's punishment, a caned girl takes pleasure on horseback

«Beginning Part 10»

Amy was honest with herself; the cane from the headmaster had hurt far more than she'd expected.

Closing the door to Christina's guest bedroom, she forced down her jeans, leaned back against the wall and shoved her hand in her knickers.

She rubbed herself hard. Seeing Christina bend for the cane had turned her on. Watching her friend bend and get her crisp white knickers caned hard sent her into orbit. The curves of Christina's obedient bottom thrilled her. One by one, the cane stripes only added to her friend's beauty.

Amy came fast, pouring glowing pleasure into her knickers, trembling down the wall and landing on her excruciating bottom.

Staying still, she kicked off her shoes and pushed off her jeans, letting them drag her white ankle socks off on the way. She had sexy legs, long toned and sexy. She was sexy. God, she was. She jumped up, glad to be off her bottom, and stripped her top half, taking off her smart white blouse and throwing it and her bra to the floor, joining the rest of her outfit. Looking in the mirror, she gave herself a hard look. She turned, picked up her blouse and put it on again. Adding her tie and straightening it to perfection, she gave her uniform a pass mark for bed.

She was a caned schoolgirl and would honor her obedience all night. She turned to get a view of her six serious stripes. Their application had hurt more than she'd expected, though not more than she deserved.

Looking at the large white double bed, she slid between the cool sheets. The heat from her bottom exploded across the bed. She rubbed her bum with one hand, sliding the other into her knickers.

She enjoyed the feel of the elastic tightening across the back of her hand. It reminded her of the obedient white panties she was wearing. 'Knickers' she corrected herself with a private smile.

Rolling onto her side, she reached behind and gave her painful cane stripes a good hard spank. "Knickers," she muttered under her breath, "you will think of them as knickers."

Tonight she would remember them as they were. These were the white cotton knickers she'd worn for her caning from the headmaster.

She lay back on her punished bottom and rubbed her engorged clit. The headmaster's voice in her head ordered her to bend over. His firm fingers tucked her skirt into her waistband, exposing her knickers. She undid a blouse button, sliding her hand over her firm breast, her nipple waiting for her. She flicked the hard nub, bursting electricity down her core, shooting power into her sex. She rubbed her electrified clit in firm circles, bringing herself to a rich climax. Her wetness poured through her as the tantalizing sensations traveled from head to toe. She'd come too soon. The headmaster had only just tucked her skirt. She still had to receive her caning. Hard.

The strictness she felt met with her pride. Her hand went back into her knickers as she heard his voice. 'If I may presume to cane you?' She ran her hand over the first ridge in the middle of her bottom as her fingers teased the lips of her sex and landed back on her desperate clit. She remembered the order each stroke had burned into her bottom. The pain fired through her as she felt each ridge, remembering her strict obedience over the desk. He'd caned her hard, and it had been fair.

She rubbed her clit, sliding her spare hand to her next stripe. The high ones had hurt. She thought of the classes she'd missed and muttered to herself, "You deserved it."

She came again, her orgasms shot down her legs and back again. Powerful orgasms flushed through her in a long pleasurable flow.

She smiled to herself. She was proud of herself and not ashamed to accept a thrashing when she deserved it. It had been the most severe caning of her life, and she felt alive.

She wasn't alone either. She wasn't the only smart, self-respecting girl in the world. Christina had fortitude. Her friend had known before they went how much it would hurt and had gone, anyway.

She felt pride in her friend. Christina was beautiful, but had never looked better than when she bent over in her school uniform.

Even though she was twenty, Christina put on her uniform often and got the cane. Amy burst with respect and pride. It was heady to feel respect for another girl, while her own bottom hurt so much.

She rolled onto her front and slid her knickers off. She felt her punishing weals, running her hand over each. Her other hand ran under her to reach her clit. Wedged between her clit and the bed, her fingers circled her clit as she felt her painful stripes. It was Christina's pain she imagined and admired as she circled and teased herself to pleasure.

Fire shot through her sex in every direction and lit her whole being as she honored the sexiness and fortitude of her best friend. Her sex exploded, and she rocked against the mattress, taking every drop of pleasure from her body.

During a brief trip to the bathroom she saw herself in the mirror, still dressed in her partial uniform, if a little rumpled. Catching sight of her unbuttoned blouse, she twisted and gave herself a hard spank on her sore bottom. The handprint explode across her stripes in the mirror. Her blouse should not be unbuttoned. She was a schoolgirl who'd had the cane and she would be all night.

Scolding herself with a strict look in the mirror, she re-buttoned her blouse.

In the early hours she slept. The morning sun and a gentle kiss on her cheek woke her. When Christina had entered Amy's room, tender affection had suffused her. Her friend had slept in her school blouse and tie, just like she did.

Amy's eyes fluttered open.

"I slept the same way," Christina smiled down at her.

Amy had been ravenous. After a full cooked breakfast, Christina had asked her if she rode. She was a world class stewardess; she did everything.

Christina's family kept a stable and plenty of spare riding clothes for their guests.

Looking in the mirror had turned her on again. Today it took almost nothing. Her hot bottom guaranteed it. Her perfect legs nestled in sharp white jodhpurs excited her. The high neck white blouse felt aristocratic and encased in a short black jacket with gold buttons, she felt elegant and fuck-able.

She marched beside her best friend in knee high riding boots towards the stables. 'Stallion' was true to his name; tall, dark and handsome. He was just the beast she wanted between her legs.

She watched the stable boy admire Christina's bottom as it launched over her mount. Her sexy dark hair flowed from her black hat, almost meeting her white clad bottom. She couldn't blame him for looking.

Mounting Stallion with a similar style, she cast the stable boy a quick, knowing smile. He'd been watching her bottom too. She burned hot in her knickers, knowing she was even more sexy than he would dream. If he had known both their bottoms carried six red welts from the cane, she suspected it would have pleased him to find two beautiful fillies kept in line.

They rode the boundary of the country estate. Christina showed her the land she'd grown up on and the places she'd been with boys. Trotting down a track which joined two sections of the estate. Amy leaned forward to drive the saddle against her sex. Her jodhpurs were tight and her white cotton panties were hot as hell.

The quick play in her bathroom before she'd showered had not been enough to last the day. She'd known it wouldn't be. The hard leather rubbed her as she rose and fell over the rise, taking pleasure with each lift of her legs and getting the same again as she lowered herself under perfect control.

She saw Christina ahead, her bottom rising and falling with elegant riding style.

Amy pushed back in her stirrups to hold herself on her leather peak. She came hard, falling down into her saddle and continuing to rock on her mount, the glory of her desperate, outdoor pleasure bringing her to a powerful climax.

They came to a halt side by side, looking over the rolling green hills to the large house nestled in the valley.

"Practice will make you perfect," Christina said with a kind smile.

"I didn't think I was too bad," Amy said.

"Not your riding silly, your orgasm. You think I didn't notice?" she laughed.

Amy looked down, embarrassed.

"I'm sorry," she said.

"Don't be silly. I can't go an hour without one when my bottom is this sore."

Amy looked at Christina again and met a loving smile.

"I'm just more experienced than you, more subtle," Christina grinned.

"You mean you were too?"

"Yes, of course," Christina said. "Riding is so good on a sore day."

"You're a bad girl to know," Amy teased.

"Why do you think I need the cane so often?"