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12. A Glance

Spanking Story


During a hotel breakfast, a disciplined girl shares her embarrassment with a surprise new friend

«Beginning Part 13»

Hannah didn't want cereal, although the array of choices almost convinced her. She wanted fresh papaya. The tropical fruits radiated color around the room. She studied the sixteen different fresh breads. How did she want her toast? It wasn't a problem she had at home.

She hadn't even studied the menu for her hot breakfast yet. There was something special about breakfast in a hotel. Hers was going to take an hour or two.

Tom watched her delight in the tropical fruit. Her tight black Madewell skinny jeans filled him with joy. He knew underneath she was wearing white cotton bikini panties and three red cane stripes. This morning her innocent panties accompanied a light blue denim shirt and crisp white sneakers.

She'd slept in similar panties, although sleep had been in short supply. Their heat over dinner had come close to exploding the dining room. Back in their room, her world-beating black dress had come off with as much ease as it had gone on.

They were enjoying her honest choice to be an obedient girl, a modern girl who took the cane. Today, they were going for a walk. It soothed her bottom to move and he couldn't rule out sex in the woods. He couldn't keep his hands off her.

He'd decided on Eggs Benedict with ham, when she returned with a plethora of tropical fruit and several varieties of toast to start. After ordering, he went to fetch a bowl of cornflakes. There was no hurry.

Testing her papaya first, she looked across the room at the tall blonde girl who'd come in behind them. The girl had given a fourth-floor room number. All fourth floor rooms had the book and a cane. She knew this from an article about Blazing Trails, which has been subtle marketing for the hotel.

The blonde had given her room number to the maitre d' in a Swedish accent. Her blue eyes were a perfect match for her blonde tresses, which flowed halfway down her back. The natural blonde hair drew her attention. As she watched, the blonde swept her tresses out of the way over the back of her white cardigan and winced. It screamed, "I'm sore," at least to her. She knew how a casual move could awaken sharp pain. It had just happened to the blonde.

A subtle, knowing smile came her way as the blonde noticed her over-interest. Hannah looked away, but the connection enthralled her. She looked back into the direct gaze of the blonde and returned the smile. She wasn't the only caned girl at breakfast. The knowledge delivered a delicious thrill.

Tom sat back down with his cornflakes, unaware of the connection she'd made. She spread butter on her sourdough and glanced up. The blonde was getting up, plenty of breakfast still on her plate. She was only going to the restroom. As she passed, she lifted her eyebrow, the gesture so faint Hannah would have missed it without their prior exchange of smiles.

She excused herself, leaving her sourdough untouched.

The blonde wore stunning J Brand light-blue skinny jeans. Hannah couldn't miss the label on her bum, which was pushed out on display, as she bent to inspect her makeup in the low restroom mirror.

She stepped around the gorgeous bottom and took the sink right beside the other girl, even though there were six others, each with their own wood-framed mirror, under bright spotlights.

The blonde turned and smiled, "Hi, I'm Ella."

"Hannah," she replied, thinking how crisp and soft Ella's voice sounded.

"Are you a Modern Girl?" Ella asked.

Hannah burst out in a grin at the subtle direct approach, "Yes, I am. I got caned last night."

"Me too," Ella grinned. "But I think you already know that."

"I love your hair. I'm sure everyone says that, but it's stunning."

"Thank you. What did you do to deserve your punishment?"

"Nothing. It was my regular maintenance caning. What did you do?"

"Two days ago, I lied to my husband about where I'd been. I didn't want to admit I'd been shopping again, so I said I'd worked late. It wasn't smart as I'd left my purchases all over the bed."

"He didn't punish you at the time?" Hannah asked, surprised.

"I asked to delay it, knowing we'd be here. It cost me six strokes of the cane last night for lying and another six before breakfast as a penalty for the delay."

"That's tough," Hannah said, thinking how good an extra penalty for delay sounded. "No wonder you moved with such care on your chair."

"The extra six did me a lot of good. I'm very sore, but I feel better. I've a clean slate."

"My maintenance was only three strokes, hard mind you. I like to show my obedience," Hannah said, feeling challenged next to the gorgeous Swede who'd taken twelve strokes of the cane.

"I don't think I'm ever good enough to go a month without punishment."

"Is your sex off-the-charts, as the book promised?" Hannah asked, leaning against the sink.

"Hell, yes. I need it all the time," she admitted. "I couldn't respect a man who didn't cane me. Karl and I are solid."

"So are Tom and I. We have a lot to thank Alice for."

"She made everything sound so simple," Ella said

"How did you ask the first time?"

"Oh my god, don't ask that. I made a hell of a hash of it. I created a big row, because I knew I wanted it and couldn't ask for it. Huddled on the floor in floods of tears, I said, 'please just cane me hard and let's move on.'"

"And he did?" Hannah asked.

"He asked if I meant it. It all came pouring out. I gave him the book to read. It was easier than trying to explain myself."

"Me too. I could never have explained it myself. When I tried, it came out jumbled, even though I'd planned it. I gave Tom the book, and he caned me for the first time a few hours later."

"It took me three days, while we waited for a cane to be delivered," Ella said.

Hannah explained how she'd read the book in the hotel and taken the cane.

"Smart girl. What would you have done if he'd found the cane in your case by accident?"

"I'd have confessed to over-masturbation while reading the book and asked to be caned for it," Hannah said. She'd never thought about it, but she'd have accepted a strict caning for all that over pleasuring she'd enjoyed. It had been manic.

"That's a good one," Ella laughed. "I'll remember that when I need an excuse to get it."

"Doesn't twelve strokes hurt in those tight jeans? They're gorgeous, by the way."

"Thanks. It does, but I need the full heat of my punishment for as long as it lasts. The discomfort at breakfast is almost as important as the punishment itself."

Hannah smiled. "I don't like to make it easy for myself either. Last night, we went straight to dinner after he'd caned me. It's decent penance to be sore in public and have to handle it."

"I'm with you," Ella agreed. "I love being sore in front of people. It's a test. I feel clever, although I gave it away to you just now, but it doesn't count since you're a Modern Girl too."

Ella turned to the basin to wash her hands, and said, "Look, we have to talk more. We're already friends. Look at us," she pointed at them both in the mirror, with a comic grin.

Hannah burst out laughing at the preposterous situation, slipped her phone from her bag and showed her number to Ella.

Her new friend punched in Hannah's number and sent her a message. 'You Rock.'

Hannah glanced at the message and grinned. "Thanks."

"I've never met another Modern Girl," Ella said. "I'm going to call you before the end of the week and we're going to have a long afternoon of coffee. Scratch that. Wine, and conversation."

"Done," Hannah said.

They left together and shared subtle smiles over breakfast, neither revealing to their man they had a new girlfriend.

Their weekend included long walks, great dining, followed by more essential walks. They spent hours in their room. She demanded sex everywhere she'd played with herself.

He'd got his wish in the woods. Just off the track, he'd taken her up against a tree, her sore welts antagonized with exquisite agony by the delicious bark. He'd had to kiss her to contain her yell as she came with a fury.

On the drive home, he said, "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I might need a few days away from sex. We made love at least twelve times and there weren't many quickies."

"Fourteen, if you want to be correct. Was it too much for you?" she challenged.

"Never," he shot back.

"Good, because I love you and I need a lot of sex. We haven't found my limit yet."

"I love you too. I promise to wear you out."

"Good luck," she grinned.

They were quiet for a while, enjoying their togetherness.

She wondered how fourteen times compared to Ella's weekend. It sounded like she wasn't short of punishment or sex.

"I've got something strange and altogether wonderful to tell you," she said.

He glanced across at her.

She smiled. "I've made a new friend."