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How to Get Spanked in 5 Steps

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When you've built yourself up to be spanked the most important thing is it has to hurt.

A good man will deal with you, but you'll need to make him comfortable with the idea of hurting you. Every part of him will strain to be kind, but you must help him not to be. It needs to hurt - that's the kindness.

1. The Reason

The secret is in the reason. There must be one. Simple or complex, it doesn't matter. But you must feel guilty, and the more guilty the better. When he sees how much you need to be punished, he'll deliver.

Every man has it in him to be stern. Talk to him about your reason(s) and how guilty you feel. Tell him how much you need your guilt spanked out of you, something like "I need to be punished for it. Will you help?"

Start talking and the rest will flow from your heart.

2. Scolding

A stern telling off is a good way to set the mood.

Tell him to demand to know how you felt before, during and after your crime.

Imagine him asking:

  • When did you plan it?
  • How much did it cost?
  • How much time have you wasted?
  • Did you consider other people's feelings?
  • Would you have confessed, if it hadn't been discovered?

3. Bend Over

Bending over is the most important moment. It proves your sincerity.

As soon as he's made you answer the first question, he'll order you to bend over.

In position, his questions force obedient answers from you. Punctuated by hard spanks, your admissions are deeply cathartic and hurt as much as his spanks.

To judge how you're taking your punishment, he might ask:

  • Do you feel you deserve this punishment? (Hint: You do)
  • Is it hurting enough yet? (Hint: It's not)
  • Are you sorry? (Hint: Yes, more every second)
  • Sorry enough? (Hint: No, not yet)
  • Can you feel how disappointed I am in you? (Hint: Hell, yes)
  • Are you ashamed? (Hint: Deeply)

Let it all out. Apologize profusely. You deserve it. You've done wrong. This is what right feels like. Be proud of your strength. Suffer for as long as he decides. He'll know from your answers when you're truly sorry.

4. Stand Up

When he says "It's over" or "Stand up", stand with grace and pride. You've been punished. You've taken it with respect and dignity.

5. Say Thank You

Stand tall and thank him sincerely. Freshly guilt-free and forgiven, get a hug, a big one.

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