What devices can I read on?

Alice North is designed to display well on phones, tablets and computers, using major browsers.

I can't see all the stories

Alice North web pages are cached by your browser to speed their reloading. Normally this is what you want, but occasionally you may want to force the web page to be the very latest. This is important if you want to see new stories after you've recently changed your membership.

To force your browser to refresh take the following steps:

Refresh your page only

While pressing the Refresh button on your browser’s address bar will only do a standard refresh, you can force a refresh from the server by pressing ⇧ Shift and clicking it instead.

If you still can’t see the updated page...

Press Ctrl+F5. In most browsers, pressing Ctrl+F5 will force the browser to retrieve the webpage from the server instead of loading it from the cache. Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Internet Explorer all do.

Delete Browing History

Browsers all allow you to delete browsing history. This will clear the web pages from the cache and allow fresh versions to load from AliceNorth.com


I am unable to sign in

Signing into Alice North uses a magic link sent by email

The email may not arrive if:-

  • You provided an incorrect email
  • The sign in email was placed in your junk or promotions folder

Emails are sent immediately upon signing in and usually arrive within 1 minute.

Once signed in you may remain signed in for a lengthy period of time, unless you clear your browser cookies

Deleting your account

Visit My Membership and select Delete Account.

Enter the word in the box and press the button.

Your account will be deleted.

Important: any active membership will be lost and will not automatically renew.

Once deleted, your account will not be able to be restored and you will have to create a new one.


Email Settings

A verified email address is required to sign in and receive updates about your account.

You can adjust your email notification preferences anytime using your My Membership page.