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Where to Buy Spanking Implements

If reading turns to reality here's where you can buy paddles, canes, belts, straps and rulers.

Don't go soft on yourself. There's nothing worse than an inadequate punishment. When you deserve discipline, it needs to hurt.

There's nothing like having your own discipline instrument. Simply knowing it's there may be the only reminder you ever need. But when it has to happen, the perfect paddle, cane, strap, hairbrush or belt will deliver.

Wooden Punishment Paddle

A pale wood punishment paddle with 8 holes drilled in it promising a thunderous lesson

Leather Spanking Paddle

A small dark red leather spanking paddle packed with sting

Cane for Discipline

A crooked handle school punishment cane suitable for an adult lesson

Hairbrush for Spanking

A polished wooden hairbrush packed with fiery sting

Riding Crop for Spanking

A straight black riding crop with leather tip to tame the wildest young woman

Ruler for Spanking

A long pale wooden ruler capable of imparting reminders to measure your manners

Punishment Strap

A thick black leather strap with a split end guaranteed to burn bottoms